Surface Laptop is almost impossible to repair

For a few years now, the Redmond firm has been producing sleek devices capable of competing with the most beautiful devices from Apple, whether in terms of design or performance. With the recent launch of the Surface Laptop , Microsoft has however managed to compete with the Cupertino company in a third area: that of almost irreparability.

This is in any case what we can conclude from the traditional teardown of the terminal carried out by the experts at iFixit . The American site specializing in tutorials for disassembling and repairing electronic devices has indeed assigned a score of 0 out of 10 to Microsoft's latest laptop. A score to say the least evocative.

Surface Laptop Is Almost Impossible To Repair

Disassembled by the experts at the American site iFixit, Microsoft's Surface Laptop did not really make a good impression… and received a score of 0 out of 10.

If you are planning to buy a Surface Laptop, we therefore strongly recommend that you go for a configuration that you will not need to upgrade in the future. Because yes, like the last Macbook Pro, the Surface Laptop was not designed so that its components can be changed or repaired. It is even quite the opposite visibly.

Impossible to disassemble the Surface Pro without destroying a large part of it …

These are the sad conclusions of iFixit and you only have to watch the video below to see that the dismantling of the Surface Laptop is indeed painful. To access the motherboard or certain main components such as the battery (highly subject to replacement after a few years of use), it is first necessary to remove the alcantara part … which is firmly glued to the shell of the device and which will be greatly damaged by the operation.

The keyboard – also glued to the “cabin” of the Surface Pro – will also have to be removed, at the risk of damaging it. But the best is yet to come as all these efforts will not be rewarded.

Once the motherboard in view, it is then possible to see that the CPU, RAM and SSD are soldered (and therefore impossible to replace) and that the battery is “ firmly glued ” to the internal part of the shell.

It did not take more for the verdict of the iFixit technicians to fall like a cleaver, the latter describing the Surface Laptop as: “ monstrosity filled with glue ”, adding that “ there is nothing that can be upgraded (…) ” And that it is “ impossible to dismantle it without destroying it ”.

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