Square Enix to prepare new “spin-offs” of Final Fantasy VII

By registering in Japan the names “Ever Crisis” and “The First Soldier”, as well as the Shinra logo, Square Enix seems well on course to once again feed the Final Fantasy VII franchise via several derivative titles.

On December 17, Gematsu notes, Square Enix made several trademark registrations in Japan. The names “Ever Crisis” and “The First Soldier” , as well as the logo of the Shinra Electric Power Company , were thus registered. So many elements that seem irremediably united for new titles to bring to the project “Compilation of Final Fantasy VII”.

Square Enix to prepare new “spin-offs” of Final Fantasy VII

Remember, Final Fantasy VII having been a worldwide success, Square Enix had decided to enrich the universe of this title by developing in particular a computer-generated animated film ( Final Fantasy VII Advent Children ) and three video games ( Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII , Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII and Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII ).

Before Crisis and Crisis Core reworked?

It will be remembered that none of these projects had really convinced. Advent Children , beyond its visual quality not obvious to fault, had portrayed a dark and gothic atmosphere that was not so reminiscent of the original game. Before Crisis seemed to have as its only flaw that it was only released on Japanese cellphones.

Crisis Core , released on PSP, put the players at the controls of Zack in a title with an intriguing combat system and definitely not devoid of interest, but the essence of the gameplay was to accept more or less ambitious missions. Finally, Dirge of Cerberus put Vincent in the spotlight in a shooter that possibly didn't deserve to be dragged so much through the mud. Despite a character with relative docility, the action was indeed more thrilling than in most of the challenges offered by Crisis Core .

“Ever Crisis” could be the revamped reunion of Before Crisis and Crisis Core , and “The First Soldier” suggests a game centered on a new character or the first steps of Clad / Cloud in the Soldier. And given that the sequel to the remake of Final Fantasy VII is not ready to arrive, Square Enix would be wrong to deprive itself of this windfall of easy money.

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