The Aukey 60W charger at 27 € at Amazon

Tired of having to change your charger as soon as you change your phone? No problem, Amazon has the solution: the Aukey 60W charger is available at a price of 27 € with the code VT479LBG . And it will even be able to charge your headphones, computer or console.

The product is sold new, directly from the manufacturer's store. Amazon will of course cover the sale and it will also take care of the shipping. All the usual guarantees therefore apply to the sale and you will even be able to benefit from free one-day delivery if you have an Amazon Prime subscription.

The Aukey 60w Charger At 27 E At Amazon
Aukey 30W charger

Be careful, however, because stocks are limited and this promo is therefore limited to the fastest.

The 60 W Aukey charger at a knockdown price

Also note that the promo is conditioned by the use of a code. Code that must be entered during the validation step of your order and after you have chosen your means of payment. The reduction will then be applied and the product will go from € 45 to € 27.

This little charger, you probably know it. It is indeed very popular and it happens more often to find itself in promotion.

This great success, it owes in particular to its format. The charger is compact and will take up little space once at the bottom of the bag. But above all, it has the particularity of having two different connectors: one in USB Type-C format and another in USB Type-A format. So no matter what you have to plug into it, it will meet your needs.

In this regard, it should also be noted that the bloc is casting a wide net. It will support smartphones and tablets, of course, but it will also be able to power ultrabooks and consoles like the Nintendo Switch.

Thanks to it, you will no longer need to take two or three different chargers with you to go on vacation. One will suffice.

Be careful, however, because the power will depend on the connector used. Only the USB Type-C port will be able to deliver a power of 60 W, and it will only do so if nothing else is plugged into the block. If you plug a second device into the USB Type-A connector, for example, then the power delivered by the USB Type-C connector will drop to 45 W.