The 6 big new features to come for Android

Google has just announced several notable new features for Android , including the ability to mix several emojis to create new images. What do you mean, you weren't dreaming of a Mr. Pineapple to liven up your conversations.

Android is therefore a little beauty, with some interesting and well thought out functions.

The first of these was long planned. It allows Android users to contribute to the Google Street View adventure with their smartphone.

The others, on the other hand, are a bit of a surprise.

A function to combine emojis

The 6 Big New Features To Come For Android
We all need a Mr. or Mrs. Pineapple in our life

Android will thus give you the possibility of combining emojis to form new images. To do so, it will suffice to use a function called Emoji Kitchen. Once the kitchen is open, just select two emojis to combine them and bring new creations to life. Including our famous Mr. Ananas who almost deserved a full article.

It doesn't sound like much, but this function may work well. Emojis have become a real means of communication in their own right, but they still lack creativity. By this mean that we have almost all the same reasons. There, at least, you will be able to assert your artistic spirit.

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Voice Access for everyone (or almost)

The 6 Big New Features To Come For Android 1
Voice Access for all

You might expect it, but the list is not limited to just these two new things. Google has invested a lot in accessibility in recent years and the brand has therefore decided to deploy Voice Access on all smartphones equipped with Android 6.0 at least.

Thanks to this function, it becomes possible to control a smartphone by voice and without having to put your hands on it. Note, however, that the tool must be downloaded manually through the Play Store.

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A new tab for Google Maps

The 6 Big New Features To Come For Android 2
Google Maps will become even more convenient

Google Maps has not been forgotten. The application thus sees the arrival of a brand new tab called “Go”.

Its objective is simple, it is to make more accessible the places that you visit frequently. Like your job, your home, your little one's school, the vet and so on.

All these places will appear in this tab and you will then only have to tap on the destination of your choice to start the route calculation.

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Audiobooks for everyone

The 6 Big New Features To Come For Android 3
Google wants to make audiobooks more accessible

Audiobooks have grown quite a bit over the past few years, but they still require effort from publishers.

Google wants to simplify things by converting the books offered on Google Play.

From now on, the firm offers automatically generated narrators, a function developed in collaboration with publishers. Unfortunately for us, this feature is limited to the US and UK markets and is only offered in beta.

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Android Auto everywhere

The 6 Big New Features To Come For Android 4
Android Auto will open up to more markets

Android Auto is currently limited to a handful of countries, but that will change soon. Google has indeed announced that this mode of use will be extended to more countries in these coming months.

Better yet, if you have a smartphone running Android 10 or Android 11, then just plug your phone into a compatible vehicle to launch it.

Note that Android Auto has been available for a while in France and it even experienced a big update earlier in the year.

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Application sharing

The 6 Big New Features To Come For Android 5
Android will allow us to share applications

This one, we hadn't seen it coming. Very soon, Google will allow Android users to share apps from Google Play with people around.

Concretely, to take advantage of it, all you have to do is go to the tool sheet and tap on the share button to then find the nearby sharing option. On the other hand, your friend will have to accept the sharing to see the application arrive.

These new features will be rolled out gradually in the coming weeks or months. If you can't take advantage of it, then that's quite normal.

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