Surface Laptop on the run?

Microsoft will hold a press conference in New York later today to present its latest news. The firm should take the opportunity to lift the veil on a new more conventional and cheaper laptop, a computer currently called the Surface Laptop . He just escaped.

WalkingCat has indeed shared on its Twitter account a series of several photos presenting the machine from all angles, photos with many more technical information.

Surface Laptop On The Run

Of course, all these elements must be taken with the usual precautions.

A Surface Laptop as an alternative to Chromebooks?

According to our friend, therefore, the Surface Laptop is mainly intended to compete with the Chromebook Pixel. All in Surface sauce, of course.

The machine should thus integrate a 13.5-inch PixelSense screen and at the same time offer a footprint close to that of the Surface Book. History to please the greatest number, Microsoft would also have chosen to decline it in four different colors: platinum (silver), burgundy (red), cobalt blue (blue) and graphite gold (gray / gold). The keyboard would be similar to the Alcantara Keyboard on the Surface Pro 4.

The tweets published by our informant unfortunately do not allude to the technical sheet of the computer. However, if Microsoft keeps the same strategy, then it should come in several different configurations in order to reach the widest possible audience.

A promising machine

However, by observing these images attentively, we can at least get an idea of the connections of the machine. A connection that would consist of a Mini DisplayPort, a USB port and a power connector similar to that of the other products in the range. Microsoft would not have plans to switch to USB Type-C at this time.

The Surface Laptop should be quite light on the other hand, hovering around 1.25kg. The chassis would be rather thin for its part and it would thus reach 14.47 mm at the rear and 9.9 mm at the front.

Still according to WalkingCat, the machine should be delivered with a lightweight system specially optimized for ultrabooks, Windows 10 S. It should also be presented during the press conference of the firm.

So much for the outline. The good thing about this leak is that we won't have to wait very long to find out if it is valid.

Surface Laptop On The Run 1Surface Laptop On The Run 2

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