Ten years ago, Apple introduced its MacBook Air

How time flies. Just a decade ago (at least a few hours ago), the late Steve Jobs arrived on the stage of the MacWorld 2008 edition with a kraft paper envelope. An envelope that contained a certain MacBook Air . We did not know it at the time, but the brand new laptop from the apple company would launch the fashion for ultraportables as we know them now.

Comfortably slipped into its envelope, the MacBook Air then stood out for its finesse. It was the thinnest terminal on the market when it was launched, but also a powerful, enduring and versatile tool. A credo which remains, even nowadays, that of the manufacturers anxious to offer machines which fit in a bag, and if possible between two A4 notebooks.

Ten years ago, Apple introduced its MacBook Air

Ten years ago, Steve Jobs presented the first MacBook Air. A laptop known and recognized for its finesse, which has undeniably changed the market (for the better).

Rather well supplied on the technical sheet side, the MacBook Air quickly established itself among professionals needing computers that were easy to carry, but also among many students around the world. You just have to show up in a university and push the swinging doors of an amphitheater to be convinced.

A powerful device, innovative and ahead of its time …

If there is one thing to recognize about Apple, it is that the firm knows how to give firepower to its various devices (the latest iMac Pro is proof of this). Despite its compact size and rickety measurements, the MacBook Air was no exception. For $ 1,800, there was a 13.3-inch HD screen (1280 x 800 pixels), an Intel Core 2 Duo chip clocked at 1.60 Ghz, 2 GB of RAM and 80 GB of HDD storage.

The most expensive version of the device was however going to fetch in the 3,100 dollars, but offered a slightly more powerful processor (whose frequency was this time set at 1.80 Ghz) and, something quite rare for the time, a SSD with a capacity of 64 GB. Not the best side of storage space, of course, but still!

At the radius of the first times the MacBook Air was not the penny. It was indeed the first notebook from Apple not to integrate a CD / DVD drive, the first to offer an optional SSD, the first to have a multi-touch trackpad and finally the first to leave aside the screens at the mercury.

Note that the race for finesse is far from having stopped. In the continuity of the MacBook Air, many manufacturers play the one up bid in this field. Acer for example presented a little more than a week ago an ultra-thin laptop , the Swift 7 , presented by the brand as the “thinnest in the world”. On this point, Acer however did not invent anything …

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