Talking would now be hosted on Russian servers

Speaking is the social network on everyone's lips since the attack on the Capitol. Some fervent supporters of Donald Trump decided to enter the place by force to contest the victory of Joe Biden, Democratic candidate, in the last presidential elections. The latter claim that the election was simply rigged by the opposing camp. An affirmation relayed by many on Parler which will have led to its withdrawal from Amazon's servers but also its disappearance from the App Store and Play Store. For companies, the controversial social network largely authorizes the dissemination of hateful, violent messages with a lot of disinformation.

John Matze, director of Parler, explains that the service guarantees respect for freedom of expression.

Talking would now be hosted on Russian servers

Credit: Talk

And while Parler has found a new host following Amazon's withdrawal, it is said to be Russian , reports Endgadget .

Parler would now be hosted on Russian DDOS Guard servers

A new coup between the USA and Russia? While Parler is widely rejected on American soil for having been a place of organization of the attack on the Capitol, a Russian company called DDOS Guard has decided to host the controversial social network on its servers . What to prevent, perhaps forever, its being offline, a decision that Amazon had taken. With Russia on Parler's side, the service makes sure it is protected. The service will be available again at the end of the month, according to John Matze.

But who found out that Parler is up and running again thanks to a Russian company? It was David Temkin, vice-leader of the Netflix system and network, who put his finger on it, as he explains on Twitter.

Lately, John Matze has been quite confident about Parler's return. On the home page of the site, the man had sent an open letter, explaining that the digital giants and governments " will not win!" We are the last hope in the world for freedom of expression and free information ”.

Besides attacking the Capitol, Parler is the perfect place for conspirators. The latter notably follow Lin Wood, a famous lawyer who has made conspiracy theories his goodwill. The platform allows him a total voice, despite the disinformation.