The Aya Neo under Ryzen expected in February, a supercharged Nintendo Switch

Finally ! The Aya Neo has finally found a date! The console under Ryzen with the false tunes of Nintendo Switch can be ordered from February, at a price set at $ 699.

No one will have missed it, but the Nintendo Switch is far from being able to match the consoles of the new gen. It was already lagging behind PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, so the gap widened even further with the arrival of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S.

The Aya Neo Under Ryzen Expected In February A Supercharged Nintendo Switch
The Aya Neo in nomadic mode.

However, despite this technological delay, the Switch is still very successful. A success which is mainly due to its format.

The Aya Neo, a Switch capable of running Cyberpunk 2077

Unlike all its competitors, the Switch has indeed multiple caps and it can be used both as a portable console, as a portable console and as a home console.

Still, if the recipe is attractive, the lack of power is sometimes a little felt. And that's precisely where the Aya Neo comes into play.

A glance at the images in this article will confirm this, but the Aya Neo borrows heavily from the Switch. She resembles him furiously and thus takes up the same lines. A screen, two controllers placed on each side and a beautiful versatility, the resemblance is striking.

With all the same some interesting subtleties.

A console that has a safe

The Aya Neo is indeed at the head of a slightly more solid technical sheet. The screen reaches 7 inches, with a definition in 800p and a Ryzen 5 4500U coupled with 16 GB of RAM and an NVME SSD, not to mention a 47 Wh battery.

There, you will tell me that these characteristics are not really crazy. You're right, but according to the designers of the console, the Aya Neo will still be able to run Cyberpunk 2077 (with the graphics configured at the bottom), so it should also be able to run most titles around.

The principle remains exactly the same and if the tablet can be used as a nomadic console, it can also be transformed into a living room console when placed on its docking station.

The price remains high since it is stuck at $ 699. The tablet will go on sale next month on Indiegogo . And we end with a little video showing the Aya Neo in action.

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