The Apple Watch Series 8 would go even further in the field of health

Apple relies heavily on health. For the company, a connected watch should not only be used to display notifications. It should be seen as a companion, a companion capable of taking care of its wearer and of informing it in the event of a health problem. The Apple Watch Series 8 would go quite far in this area.

It is clear that the brand has made a lot of changes to its small watch over the generations. Now, the Apple Watch has a myriad of sensors and at the same time it offers many key functions.

The Apple Watch Series 8 would go even further in the field of health

Not content with being able to count the number of steps taken during the day, it is thus able to measure our heart rate, calculate our SPO2 and even perform ECGs.

Functions that have greatly contributed to the sympathy of the Apple Watch Series 6, as we saw during our test .

The Apple Watch Series 8, even further in terms of health?

Apple, for its part, would not like to stop there and the firm would even have the ambition to go even further next year with the Apple Watch Series 8.

The Telegraph ( paid link ) tells us that the company has made a new filing with the SEC, a filing which suggests that it would aim to add a glucometer function to its connected watch from the next year.

Again, caution is in order, but Apple has reportedly made a tie-up with Rockley Photonics, a company that has developed a sensor capable of projecting infrared light through a person's skin to analyze their blood.

The blood sugar level measurement for next year?

This sensor would make it possible to perform many different operations, such as measuring the level of glucose present in the blood or even arterial pressure and the level of alcohol. However, it is unclear whether the Apple Watch Series 8 will take advantage of it, or even to what extent.

Now, a connected watch capable of measuring a person's blood sugar level would have every chance of being very popular with diabetics. Diabetics who need to monitor their blood sugar levels frequently. And if devices exist to make their lives easier, most of the time they have to take blood to do their checks.

A complicated and difficult process which could therefore be simplified next year thanks to the Apple Watch Series 8. Assuming of course that our colleagues are telling the truth and that the watch obtains all the necessary authorizations from health organizations …

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