Star Wars: Electronic Arts Announces To Continue Working On Video Games

Disney has masterfully taken over the Star Wars intellectual property. By acquiring Lucasfilm, the company set out to expand an already vast universe, little by little. To begin with, Disney has launched a new trilogy, led by a new cast (Daisy Ridley in Rey) with those of the first episodes, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher in the lead. Two spin-off films then saw the light of day, Solo and Rogue One, followed by an acclaimed series accompanying the launch of Disney +: The Mandalorian. And as the second season wraps up, with a third announced, Disney has unveiled their upcoming Star Wars movie, called Rogue Squadron and directed by Patty Jenkins (Wonder Woman).

A brief summary that allows you to understand that Star Wars has never been so popular in recent years.

Star Wars Electronic Arts Announces To Continue Working On Video Games

Credit: Lucasfilm / Disney

But Disney isn't forgetting the video game and recently announced an open-world title developed by Ubisoft , putting EA aside.

EA will continue to make Star Wars games for Disney

Electronic Arts was not set aside by Disney in favor of Ubisoft. This is in any case what reveals the company which, until now, was responsible for the video game adaptations of the Star Wars franchise.

Electronic Arts broke the news on Twitter: “ We love Star Wars. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with Lucasfilm. We're going to create more Star Wars games , ”before concluding“ BD-1 remains the cutest, ”referring to the new robot introduced in The Force Awakens by Disney. What flatter the ego of the overpowered company.

Electronic Arts, after the Battlefront II scandal, has made up for it. As a reminder, this game paying full pot offered a lot of microtransactions to gain power, with loot boxes to top it off . Electronic Arts will have finally known the success of esteem thanks to Jedi Fallen Order, a clever offline mix between a Dark Souls (much less complicated…) and The Witcher.

Not to mention, the icing on the cake, Squadrons, a space simulator offering players the control of iconic Star Wars ships . A game that has been received very positively by the press and the community, including Star Wars fans.

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