The 16 € LED torch

If you are looking for a way to enlighten yourself in any circumstance, then now is your lucky day. The Nitecore TIP SE LED torch is indeed offered at a price of 16 € with the code GB $ NTIPSE at Gearbest .

The product is of course sold new and will be shipped from China. Shipments will begin on February 3 and delivery times will depend mainly on the shipping formula chosen.

The 16 E Led Torch
This LED torch is offered at a very attractive price at Gearbest

Please note, the promo should normally last 9 days, but stocks are not inexhaustible.

The LED torch at a broken price

The Tip SE has a lot of advantages, starting with its look and its form factor. Nitecore has indeed opted for a compact case, and at the same time easily transportable. It will be quite possible to leave the lamp in your hiking bag, ready to use, or to slip it in a backpack or a satchel. Thanks to its contained weight, a weight not exceeding 260 grams, it will also have no difficulty in being forgotten.

Nitecore hasn't made any sacrifices on power though. The lamp will be able to reach 700 lumens and will therefore be able to illuminate you over a maximum distance of 90 meters, which will leave you with plenty to do. It also has two OSRAM P8 LEDs as well as a battery giving it no less than 50 hours of autonomy.

The flashlight is also IP54 certified so it won't fear dust or downpours. According to the product sheet, it will also be able to withstand a drop from a height of one meter, but this is obviously not a reason to throw it on the ground.

As for charging, it will be via USB Type-C, and this also means that you can extend its autonomy through an external battery. Note that the battery structure is made of an aluminum alloy, for increased resistance.

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