Start 2021 on the right foot: Windows 10 offered for the purchase of an Office key at 17 €

GoDeal24 attacks the year on the hats of wheels with an offer difficult to refuse. If you buy a key for Office, then the key for Windows 10 will be offered to you. Better yet, our partner even lets you choose between several offers.

Combo offers which should therefore be of great interest to those who wish to upgrade their computer … or save money on the new tower they have just assembled.

Start 2021 On The Right Foot Windows 10 Offered For The Purchase Of An Office Key At 17 E
GoDeal24 has great offers for 2021

And be careful, because all these offers will remain valid for the entire month of January. They can be viewed here.

GoDeal24's shock combo offer: one key purchased, one key offered

As indicated above, our partner offers several combo packs that will allow you to leave with a free key on certain orders.

And the best part is that the store lets you choose between several products:

This pack is mainly intended for companies and small work groups. In parallel, GoDeal24 has also thought of individuals who have a little less needs with other similar offers:

The other offers

In addition to these packs, GoDeal24 also offers discounts for very specific keys. Windows 10 is one of the lucky ones, of course, but it is not the only one since you will also be able to save on the keys for Office, Visio or even Project.

Be careful, however, because these offers are all conditioned by the use of a promotional code.

50% discount with code SGO50 :

55% discount with code SGO55 :

GoDeal24 offers several different payment methods. As for the keys, they will be sent directly by email. In the event of a problem, support can be reached at

How to pay by PayPal?

GoDeal24 allows payments to be made by PayPal, as long as you use the Cwalletco service.

The procedure to follow is quite simple. After adding your keys to your basket, you will need to access it and confirm your order. If you have a GoDeal24 account, you can identify yourself. Otherwise, it is still possible to register.

Then, in the payment method, you will have to go find Cwalletco and validate your choice by clicking on the “Continue” button.

On the next screen, Cwalletco will offer you to choose the payment method of your choice. You just need to click on the PayPal button to be able to proceed to payment for your keys through your PayPal account. If you prefer to use your credit card, it is absolutely possible and just click on the associated button.

Article written in partnership with GoDeal24.

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