the best 4×4 atv for the money in europe uk and international

How do you choose the best ATV? What functions and features should the ATV have according to your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

The Best Atv It is neither a motorcycle nor a car, but it has an engine that can compete with both. The ATV is a 4-wheeled vehicle being very popular especially among young people and amateurs of thrills.

The ATV is a vehicle dedicated to off-road driving , being very suitable for very rough terrain, such as country roads or forest trails. From utility models to competition sports, you can find a variant of ATV suitable for almost any age.

If you want to know where other satisfied buyers found the best ATV, but also how you can choose the best ATV , read the following important information carefully.

Top 3 recommended ATVs

Why choose the best ATV?

The best ATV is the perfect vehicle for rough terrain . With large, high wheels and very good suspensions, it can go without problems over unpaved or even unpaved roads, on steep slopes and roads with many unevenness .

It is perfect for spending time in nature and can certainly deliver the dose of adrenaline you want. Another advantage of ATVs is that there are safe options for children as well . Thus, they can thus consume their energy and become accustomed to the nation to lead.

From the utility variants used for trips to farms or in forests, to the sports variants dedicated to competitions, you can find a perfect ATV for you.

How to choose the best ATV

The Best Atv 1 If you have decided that you need an ATV, you should know that it is not a good idea to choose one. Even if it is functional and quality, if you do not adapt the type of ATV to your needs, you will not use it to its full potential.

How then can you choose the right ATV ? It is important to know what type of ATV is right for you, what are the technical characteristics that it must meet, as well as other important aspects.

The offer on the very rich market can make your choice harder, especially when you are not very well informed. To make sure you make a responsible choice, carefully consult this shopping guide we have compiled for you, in which you will find all the important selection criteria.

Moreover, at the end we have prepared a list of the best models on the market, which are now available at the best value for money .

That's why you have to keep in mind.

Types of ATVs

ATVs are divided into several categories, depending on who can drive them, their performance and shape, as well as the terrain for which they are intended.

The main models are children's, entry-level, utility and sports models. Regardless of the option you choose, make sure you choose a model with all-wheel drive, 4 × 4, so you can drive through the mud without getting stuck.

  • ATV for children

Models for children are usually smaller, lighter and cheaper than those for adults. Almost all are intended for play and recreational activities with the family, but there are also models for competitions that will have a stronger engine.

The engine size varies from 50cc to 125cc . The 50–70cc models (cubic centimeters) are suitable for children up to 12 years old , while the larger variants are recommended for children between 12-16 years old.

  • ATV Entry-level

This is the next class of models from those for children in terms of size and price. This category is also called "recreational ". They are perfect for people who have never driven an off-road vehicle.

Another group of people who prefer this type of ATV are those who have a lower than average height, and those who prefer to drive at normal speeds.

These engines have a capacity between 125cc and 250cc with automatic transmission. The start is done from the button and is easy, and the suspensions are adjustable, so you can adapt the height of the ATV to the road conditions.

  • ATV utility

A utility ATV is, by definition, dedicated to heavy tasks such as carrying a full trailer or pushing agricultural machinery. This is why these ATVs have become so popular for people who own a lot of farmland.

The Best Atv 2 Utility ATVs are also used by a large number of industries , police forces, as well as by hunters, fishermen and camping enthusiasts .

In the past, the engines on this type of ATV were slow but powerful , and had a limited level of suspension adjustment. But now they are comfortable and even fun. They are able to cope with muddy or rocky roads . They also have very good traction.

Moreover, it is not uncommon for a commercial ATV to be equipped with additional features such as: storage box, auxiliary electrical outlets, detachable headlights, independent rear suspension system , and water-cooled engine .

As for the engine , you can choose between an electric one and a diesel one . The choice is good to make depending on the tasks for which you will use the ATV. For example, a hunter who will not demand much from the ATV and who does not want something noisy so as not to scare the prey, will be more practical a utility ATV with electric motor .

On the other hand, a farmer who wants to attach a plow or a trailer to the ATV will choose a dieselpowered ATV because it has greater strength and power.

Vehicles in this category were built with only one goal in mind: for fun ! These models usually have powerful engines, long-road suspension, are relatively light and are very easy to maneuver , both on conventional routes and on competition tracks.

These are the best models if you want to do ATV tricks, such as jumping, hitting hard surfaces, sharp turns and driving on the rear wheels.

Unlike the utility variant, the sports ATV has a more dynamic , sportier shape , a design that was designed for competitions.

Usually, these vehicles have a 5-speed system and clutch. This makes them harder to drive than automated models. In the long run, however, the better you learn to control the gears to your advantage, the better competitor you will be in racing.

The engine capacity can vary between 250cc and 700cc , and some models are equipped with reverse. The additional features that appear in the case of utility models no longer appear here.

  • Hybrid ATV: utility + sport

This is the most popular ATV variant on the market. Here the power of a commercial ATV is combined with the sporty features of a performance ATV . Due to their flexibility, these vehicles are available in a wide range of models, and are the best sellers.

Basically, these are utility ATVs with a better and faster engine, and better suspensions , or you can say that they are sporty models with trunk and towing hook.

The best part is that you can use them both for work and for fun .

Engine capacity

The Best Atv 3 As you may have already noticed from the comments above, the capacity of the engine is expressed in cubic centimeters, in the abbreviated form cc .

There are one or two cylinder engines. However, the engine capacity will always be restored for one cylinder. If it is a two-cylinder, then the value is applied cumulatively.

The advice of specialists is to choose the engine according to your experience. Therefore, it is good for a child to choose an engine with a small capacity. The stronger the engine, the harder it will be to control, and you risk the child not being able to cope or get injured.

Also, the larger an engine, the harder it is to maintain. In the case of utility models, you will be able to find an 800cc engine, and the engines of sports ATVs can even reach 1000 cc . However, do not rush to buy a model with a very large engine, unless you are very confident in your ability to drive this vehicle.

Manual or automatic transmission

Like cars, ATVs can have an automatic transmission or a manual transmission. Which is the best? It depends on who uses the ATV.

For children and beginners , models with automatic transmission are recommended. This way they will be able to drive the ATV without thinking about the fact that they should change gears, and they will not be bothered by this extra step that they have to do otherwise.

On the other hand, models with manual transmission are easier to handle than those with automatic transmission, precisely because you can control the engine.

These models usually have 5.6 speeds , and you can find them on all sports and utility models. This is because it is assumed that these models will always be used on very rough terrain and steep slopes, in which case you need to be able to adjust the traction of the engine .

In addition, when you race, the extent to which you know when and how to change gears can help you be faster and win.


The suspensions can be of two types, semi-rigid or independent . In general, most sports and high-performance ATVs are equipped with semirigid suspensions while most hybrid models (sport-utility) have independent suspensions, the same being the case for utility vehicles.

The independent suspension system adds weight and price to the vehicle, which is why it is rarely found in beginner and children's models.

With an independent suspension system, each rear wheel moves independently of the other, just like the front wheels.

The Best Atv 4 When overcoming major obstacles , the independent system will keep the ATV more balanced and stable than if it had a straight axle. When descending the track, an independent suspension system provides a smoother descent. The disadvantage occurs in corners .


Most ATVs today have a disc brake system . They have better stopping power, have greater durability, and react better in a muddy and humid environment .

In winter you do not have to worry that the discs will freeze, while those on the drum can retain water that will freeze when the vehicle is not in use.

In the early days of ATVs, only high-performance models were equipped with disc brakes, but now the vast majority of utility and sports are equipped with such a brake system.

Cost and manufacturers

The price you will pay will vary depending on the size of the ATV, as well as the engine power. Also, if it has extra features, you will have to pay extra for them.

As a rule, it is good not to invest too much in the first ATV, because you are in the period of accommodation, and if you do not like it, you are calm knowing that you have not invested more. Even if you resell it, you will not recover all your money anyway, so it is better not to risk it at first.

The price can also be influenced by the brand, and the specialists' recommendation is to take into account the manufacturer. An acquaintance who has built a good reputation will want to please customers and will always produce to high standards.

This way you have more chances to choose a quality product. Among the most popular on the Romanian market are: Yamaha, Honda, Polaris .


We recommend you to buy the best ATV online . Here you will find several models and one will definitely be to your taste. In addition, you can take advantage of special offers and discounts, which are more common online.

Of course, you can find out if it is good or not to order a product by checking the opinion of other buyers, and you can return the product in 14 days if you are not satisfied.

Now that you have all this information, you are ready to choose the best ATV .

The best ATV: recommendations

Analyzing the existing offer, taking into account the opinions of buyers and the above tips, we further recommend some models of ATVs that offer excellent quality / price ratio.

1. ATV CF Moto X8 Euro4 2019

The Best Atv 5 CFMoto X8 is a modern 4 × 4 ATV with full features designed for the most varied utility and recreational tasks in off-road environments.
The X8 is equipped with a 2-cylinder engine in V, SOHC, 4-stroke, 8-valve, liquid-cooled, 799.6cc capacity that develops a power of 62HP.
Hydraulic brakes with double front and single rear discs ensure a safe and controlled stop.
The transmission is CVT automatic and the ATV is equipped with 2WD / 4WD mode selection functionality

See details and price

2. ATV Nitro Akp Warrior 150 cmc

The Best Atv 6 Front hydraulic brake – Suspension S with pump and adjustment.
Dual sport exhaust – S-optical shock absorbers.
Semiautomatic + reverse – Alarm system with 2 x remote control.
8 ″ tires – Emergency stop line at the rear
Cold start on the handlebars – Speed limiter.
150 cc 4-stroke engine single cylinder cooled air – 15 HP – V-Max 70 km / h.
Automatic + reverse gearbox.

See details and price

3. ATV NITRO Renegae 124cmc

The Best Atv 7 Engine: 4-stroke, 124 cc, air cooling.
Engine power: 15HP.
Maximum speed: limited to 50km / h, without limiter 70km / h.
Transmission: 4 gears, semi-automatic, automatic clutch.
Reversal, chain drive – Chain Tensioner.
Central locking.
Brakes: hydraulic on the back, 2 x front drums.

See details and price

4. ATV Electric KXD M5E 800W

The Best Atv 8

Model: MA M5 Eco – Motor: 36V Electric.
Power: 800W, 36V – Gears: 19 Km / h, 15 Km / h, 11 Km / h.
Weight: 35Kg Net, 42Kg Gross – Maximum Load: 85Kg.
Tires: 4.10 – 6 | 13 x 5.00 – 6 – Brakes: Disc brakes.
Charging time: 2-4 Hours – Battery: 3 x 12V 12Ah
Seat height from the floor: 520 mm – Distance from the chair to the foot: 350mm.
Sun guard: 170mm.

See details and price

5. ATV KXD 4-stroke 125B – 001

The Best Atv 9

Displacement: 125 cc – Engine type: 4 times air cooling – Power: 4.3 kw / 6500 rpm.
Transmission: automatic 1 front speed + 1 rear speed – Final transmission: chain and sprockets.
Start: 12v 4 ah battery electric motor
Speed: 35 km / h
Weight: own 77 kg Maximum authorized: 150 kg
Braking system without: drum cable actuation.
Rear braking system: hydraulic disc drive.

See details and price

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