Switch: Nintendo and Tencent have sold a million consoles in China

Tencent, with which Nintendo has partnered to officially launch the Switch in China , has just declared that a million consoles have already been sold in the territory. A score which, combined with the sales made on the gray market, would place the Switch in front of the PlayStation 4 on Chinese soil.

To allow its Switch to be officially distributed in China, Nintendo had to establish a partnership with the local Tencent. Almost three years after the majority of the globe, in December 2019, Chinese players were therefore able to acquire the Switch without having to do the dangerous importation.

Switch: Nintendo and Tencent have sold a million consoles in China

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A year and only thirteen games later, how is the Switch doing in China? Tencent, via VGC , announced that a million consoles have already found buyers. But according to the marketing firm Niko Partners, the installed base of Switch would be much larger in the country of Xi Jinping.

In China, the Switch has already sold more than the PlayStation 4

By counting the consoles sold on the gray market, Niko Partners estimates that the Switch totals 4 million units in China. A figure that would place the Nintendo console at the top of the current best-selling machines in the territory, ahead of the PlayStation 4 (3.52 million) and the Xbox One (1.24 million).

As mentioned above, Chinese consumers have access to a limited number of games, a selection including among others Super Mario Odyssey and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe but not The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Animal Crossing: New Horizons . The firm adds in this regard that most of the Switch games available in China come from local developers.

Daniel Ahmad, of Niko Partners, evokes a strategic move from Nintendo: “China is important for Nintendo because the country does not yet have a console culture like the United States or Japan, which represents an opportunity to growth for society ” .

China is not the last wheel of the coach, however, as it was not until last September that the Switch was officially launched in Brazil. With a price of around 450 euros (2,999 Brazilian reals, thank you for import taxes), we will not predict a future as bright as elsewhere.

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