Surface Hub 2, the new business computer from Microsoft

Microsoft is back with a new machine designed especially for businesses, the Surface Hub 2 . Huge, it aims above all at collaborative work and it also benefits from an interface specially designed for tactile uses.

The Surface Hub 2 comes in the form of a huge screen with very contained borders, a screen reaching a diagonal of 50.5 inches and able to display a definition going beyond 4K.

Surface Hub 2 The New Business Computer From Microsoft

Despite its finesse, the device is completely self-sufficient and it thus integrates all the components necessary for its operation, but also most of the usual peripherals.

A Surface Hub 2 adapted to teamwork

The Surface Hub 2 doesn't even make any compromises on this side and so it has speakers, long-range microphones and a front camera capable of filming in 4K, with a wide-angle to facilitate all type operations. videoconferencing.

Microsoft gives few technical details in its press release and the brand is content to indicate that the processor, RAM, graphics card and storage space are directly integrated into the screen in order to save space.

Uses are very clearly highlighted. As the firm indicates in its note, the Surface Hub 2 was therefore designed to facilitate teamwork and thus help employees to work together on their projects and achievements.

A smart and connected whiteboard

The functions are similar to those of a whiteboard and the members of a team will be able to use the screen to view and / or modify diagrams, Excel files or even presentations, all with the support of several user profiles.

The Surface Hub 2 will also integrate perfectly into the park and it will thus be quite possible to take a document on a computer and send it in an instant to the machine to share it with his team.

Wealthy businesses will also have the option to purchase multiple Hubs and combine them to form a large workspace. Microsoft will offer a Steelcase roller stand to make it easier to move the computer.

If the video demo sounds pretty convincing, the Surface Hub 2 needs a few more months of development and it won't be released until 2019.

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