Surface Laptop, Windows 10 S, an update on Microsoft's announcements

Microsoft held a press conference this afternoon to present its latest news. The brand took the opportunity to lift the veil on a Surface Laptop and Windows 10 S. The tile crunchers therefore got their money's worth.

When the American firm began to produce computers, it chose to focus on the segment of hybrid machines.

Surface Laptop Windows 10 S An Update On Microsofts Announcements

While these have met with some success with consumers, they have above all helped to popularize the concept.

Surface Laptop: back to basics

Following the launch of the Surface, many manufacturers have indeed started to offer hybrid machines in their catalog. This trend continued in the following years and there are now thousands of different models.

This time the situation is a little different. The Surface Laptop does not actually fall into the category of hybrid machines, but rather in that of ultrabooks. The screen and keyboard of this computer cannot be separated from each other.

For the rest, it borrows a lot from other machines in the range. Like the latter, it is indeed equipped with a 13.5-inch PixelSense touch screen and it is offered in several different configurations, configurations integrating the latest generation Intel Core i5 and Intel Core i7, all with a SSD up to 1TB on more expensive models.

Autonomy is not to be outdone and the machine will be able to last 14 hours on a single charge. At least in theory. In fact, everything will obviously depend on the use made of it.

The connection is rather poor, however. Apart from the classic USB 3.1 port, the Surface Laptop has a Mini Display Port output and… that's it. No SD or micro SD reader in the program.

Expected for next month, this machine will be offered in its base configuration at $ 999. The prices will then rise according to the desired configuration.

Windows 10 S: faster, more responsive and more limited?

Windows 10 S was the other big novelty of the event.

It inherits the same ergonomic logic and the same interface as the traditional version, with some modifications relating to the applications. Unlike the basic system, it will effectively be limited to the tools available on the Windows Store.

Good news however, the system will be able to run UWP or Win32 applications without the slightest difficulty … as long as they are distributed through the publisher's store.

In return, the OS will be faster to load and the session will be almost instantaneous. In addition, you can configure a USB key to automatically install applications on several machines or even take advantage of all the functions specific to the stylus.

Microsoft has seen the big picture to impose its system on the market and has announced several partnerships with Acer, Asus, Dell or even Fujitsu. The license price was set at $ 189.

In parallel, the firm also presented two or three little things more, like a version of Teams specially designed for schools. The latter will allow teachers to stay in touch with their students and thus share information or even files with them. Codebuilder opens for its part to the famous Minecraft Education and it will allow us to add elements to the title or even to modify its behavior.

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