Star Wars: The Funny Ewok Theory

Star Wars is at the head of a fantastic bestiary, a bestiary rich in hundreds of different alien species. And the cutest of all are arguably the Ewoks. However, it could be that these little furballs actually hide bloodthirsty creatures …

Mark Hamill, you know, is not famous for having his tongue in his pocket. Very active on Twitter, he often expresses himself on the subject of current events, or even to look back on the years spent playing as Luke Skywalker.

Star Wars The Funny Ewok Theory
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However, last Saturday, the actor relayed a tweet posted by a certain Brad Meltzer, a somewhat particular tweet and then reported by our colleagues from the Cinema Blend site.

Are the Ewoks terrible predators?

If you've watched the first trilogy carefully, and specifically Return of the Jedi, then you no doubt remember that moment when Leia appears in a brand new dress after being taken in by the Ewoks. A dress that fits her like a glove.

However, until now, no one has been able to explain how the Ewoks had managed to find an outfit for a human within their tribe, and this even though their morphology does not have much. to do with that of humans.

And so that's where that Brad Meltzer's tweet comes in, a tweet featuring a pretty hilarious meme. The meme in question rebounds precisely on the question of the origin of this dress, while suggesting that it perhaps belonged to another woman… who would have been devoured by our famous little furballs.

A funny wink

Fur balls that suddenly look a lot less cute, don't they?

Amused by the wink, Brad Meltzer therefore called on Mark Hamill to find out what he thought about it and the latter replied a few minutes later, explaining that he preferred not to think about it.

So of course, in fact, it seems more likely that the Ewoks made this famous dress, but we must admit that this wink is still fun.

In the meantime, if you are passionate about the life of the Ewoks, then know that it is rumored that a series is in the works at Lucasfilm. However, nothing has yet been confirmed.

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