Spotify will soon be doing podcasting

Spotify is working hard and the solution has won over millions of people around the world. More than 40 million if we are to believe the latest figures. He is apparently determined not to fall asleep on his laurels and he could thus announce very soon the launch of a new catalog of podcasts . Yes, exactly like iTunes, but directly from the web service and its various clients.

It all started with a developer named Ethan Lee . While rummaging through the source code of the latest version of the software, it actually came across several references alluding to this new catalog.

Spotify Will Soon Be Doing Podcasting

Spotify may soon switch to podcasts.

Fascinating, but it's not over yet. By pushing his investigation a little further, our brave coder realized that everything is ready for the launch of this feature. It would therefore only be a matter of days or weeks before it was officially introduced by the Swedish firm.

All ready for podcast launch in Spotify

Caution is obviously in order, but you should know that Ethan is not at his first attempt since it was also he who had tracked down references alluding to the platform's application store. The rest of the story, you already know it and we can say that he had seen rather correctly, for once.

The arrival of podcasts in Spotify wouldn't be too surprising. The streaming specialist is actually very interested in our cars at the moment and the integration of the solution developed by Uber is a very good example.

In addition, it should not be forgotten either that Deezer recently signed a big check to acquire a company specializing in this sector, Switcher by its little name. To believe that the two giants want to become the car radio of the future, like.


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