Spotify: soon an increase in the price of subscriptions?

Spotify reportedly intends to revise its prices upwards. At least that's what emerges from a survey launched by the company among some of its premium subscribers.

Spotted by iGen , the survey in question leaves little room for doubt and it directly asks subscribers to choose between several hypothetical offers.

Spotify: soon an increase in the price of subscriptions?
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Much more expensive offers than those currently in place, that goes without saying.

An upcoming increase at Spotify?

The first of them would aim to replace the basic offer currently available at Spotify, with an increase of around one euro. The subscription would thus drop from € 9.99 per month to € 10.99 per month. This represents an increase of around € 12 per year.

But the worst comes next. The questionnaire focuses in fact on duo and family subscriptions. The first goes from € 12.99 per month to € 13.99 per month, an increase of the same order as that for the basic subscription. And not surprisingly, the situation is even worse for the family subscription since Spotify offers two choices; the first would place it at € 17.99 per month, against € 20.99 per month for the second.

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An increase of one euro for the basic subscription and the duo subscription, and of 3 or 6 € for the family subscription?

However, at the present time, this same subscription is offered at a price of € 14.99 per month. We are therefore talking about an increase of € 3 or € 6 per month, which amounts to € 36 or € 72 per year.

Of course, for the moment, this is only a questionnaire and Spotify has not yet acted, but Daniel Ek has repeatedly mentioned a possible increase to come, which is not really reassuring.

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