The 4th generation Echo Dot price on Amazon

Amazon offers quite a few attractive discounts at the moment and the brand's own products are obviously no exception to the rule. Proof of this, the 4th generation Echo Dot is offered at 29.99 € at the moment , against nearly 60 € in normal times. Or a reduction of around 50% on the displayed price.

The product is sold directly by Amazon, and it is also Amazon who will take care of delivering it to you. All the usual guarantees therefore apply to the sale.

The 4th Generation Echo Dot At E 29 At Amazon
Echo Dot 4 is on sale

As always, stocks are limited. If the price is no longer the same, then the promotion has been suspended.

4th generation Echo Dot on sale

The 4th generation Echo Dot marks a break in the range. The speaker has indeed completely changed its design. It thus takes the form of a two-tone ball crushed at its base.

More stylish, it does not lack style and it should interest those who are attentive to their interior decoration. It must be said that with the design of previous models, Amazon has come a long way.

The functions do not change and they are as complete as ever. The speaker is indeed animated by Alexa and it can therefore answer your questions, play music, control your connected equipment, read podcasts, access radios and much more.

It should be remembered that the platform on which Alexa is based is scalable and it is thus possible to teach it new commands by installing skills. Completely open, the system does not depend solely on Amazon and any developer or publisher can develop their own skills. Marmiton, for example, has responded, and he is far from the only one.

The 4th generation Echo Dot therefore has many advantages, and even more at this price.

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