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Google Susan Wojcicki Quote

  Susan Wojcicki was birthed in California in July 1968, in Santa Clara County. Wojcicki has a level in Business Management from the University of The Golden State, Santa Cruz, and made her Masters of Scientific Research at UCLA Anderson College of Monitoring from Harvard College.

In 1998, in Menlo Park in The Golden State, Susan owned a building. In September 1998, she chose to lease her garage to two doctoral trainees who needed space to run her establishing internet business, to gain additional revenue. Larry Web Page and Sergey Brin were those instructors. Google was their company.

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When she was hired as the very first marketing supervisor for the company in 1999, Wojcicki came to be the 16th employee of Google. She helped Intel as well as Bain & Company prior to. She took place to become Senior Advertising & Commerce Vice President at Google.

Personal Life:

Anne Wojcicki, Susan’s sibling, is co-founder and also CEO of 23andMe, a genetically engineering venture. From 2007 to 2015, Anne wed Sergey Brin, co-Founder of Google.

Google Susan Wojcicki Net Worth

The American business owner Susan Wojcicki has a net value of 500 million dollars. She is best called YouTube’s CEO. Susan is one of Google’s earliest workers, who owns YouTube through Alphabet.