Surface: the roadmap of the year 2021 on the run?

Microsoft's products have never been able to compete with competitive products in the smartphone market. In contrast, the firm's Surface division is popular with consumers and could even compete with Apple products in the same category. According to Microsoft observer Brad Sams, 2019 would be a busy year for the American firm . Updates as well as new versions of products such as the Surface Pro, the Xbox One S would be included in the program.

According to rumors, the firm would also have planned to finalize its mysterious project "Andromeda" in the course of the year 2020.

Surface: the roadmap of the year 2021 on the run?

Of course, this information should be taken with a grain of salt for now. However, Microsoft should soon announce a few products that it plans to launch in 2019 since we are currently less than a month from the end of 2018.

2019: a busy schedule for the firm

According to Brad Sams, Microsoft will reserve the following products for us in 2019:

  • A new version of the Surface Pro tablet: it would have thinner borders, rounded corners, several new color options and would be equipped with a USB-C port. Its launch could take place in the fourth quarter of next year.
  • A Surface laptop: it would be powered by an AMD processor instead of the usual Intel processor. It is also expected to launch in the fourth quarter of next year.
  • A device based on “ambient intelligence”: it would be able to react to the presence of the user. The product would be designed as an alternative to smartphones and it could therefore come to side with domestic assistants.
  • Two new consoles less expensive than the Xbox One S: they would be launched on the market next year.

New products are also planned for 2020

According to rumors, Microsoft would also have a busy program in 2020. The firm would have planned in particular:

  • Introducing the next generation of the hybrid Surface Book.
  • A reimagined version of the Surface Studio desktop computer. The latter would be similar to the Surface Hub 2, that is, it should have a modular design;
  • The finalization of the Andromeda project, a foldable screen smartphone. The latter should allow the smartphone to turn into a tablet.

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