the best 4k monitor for video editing


the best 4k monitor for video editing

4K Monitors – Product Review and comparison in 2021

Do you want to improve the construction of your PC system, and a 4K monitor makes you smile? If you do not have experience in choosing this type of electronic item, it may be helpful to check a shopping guide or find out which models are most often bought by Romanians. Among the latter is theSamsung Odyssey LC49HG90DM , an ultra-wide curved option, 49 inches, with a very good response time of 1 ms, and a maximum refresh of 144 Hz, being ideal for gaming, with a VA panel next-generation, and HDMI, Display Port and USB 3.0 connection options. Another variant often circulated among Romanians’ preferences is Philips 276E8VJSB / 00 .

Comparative table

This option for gaming or professional use has a large diagonal of 49 inches, being ultra-wide, so as to provide a larger workspace, with a curvature that helps to observe details from any corner, the response time being very fast , of 1 ms, not missing various options to connect to an existing system.

A larger desk is needed, and the ideal positioning should be at least 90 cm from the screen, so that the user does not have to turn his head.

It will be especially suitable for those who want to replace two existing monitors with one, so that it is easier for them to work or play.

This product has an affordable purchase cost, coming from a brand appreciated for the quality of its screens, this option being IPS type, for a good viewing angle, the size of 27 inches being accessible to most people, the refresh rate of 60 Hz , making it an option for general household use.

It could benefit from AMD or Nvidia video card compatibility features, so as to eliminate possible image artifacts and get the best fluidization.

With a balance between cost and performance, this product will often be in the top with the best general purpose appliances on its niche market.

For gaming and various professional graphic works you can try this product which has a diagonal of 27 inches and a response time of 4 ms, the display being IPS, so current, considered high-end, not missing the variety when it comes to PC connection options in terms of HDMI ports and display port.

The power consumption is high, 90 W, this being caused by the older construction technology of the respective device, requiring a high-performance video card to work at maximum resolution.

It will address the category of users who love the brand and its gaming range, being an “aged” example, to which some people are still heading.

In-depth reviews about the best 4K monitors for video editing

A good 4K monitor can change and improve the computer experience, but it does take some time to investigate. Here are the models that Romanians tend to.

144hz 4K monitor

Samsung Odyssey LC49HG90DM  

the best 4k monitor for video editing

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