Surface: new devices for the end of October?

Microsoft plans to organize an event in London between late October and early November. The firm could take the opportunity to lift the veil on new devices in the Surface range.

The information is not just a rumor and it has thus been confirmed by the principal concerned. Panos Panay has even planned to hold a speech to discuss many new features related to this range of products. However, for the moment, no details have filtered out and this article should therefore be taken with all the usual precautions.

Surface New Devices For The End Of October

The Verge has in fact contacted its sources to learn more about the content of these announcements and they have suggested that the company intends to launch at least one new product.

Microsoft to hold Surface event on October 31

Which ? The whole question is there. For the moment, our colleagues have not managed to learn more on the subject.

This being the case, it should be remembered that the firm presented a new Surface Pro at the beginning of the year and it would therefore be surprising if it provided us with another product of this type on the occasion of this event.

On the other hand, the Surface Book has not been updated for a while and Microsoft could therefore take advantage of this conference to introduce a new model more in tune with the times, with a revised technical sheet and more powerful graphics cards.

Now, the company is used to surprises and the Surface Laptop is a very good example. In this context, it could very well reward us with several additional products in order to enrich its range and make it more competitive against the competition.

A new Surface Book for the end of the year?

Especially since the brand has multiplied the announcements recently and it had also promised a 4G / LTE version of its brand new Surface Pro by the end of the year. It would therefore not be surprising if this product is also presented on the occasion of this special event.

The good part is, we won't have to wait too long to make sure. The event will indeed take place between October 31 and November 1.

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