Surface All Access, a rental service for Surface products

Microsoft is launching the Surface All Access plan . This is a plan that allows you to afford a Surface product for a payment spread over 24 months.

To better serve consumers and differentiate themselves from the competition, companies take different kinds of approaches. Either way, the ultimate goal is increased sales. Regarding Microsoft, the American firm based in Redmond is known for its financing plans that allow you to buy its products without having to spend a large amount of money upfront. Those who want to get an Xbox console can for example opt for a deferred payment thanks to the Xbox All Access formula. Bill Gates' firm has also thought about those who wish to acquire a Surface product.

Surface All Access A Rental Service For Surface Products

During the recent Surface event, Microsoft announced that it would allow us to have the Surface product of our choice while limiting the initial investment. To do this, the manufacturer has implemented the Surface All Access formula.

This new formula replaces the Surface Plus program which made it possible to benefit from the same advantage while having the possibility of replacing the product with a more recent model. Unfortunately, the Surface All Access plan does not offer such a possibility, but Microsoft has provided a new option to compensate for this absence.

Surface All Access, Microsoft's new payment plan for Surface products

Even if the Surface All Access offer does not include the possibility of upgrading the product, be aware that we have an Office 365 subscription. In addition, there is support and in-store training. Microsoft explains in its FAQ that after the 24-month funding period, the user owns the product.

For now, only a few Surface devices seem to be offered via this formula. It is in any case very possible that the Surface products which have been unveiled recently could be part of it. Indeed, the launch date of some bundles coincides with their release.

$ 24.99 per month for Surface Go

Thanks to this payment system, we should be able to acquire the Surface device we are interested in without breaking the bank.

With the Surface All Access plan, the investment will be less heavy since the funding period lasts two years. If we opt for this formula, the Surface Go will cost us for example 24.99 dollars per month, against 46.63 dollars per month for the Surface Laptop.

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