The 10 smartphones that marked my year 2021

The year 2020 is now behind us, and we cannot say that it will be one of those we will regret. The last few months have indeed been difficult for everyone because of the current health situation.

But despite all the hardships placed in our path, the manufacturers have given us several exceptional products.

The 10 smartphones that marked my year 2021

And here are precisely the 10 smartphones that marked my year 2020.

Please note, this selection is based only on smartphones that have passed through my hands during the past few months. It is therefore not exhaustive. In addition, this classification is not ordered, each of these devices being very different from the others.

Oppo Find X2 Pro

The Oppo Find X2 Pro was clearly one of my favorites at the start of the year.

A gorgeous display, super fast processor, rock-solid stamina, insane fast charging and a powerful photo module, it didn't really have any flaws and the vegan leather version was just gorgeous.

And above all, behind, we also had Color OS, an overlay that I did not know, but which completely seduced me thanks to its refined interface and its well thought out functions. In particular the three-finger gestures which save a lot of time on a daily basis.

Clearly a great phone. Our test awaits you here .

OnePlus 8 Pro

The OnePlus 8 Pro also makes smartphones that really impressed me, especially thanks to its sleek look. Between its beautiful curved screen and the delicacy of its case, he really had the dog.

Not to mention that behind, we also had a very beautiful screen and a foolproof SoC, with the added bonus of a good autonomy. The only point that disappointed me, ultimately, was the photographic component which was clearly not up to the level of a flagship.

At least not for me.

I also liked the OnePlus 8, which had the same look, with slightly lower specifications. A strategic choice that I also found interesting. The OnePlus 8 Pro test is available at this address .

Motorola Edge

The Motorola Edge was arguably the smartphone that surprised me the most this year.

I'll be honest with you, when Motorola offered to test it, I wasn't more excited than that, but it seemed important to me to show you what was a bit of the brand's new UFO.

And despite everything, he managed to seduce me. Motorola has indeed been able to properly exploit the curves of the panel of the device, with intelligent, relevant and well thought out functions. Functions that suddenly gave a lot of meaning to the device and to the choices made by the brand in terms of design.

The best thing in history is that the Motorola Edge has also established itself as a very good camera phone. Find his test here .

Huawei Mate 40 Pro

Huawei, you know, is in a pretty complicated position right now.

Despite everything, the brand still launched two flagships in Europe: the P40 Pro and the Mate 40 Pro.

And I will be direct, the two devices marked me a lot. I had a great time with each of them and choosing between these two smartphones was not a piece of cake.

But ultimately, it was the Mate 40 Pro that I chose. Very well designed, it has the particularity of having a magnificent screen and being animated by the brand new SoC, the Kirin 9000.

And it was ultimately he who tipped the scales in favor of this model. An exceptional model that impressed me a lot in photography, especially in low light. It has indeed proved formidable in this exercise.

So much so that I can't wait to see what the P50 Pro will be capable of. In the meantime, know that the written test of the Mate 40 Pro is available here .

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

It was impossible for me to offer you this selection without mentioning the Galaxy Z Fold 2, even if I could only achieve a simple grip, Samsung did not offer me to test the product.

And that's normal, because the Fold 2 is not just another reference lost in the vastness of the manufacturer's catalog.

In reality, it foreshadows what the mobility of tomorrow will undoubtedly be, namely a flexible device, capable of adapting to all needs and of which the platform makes full use of the particularities.

And as much the finishes of the first model left me wondering, as that of the Fold 2 excited me. Which ultimately proves that it is always better to wait for the second generation.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

As with the P40 Pro and the Mate 40 Pro, I hesitated for a long time between the Galaxy S20 Ultra and the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra for this selection.

And if my heart has finally tilted towards the last Note, it is mainly for the uses it allows. The S Pen is not just there to decorate and it brings real added value to the range.

At least he brought it to her. Samsung has indeed confirmed that the S Pen will no longer be the preserve of the Galaxy Note. And if we are to believe the rumors, then the Galaxy S21 Ultra should also support the accessory.

Still, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra was a very good surprise. A gorgeous screen, a fast processor, decent battery life and a versatile photo module, all with smart and thoughtful functions, it was hard not to succumb to its charms. To learn more, you can refer to my test .

Pixel 5

The Pixel 5 also fully deserves its place on this list. This phone was a real eye-opener for me.

Let's be clear, I've always loved Pixels. After that, it is true that the design of the Pixel 3 XL left a little to be desired and that the autonomy of the Pixel 4 could be a brake. The Pixel 5, for its part, corrects all previous models, while establishing itself as an exceptional photophone. One of the best, no doubt.

So it's true that it lacks an optical zoom, but that doesn't prevent the Pixel 5 from obtaining excellent results, and this in all light conditions and with a really great selling price.

But beyond the photo, even beyond its screen or its compatibility with 5G, it is ultimately the Pixel Experience that changes everything. Because you grab a Pixel, you know you'll be among the first to take advantage of all the improvements that future versions of Android bring. The full Pixel 5 review is available here .

Pixel 4a 5G

And yes, there are two Pixels in this selection, you are not dreaming. The Pixel 4a 5G also deserves its place in this list.

Because its strength lies in offering everything the Pixel 5 offers, in a slightly larger format and with a more accessible selling price. A price that makes it extremely attractive and makes it a great alternative to many smartphones.

Because we are still talking about a phone compatible with 5G and which takes as beautiful photos as the Pixel 5, with a price below the 500 € mark.

This year, we must admit that Google has done very well. The Pixel 4a 5G review is right here .

iPhone 12 Mini

The iPhone 12 Mini also struck me as a revelation. So imagine. An iPhone at 800 € as powerful as the large models and capable of capturing beautiful photos and videos, all in an ultra compact format. Pretty cool, right?

Yes, very clearly. And the two weeks spent with him were simply unforgettable. So of course, its battery life issues spoiled the experience a bit, but for me this iPhone 12 Mini was a very good surprise.

Apple did not just make its range more accessible as in the days of the iPhone 11, the brand has responded to a real need by offering consumers an ultra powerful phone in an ultra compact format.

We can applaud the tour de force, because managing to fit all the components of the iPhone 12 Mini into such a small case should not have been a piece of cake. The iPhone 12 Mini review can be found here .

iPhone 12 Pro Max

And we end this selection with a last iPhone: the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

So it is true that it is bulky and that it weighs its weight, but let's be clear, it is formidable in everyday use. Its screen is beautiful and its beautiful diagonal makes it extremely comfortable for multimedia, games and photo editing.

And the photo, precisely, let's talk about it. The iPhone 12 Pro Max is excellent at all focal lengths, but its wide angle is simply formidable thanks to its excellent sensor. A sensor that is larger than normal and that is also stabilized, which at the same time allows to obtain better results when the light is poor.

And in the end, when you think about it, its rare flaws are not much compared to all its qualities. To know everything about the iPhone 12 Pro Max, just refer to my test .


So there you have it for the 10 smartphones that marked my year 2020.

And if you have looked at all of the above, then you are probably wondering which phones I use on a daily basis.

In reality, it is quite variable. On my private line most of the time the SIM stays warm in the iPhone 12 Pro Max. I use a Mac, an iPad Pro so it makes my life a lot easier to stay in the ecosystem.

For my pro line, it varies and I usually switch between two phones: the Pixel 5, for photography, and the Find X2 Pro, for everything else.

And I take this a little more personal post to wish you all the best for 2021, hoping that this new year brings you everything you are looking for and, most importantly, everything you need.

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