Surface: the new line up on the run, a day before the official announcement

Microsoft ultimately failed to keep its new products secret. Evan Blass has indeed published this night a series of several tweets presenting the entire line up of the company. A particularly busy line up, and composed, in bulk, of a Surface Pro 7 , a Surface Laptop 3 , a Surface under ARM… and a Surface with dual screen.

Expected for tomorrow, Microsoft's press conference has therefore just lost its interest.

Surface: the new line up on the run, a day before the official announcement

Thanks to Evan Blass, we know everything that the brand will present tomorrow. At least in general terms. The leakeur does not give any technical details and he is content to present the renderings of all these devices.

A Surface Pro 7 that doesn't revolutionize the genre

The Surface Pro 7, for starters, will look like two drops of water like the previous model. It will once again offer a magnesium frame, with this famous foot capable of taking several positions.

The connection is still as rich and it will be possible to count on an SD card reader, a USB Type-A port and a USB Type-C port. The screen will be surrounded by fairly thin borders.

On the renderings, the chassis gives the impression of being a little more bounced on the edges, but this is probably just an impression. One thing is certain in any case, the Surface Pro 7 will be entitled to the latest processors from Intel.

Surface: the new line up on the run, a day before the official announcement

Surface Laptop 3: the ultrabook in two sizes

Then we have the Surface Laptop. The concept remains unchanged and this computer is more like a Surface with keyboard.

There are still one or two important novelties. The first relates to the size, or rather the diagonal, since the Laptop 3 will be available in two main models: 13 or 15 inches. Of course, behind, Microsoft should offer a wide variety of configurations to meet all needs and – above all – all budgets.

The keyboard is also a little different. On the renderings, it seems to ignore the traditional Alcantara coating. It also gives the impression of being a little thicker. The finishes are in any case neat.

Surface: the new line up on the run, a day before the official announcement

ARM surface

As a bonus, Microsoft would also have a Surface a little more modest under the elbow, a Surface powered by an ARM chip.

The form factor would however remain unchanged and the tablet would still be able to perform several functions. Its screen would support the stylus and it would of course be possible to transform it into a netbook by hanging a keyboard cover.

Evan does not specify the name of the range, but it would not be surprising to see this Surface replace the Go. Unless of course the company decides to offer us a Surface focused on nomadic use, with a perpetually activated 4G connection. .

In any case, we notice that there is something new on the connection since the tablet is equipped with two USB Type-C. The SD card reader always answers the call.

And a foldable surface for the road

As a bonus, and still according to Evan, Microsoft should also present a foldable Surface consisting of two screens. The leaker, however, has not managed to get his hands on renderings and we do not know what this device will look like, or even if it will be marketed in the near future.

There, it will therefore be necessary to wait for the press conference to be fixed.

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