T-mobile home internet tech review

Exciting user experience with this t-mobile home internet

I always recommend to avoid using built-in wifi in a modem for home networks on my T-mobile home internet.I use a decent router for my home network, and today i will review it. T Mobile Home Internet Review 1

T-mobile home internet review

T-mobile home internet device was larger than I expected, and it had a few more features than the old verizon mifi cards. Just like the old portable wifi cards, it's much better with a dedicated router for stuff like qos settings and port forwarding. Luckily it has ethernet ports to make that easier. I wouldn't trust the device to handle hd screen mirroring on internet.

As the 4th largest wireless provider in the U.S., T-Mobile is taking many steps to keep their mobile phone services up to speed with AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. With a brand new 4G network, T-Mobile wireless Internet is currently on of the fastest wireless networks.

T-Mobile's 4G wireless network was launched at the end of 2010 and, on average, is about three times faster than current 3G networks.

The key to T-Mobile's faster 4G speeds is a technology called HSPA+. This stands for High Speed Packet Access Plus. For 3G, both AT&T and T-Mobile setup HSPA networks, while Verizon and Sprint used a different 3G technology called CDMA. With the recent upgrade from normal HSPA to HSPA+, T-Mobile's network now has download speeds of 5 to 8 Mbps on average, with faster bursts possible.


T Mobile Internet

The device is handling its load pretty well. I was able to stream video, capped at 1080p, for 12 hours between a few days, without buffering or dropped quality on t-mobile.

T-Mobile's 4G devices will also work with their 3G networks, so you don't have to worry about compatibility issues while traveling outside of 4G coverage areas. T-Mobile is also keeping the prices for their 4G data plans quite low. They have a $10/month plan for 200 MB per month, and a $30/month plan for unlimited Web and email access

Is T mobile data fast?

TMobile users averaged a 32.73 Mbps average, the second best among the major networks in 2020. Time to see if TMobile's data speeds actually do pull ahead of AT&T and Verizon.

T Mobile Home Internet Modem

    T mobile home internet modem questions from readers:

  •   If you want to use your own router, I'd recommend setting it up "switch/AP" mode, if that's supported (whatever mode where it stops being it's own router and instead extends the network for another router.) If it is supported, you should use the same SSID and password as the T-Mobile unit. If it is not supported, use different SSID/passwords. 

Does tmobile home Internet throttle?

No data cap, but speeds may be reduced.
With T-Mobile's fixed wireless, there's a potential throttle point of 50GB per month.
"During congestion, Home Internet customers may notice speeds lower than other customers due to data prioritization," T-Mobile said. 

T Mobile Home Internet Scaled

The cons

-Needs an couple external antennas for WiFi distribution. Everything else is pretty nice. Didn’t have to unlock Ethernet ports or any BS like Verizon’s solution. T Mobile Home Internet Review

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  • Republic Wireless – Best Month-to-Month.
  • FreedomPop – Best No Contract Plan. 
  • AT&T – Best  Features. 
  • Verizon – Best lte home internet. 
  • Consumer Cellular – Most Affordable Plan.Easy hotspot creation.
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