the benefits of a portable air conditioner an apartment

What are the benefits of a portable air conditioner? What functions and features should the mobile air conditioner have according to your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

Why choose a portable air conditioner?

The Benefits Of A Portable Air Conditioner Doesn't the rental contract allow you to install a wall air conditioner? Are you looking for an easy and economical solution to cool your apartment? Do you waste money using air conditioning that is too strong to cool just a small room? Are you looking for a way to dehumidify the air while cooling it? Do you need an alternative and compact cooling solution for your caravan or for camping?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then a portable air conditioner might be the perfect solution for you.

Let's see how you can maximize the benefits of a portable air conditioner to use it optimally.

No restrictions

Many apartment buildings, houses or areas do not allow the installation of large exterior air conditioning. Portable air conditioners are a perfect alternative because they do not spoil the exterior of the home. In addition, as their name suggests, they are portable and can be easily moved from one room to another as needed.

A small unit for a small space

Portable air conditioners are perfect if you live in a small space. Many people who live in a studio or studio prefer them because they meet their needs. In addition, due to the fact that they do not require a complicated or expensive installation, they are quick and easy to use .

Cut costs while cooling down

The Benefits Of A Portable Air Conditioner 1 Portable air conditioners are also used to save energy. They brilliantly compliment the central air conditioners, which can consume a lot of expensive energy to operate and cool the whole house.

On days when you only need coolness in a certain room, portable air conditioners are a reliable companion for central units, allowing you to save on the use of the central air conditioning unit.

Cool only the spaces you actually use in turn with a portable air conditioning unit, without having to start the main installation. This way you will save energy and have much lower bills to pay at the end of the month.

Portable alternative cooling

Many caravans or motorhomes have more or less efficient cooling systems, if they benefit from one. Whether you spend your time on an extended vacation or live permanently in a caravan, you will need comfort . A portable air conditioner offers a unique cooling solution perfect for small spaces in recreational vehicles.

It cools and dehumidifies at the same time

The Benefits Of A Portable Air Conditioner 2 Last but not least, a portable air conditioner not only cools the air, but also dehumidifies it , increasing the feeling of thermal comfort. If you suffer from allergies, it is important to keep the humidity level as low as possible.

If you live in an area with high humidity, you already know that excessive humidity is as uncomfortable as the heat. The association between heat and humidity creates an unpleasant environment.

Portable air conditioners offer 2 important functions: they dehumidify the air while cooling it. If humidity is an issue even after air cooling, many units also offer dehumidification-only functions that continue to dry the air even after reaching the desired temperature.

Portable air conditioners are becoming more and more popular due to the fact that more and more people are realizing the benefits of such an appliance. When considering home cooling options, consider a portable air conditioning unit.

The best portable air conditioning: recommendations

Below we recommend some models of portable air conditioning that offer an excellent quality / price ratio . Don't forget to read carefully the specifications of each product and choose the right one for you.

1. Trotec PAC 3500 portable air conditioner, Capacity 12,000 Btu

The Benefits Of A Portable Air Conditioner 3 The PAC 3500 air conditioner not only cools the room air, it also works as a powerful dehumidifier. This avoids damp walls, heavy odors, rust, condensation and the appearance of mold.
Ready to use immediately – High cooling capacity.
Adjustable air blowing direction – Ventilation steps to choose from.
Infrared remote control.
24-hour programmable timer function for start and stop time

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2. Mobile air conditioning ARGO CRONO, 10000 BTU

The Benefits Of A Portable Air Conditioner 4 Soft-touch LED display – Original design, elegant, high-gloss white.
Digital control panel with display – Easy to use multifunctional remote control.
Programmable timer – Horizontally and vertically adjustable air dampers.
"Memory" function – 2 fan speeds – Detachable and washable filters.
Automatic condensation vaporization in cooling mode.
Possibility of continuous drainage in dehumidification mode.
Maximum portability with multi-directional wheels and side handles.

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3. Trotec PAC 2010S portable air conditioner, Capacity 7,000 BTU

The Benefits Of A Portable Air Conditioner 5 Warm, warm, warm – no problem for the 2010 S PAC climate device. This multi-talented 3-in-1 automatically keeps the climate in the rooms pleasantly cold.
With its 2 kW cooling power and energy efficiency class A, it is perfectly suited for small homes and offices up to 65 m³.
The automatic operating mode regulates cooling and ventilation, depending on the room temperature.
Two ventilation stages as well as the adjustable blowing direction ensure an optimal distribution of air currents.

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4. Turbionaire Revigo portable air conditioner, 7000 BTU

The Benefits Of A Portable Air Conditioner 6 With a minimalist design and a multitude of functions, Turbionaire Revigo is a compact, powerful and easy to use portable air conditioner.
Remote control with intuitive interface.
Electronic touchscreen control panel – Programmable timer.
"Memory" function – The unit automatically restarts after a power failure, with the last settings saved.
Washable air filter, easy to remove – Automatic condensate removal system.

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5. Star-Light 12000 BTU mobile air conditioner

The Benefits Of A Portable Air Conditioner 7 The 12000BTU cooling capacity of the Star-Light air conditioner can "cover" and successfully cool an area of 16-23 sqm.
The dehumidification function helps to maintain the humidity of the air in normal parameters, keeping the air clean and thus protecting us from health problems that may occur due to too much humidity.
Consisting of a single unit, which includes both the compressor and the unit through which the cooled air enters the room, it is easier to transport than in the case of traditional air conditioners.

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