Tesla and Samsung together on autonomous driving?

Tesla and Samsung will collaborate on the development of a chip engraved in 5 nm, a chip that will be intended for autonomous driving.

No one will have missed it, but autonomous driving is on the rise right now. Uber has taken an interest in this subject, but the manufacturer that has made the most progress in this area is none other than Tesla. Without posing like an autopilot, the Autopilot function allows the brand's vehicles to move easily without the driver's assistance on major roads.

Tesla And Samsung Together On Autonomous Driving
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And precisely, even as the rumors of an Apple Car are increasingly present, it is the turn of the indebted Samsung to take a step in this direction.

Tesla and Samsung hand in hand?

According to ITHome , the Korean manufacturer has indeed initiated a strategic merger with Tesla. In the line of sight, a chip entirely geared towards autonomous driving. This information should be taken with caution, but Tesla would indeed have decided to call on Samsung to work on the chip that will succeed the HW4.0.

Not everyone necessarily knows it, but Tesla started working on its own chips in 2016. The manufacturer wanted to develop a processor powerful enough to be able to offer autonomous driving functions to its vehicles.

In 2019, Tesla then presented the first chip born from this initiative, a chip called HW3.0. But Elon Musk didn't stop there and he then started working on an even more powerful processor, a processor that went into mass production late last year. You will understand, this is of course the HW4.0.

A chip engraved in 5 nm

And precisely, it is the successor of this chip which is now in question. According to ITHome, Tesla would have chosen to work alongside Samsung to develop this new processor.

A fairly logical choice in the end. The Korean company has several strings to its bow and it has in particular in its ranks a division entirely dedicated to semiconductors, a division to which we owe in particular the Exynos chips .

Samsung therefore has a certain know-how in this area and such a partnership would allow Tesla to save precious time… and therefore to be among the first to achieve the objective of the autonomous car.

However, few details have leaked out about this chip. The only known information concerns its fine engraving. The chip would be engraved in 5 nm. Note that this merger is not the first between the two firms. Samsung already supplies Tesla with quite a few processors, especially for its infotainment system.

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