the battery for google home mini prices

Boulanger launched a promo that cannot be refused. It relates to the Ninety7 Jot Black battery for Google Home Mini and it brings its selling price to € 9.99 , i.e. with a reduction of around 80% compared to the displayed selling price.

The product is new and comes with a two-year warranty. Shipping costs are free, but you can also pick up the product in store.

the battery for google home mini prices

Please note, stocks are very limited and there are few parts left in Boulanger stores.

The battery for Google Home Mini at a knockdown price

The Google Home Mini has many advantages, starting with its size. Very compact, the device takes up little space and it has no trouble being forgotten when placed on a chest of drawers or the TV cabinet.

However, it also suffers from a notable defect: it must be plugged into an outlet to operate, which ultimately makes it rather inflexible.

And that's exactly where the Ninety7 Jot Black comes in. This battery will indeed allow you to free yourself from this constraint and no longer monopolize an electrical outlet for your little assistant.

More than a simple external battery, the accessory comes in the form of a hollowed-out half-egg. Half an egg in which the Google Home Mini will be placed directly. Once placed there, it will be able to operate without an electrical outlet, powered by the battery in its base.

The manufacturer of the base in question did it right. It has in fact opted for a matt black plastic to make the accessory as discreet as possible and it has also integrated several LEDs at the front which will allow us to know its state of charge at a glance.

There are also two buttons on the back. The first will be used to power on the base, the second to mute the assistant's microphone.

Precision which is important, on the site, Boulanger evokes compatibility with the Nest Mini, but according to user comments, the base only supports the Google Home Mini. It is indeed equipped with a micro USB input. The announced autonomy is 8 hours, but it should be taken with caution.

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