Spartan: info on Microsoft's new browser

Microsoft is currently working on a new web browser that has generated a lot of ink since late last year. Spartan , that's its name, will mark a real break in the history of the firm and it will thus have nothing to do with Internet Explorer. Yes, and precisely, The Verge has managed to obtain more information on its characteristics, and its specificities.

Tweezers are obviously required. Like always. However, this information would come from several sources close to the case, sources who have already worked with the site in the past and who have apparently proved reliable so far.

Spartan Info On Microsofts New Browser

New information has just fallen about Spartan.

According to these, Spartan will integrate a lot of interesting and innovative functions. Cortana would naturally be in the game and the user would thus have the possibility of initiating requests using his voice. The assistant would also be able to send up certain alerts directly in the browser, a bit like what Google offers on the latest versions of Chrome.

Cortana, note-taking and a couple of cool things about the interface

Interesting, but it's not over because the browser would also be entitled to a special tool supposed to facilitate note-taking. Through it, the Internet user could directly annotate a web page using his stylus before sending it all to his friends. The data would obviously be stored on OneNote and it would therefore be possible to find them from any connected terminal.

It would also be necessary to rely on collaborative functions designed for companies and small work groups.

Spartan would also offer nice things in terms of tab management. It would indeed be possible to group them to relieve congestion in the browser, and to allow the Internet user to better organize themselves. Promising, especially for people who, like me, have around 30 tabs permanently open in their browser. Moreover, I have 63 at the time of this writing.

Ultimately, we should also count on the arrival of themes but they may not be available when the browser is launched.

Another important point, Spartan will obviously be offered as an independent application and it will suffice to go to the Windows Store from your terminal to download and install it. On its terminal, and this obviously applies to our smartphones and our tablets.

You may have forgotten it, but Microsoft will hold a major press conference on January 21 to present the latest news related to Windows 10. Spartan should be there.


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