the best action camera with stabilization in 2021

What is the best way to capture fascinating, unique and surprising moments without too much effort? The answer is simple: action camera. If you have a look on the internet you have probably noticed that there are a lot of such rooms with different functions and options. Compact but durable, these cameras are a real treasure for sports and videography lovers.

However, many people have questions such as, "What is the best action camera?", "Are there cheap cameras?", "What specifications should I look at when buying an action camera?". The good news is that in this article you will find the answer to all these questions.

After a thorough documentation, we found the best solutions. All you need is imagination and creativity to capture the amazing images you see wherever you are. We took care of the rest of the technical details, accessories and information, and all the answers are in this article.




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GoPro Hero 8 Black

The Best Action Camera 2021


  • Very good image stabilization
  • Clear LCD touch screen
  • Simple control of the camera through the application
  • Small, durable and water resistant
  • Shoots 4k at 60 fps
  • Updated software
  • Possibility to take portrait photos


  • It heats up during filming
  • Transferring videos over Wi-Fi takes a little longer
  • The lens cannot be changed

Our review

The camcorder sports make the transition to the next level, standing out by stabilizing Hypersmooth 2.0 4K shooting and many other options that capture every detail, that maybe you did not even have noticed with the naked eye.  

The GoPro Hero 8 camera looks physically the same as the other gopro models so far, but there are a few changes that differentiate the go pro 8 from the rest of the range. An amazing first feature is the HyperSmooth 2.0 feature, a more advanced image stabilization technology with prediction algorithm. Thus, the camera stabilizes the movements, giving the filming a cinematic look without the need for balancing or mounting on a special support.

The camcorder is water resistant up to 10 meters deep, which is why it is the ideal choice for people passionate about water sports. If you buy a waterproof case, the small device can shoot 4k even at a depth of 60 meters.

The quality of the photos is excellent, the camera having a resolution of 12 megapixels, which makes it possible to capture photos in vivid and clear colors, regardless of the environment. Another notable feature of the camera is the 4k video resolution, representative for all GoPro cameras.

The "time-lapse" function allows you to create a video by combining several photos taken at a preset time interval. This feature is incredible for capturing sunsets, crowded markets, blooming flowers, and more.

Go pro 8 can be controlled through the application on the mobile phone. Especially if you're in a situation where you can't touch the camera, you can turn on filming or change certain settings via Wi-Fi.

On the audio side, the GoPrO 8 Hero Black camera has a clearer and more accurate quality than previous models. Regardless of the external conditions, the sound quality remains superior. This is due to the repositioned front microphone and the improved algorithm that filters background noise.

You need to keep in mind that the lens cannot be replaced if it is scratched, but you can buy a protective foil for it. Also, the battery life is quite short, and the device tends to heat up quickly.

Go pro 8 is a useful, small and compact action camera, and if you are looking for gopro hero 8 price, this is one at hand, being a device that stands out due to the quality-price ratio.


  • Video resolution: UHD 4K
  • Image resolution: 3840 x 2160; 2704 x 1520; 1920 x 1080; 1280 x 720
  • Touch screen: YES
  • Microphone: YES
  • Waterproof: YES
  • Video stabilization: YES

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GoPro HERO7 sports camcorder

The Best Action Camera 2021 1


  • 4k video quality
  • Live broadcast via share function
  • Water and dust resistant, without the need for a housing
  • A wide range of media and accessories is compatible
  • Possibility to control the voice camera


  • It heats up quickly
  • The battery is not really improved compared to other previous models
  • The touch screen does not work perfectly when it comes in contact with water

Our review

Go Pro 7 Black is a sports camcorder that rises to high performance standards, perfect for bloggers, vloggers and sports enthusiasts.

Go pro hero 7 is a light and extremely fast waterproof camera that can accompany you on holidays and hikes. Climbing the mountains, cycling, winter sports and swimming are just some of the activities that the gopro camera is committed to capturing. The stabilization level of HyperSmooth is impressive, automatically balancing the frame, unlike other action cameras in the same generation. The 4k camcorder captures clear videos in vivid and natural colors.

Every sports lover wants the "slow-motion" option, and the GoPro 7 camera is subject to this requirement. Previously, this function was only accessible from special cameras, but the gopro camera offers two different resolutions for slow motion: 120 fps at 2.7K or 240 fps at 1080.

As for the photos, the ones made by go pro 7 have a decent quality, of 12MP. The colors are vivid and their clarity is satisfactory.

A significant advantage here is the Protune option, available only on Hero 7 Black. Protune will be of interest to anyone who knows little about the technical side of things and wants as much control as possible over the device's settings. In short, it allows more flexibility in the editing phase, by producing videos and photos without any changes to the automatic processing of the contrast, clarity and color of the GoPro.

GoPro makes excellent videos at night thanks to the "night mode" function, adjusting the light automatically. Moreover, the possibility of live streaming is one of the easiest ways to connect with others. All you need is a stable internet connection and spectacular images that are worth sharing.

Reaching the less positive sides, you need to know that the camera battery lasts quite a while. However, it can be replaced with another to continue filming. Attention, for all GoPro models, the battery life is shortened when shooting in low temperature conditions.


  • Video resolution: UHD 4K
  • Image resolution: 4000 x 3000
  • Touch screen: YES
  • Microphone: YES
  • Waterproof: YES
  • Video stabilization: YES

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DJI Osmo Action

The Best Action Camera 2021 2


  • It has two screens, one on the front and one on the back
  • Video quality and stabilization similar to GoPro Hero 7
  • Robust, water resistant construction
  • 4K filming at 60 fps and 1080p at 240 fps
  • Efficient cooling system


  • It has no GPS
  • It does not have the live streaming function
  • Pretty short battery life

Our review

Built with advanced technology, this camcorder is small, but very versatile and durable, allowing you to live with maximum intensity every moment.
DJI really made a name for itself in the action camera industry in early 2019, when they debuted Osmo Action. It competed with GoPro for the first position since conception due to its specific characteristics.

One of the most notable features that Osmo Action has compared to the GoPro Hero range, is the extra screen on the front. This is the key feature that makes Osmo Action more favored by vloggers. The front screen lets you make sure you're in the frame while you're shooting, and you don't have to check your frame all the time.

DJI has its own version of stabilization technology, called Rocksteady. Like the GoPro Hypersmooth setting, it helps stabilize the movement that a vlogger or adventure lover might produce when filming. For some creators, RockSteady is the preferred stabilization feature compared to GoPro's Hypersmooth 2.0, but when it is analyzed side by side the image stabilization itself is not too much difference between the two.

It is an underwater chamber, withstanding even a depth of 11 meters without any additional housing. This may be of particular interest to those who do scuba diving or water sports. The small device is also resistant to temperatures of -10 degrees Celsius, which makes it very suitable for skiing or mountain activities, where temperatures are low.

The underwater video camera also has an efficient cooling system, streamlining its operation by up to 16%. Thus, you do not have to worry that the recording may stop due to overheating of the device, which is common among other cameras.

The camcorder can be connected to the mobile phone through the DJI Mimo App. This application is full of useful features and simple editing tools that allow you to edit all the videos and pictures taken.

Although Osmo Action has the advantage of the front screen and the only factor that is missing from their functions is the dual action capability. For example, the two screens cannot be used at the same time when recording. You need to pause and restart the video to switch between screens, which can be inconvenient for users.


  • Video resolution: UHD 4K, 2.7K, Full HD, HD
  • Image resolution: 4000 x 3000
  • Touch screen: YES
  • Microphone: YES
  • Waterproof: YES
  • Video stabilization: YES

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DJI Osmo Pocket

The Best Action Camera 2021 3


  • Easy to transport, having a very small size
  • Stable, clear 4K video up to 60 fps
  • Battery life is about 2 hours long
  • It has a quiet cooling system


  • Autofocus issues
  • In low light conditions the room does not have the best performance
  • The screen is very small

Our review

DJI Osmo Pocket is a very small, discreet camera, but it impresses with the superior quality of its photos and videos.

DJI Osmo Pocket 4k is the perfect room for travel enthusiasts. It is a small room, considering all the features and recording settings it has, it fits very well in your pocket. It is easy to hide and does not look like a camera unless you look at it closely, which is why you will not attract attention when filming in public.

In terms of stabilization, Osmo Pocket, for such a small camera, does a good job of making quality footage. Horizontal movements are well controlled, while vertical movements are a little harder to stabilize if they are too irregular.

The camera has the option to slow down 4K filming, and the final product is clean, flawless, as long as you have good light. Slow motion is great for making steady footage look even more natural than it already is, eliminating any interference from any direction.

For easier use and a professional result, it is recommended that you connect your device to your phone. This turns your phone into a monitor, as the OSMO screen is too small and difficult to handle. Connecting to your phone is a quick fix, and you can manipulate the colors to get the effect you want.

In low light conditions, the camera offers poor performance, which does not make it ideal for filming at night. Another aspect to consider is that sometimes the camera has problems with focus, which can create discomfort.


  • Video resolution: Full HD, UHD 4K
  • Image resolution: 3840 x 2160, 1920 x 1080
  • Touch screen: YES
  • Microphone: NO
  • Waterproof: NO
  • Video stabilization: YES

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The Best Action Camera 2021 4


  • Water and shock resistant
  • Portable, very small in size
  • 13 MP photo resolution
  • The room comes in several colors, according to everyone's preference
  • It can be controlled from your phone or tablet


  • It does not have a screen that allows you to view videos or photos  
  • It does not surpass the quality of videos and photos taken by a medium performance mobile phone  

Our review

Canon IVY REC is a very small camera, extremely useful and efficient, which copes brilliantly with all environmental conditions.

The Canon IVY REC impresses, first of all, with its appearance. It is a small and very nice room, which looks like a keychain. The room comes in several vibrant colors, making it possible to choose your favorite shade, an attractive feature especially for adventurous teenagers. In addition, Canon has released cases that you can purchase to add a little of your style to its overall design.

However, don't let the simple look fool you! In fact, there are a few features packed into this small room. For starters, the camera is water resistant to shocks. So, possible falls and contacts with water drops will not be a problem in the case of this small room.

Full HD 1080p video can record up to 60 frames per second, fantastic for a small portable camera.

Finally, this camera can be connected quite easily to a smartphone or tablet , this being even encouraged. A significant downside is the lack of a display that allows you to view the videos or images taken. However, it is a cheap camera and is subject to the rigor of Canon standards.

The quality of the videos will not exceed that of a mobile phone nowadays and the specifications are quite similar to those of a smartphone. However, the IVY REC camera is water-resistant, shock-resistant and adventure-ready at a significantly lower price than any smartphone!

For information on the "camcorder price", you have details below.


  • Video resolution: HD, Full HD
  • Image resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Touch screen: NO
  • Microphone: NO
  • Waterproof: YES
  • Video stabilization: NO

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Buying guide

the best action camera with stabilization in 2021

Action cameras – what are they used for? Why should I buy one?

Unlike regular cameras, action cameras are specially designed to be resistant to any environmental conditions and easy to transport. To these rooms you can add a fairly wide range of accessories, which allow attachment to various sports equipment.

Many people choose such a room, precisely because of its small size and ease of handling. What is their role? These cameras allow you to capture epic videos and incredible photos, even when on the go.

This way, you can show your friends, family or acquaintances what adventures you had in the heart of the mountains or what kind of fish live in the depths of the sea.

Even the trivial bike rides, or jogging through the park take on a different color when the images are captured with the help of an action camera. Picture by picture, video by video, you can create your own adventure movie.

Such a device is suitable for those people who like outdoor activities. When it comes to action and adventure, an ordinary camera or smartphone can't keep up, either because of fragility or because of handling. In terms of price, you don't have to worry because there are also cheap cameras .

Key specifications of a good action camera

When you decide to buy an action camera, you need to consider a few key elements so that you do not spend your money in vain. Unlike a DSLR , an action camera is, as the name suggests, a camera for people who are on the move and can't pay attention to the device all the time. Action cameras have different sizes, shapes and weights. Depending on what you intend to do with it, you have several options proposed by various manufacturers.


The width, depth and height of a chamber are measured in millimeters. Therefore, if you want a room as small as possible, its width should not exceed 70 mm. The depth must be up to 50 mm and the height up to 40 mm.


If we stop at the "shape" chapter, the voluminous, square rooms are suitable to be mounted on the chest. The bullet-shaped, or rectangular ones go very easily mounted on the helmet or on the handles of the bicycle. However, thanks to the multitude of accessories that have appeared on the market lately, both forms of room can be easily mounted where you want, so you will not depend very much on its shape.


An action chamber must be small, light and compact. In terms of weight, it should not exceed 200 grams. For this reason, most cameras on the market weigh up to 130 grams.

Because its main purpose is to capture sensational images, which you could not have captured otherwise, the weight of the camera should not bother you.

Due to the advanced technology adopted by manufacturers, the weight, size or shape of an action chamber does not visibly influence its performance.

Technical features you need to consider

Action cameras are becoming more popular nowadays, thanks to advanced technology that is compressed into a portable device. They are preferred by lovers of extreme sports, but also by nature and photography enthusiasts.

Such a room is light, small and comes with a lot of amazing features that will make your life easier. More important than the brand are the characteristics of an action camera, which is why you need to document yourself thoroughly before making the purchase.

So what are the most important features that an action camera should have?


A good action camera that offers quality footage must have 4K video resolution. But what exactly does 4K mean?

4K is, as the name suggests, means a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. Simply put, the more pixels there are, the clearer the image will be. It is also known as Ultra HD, which means that it offers dynamic and detailed videos.

If you want a higher quality video, make sure that the device you want to purchase has this feature. In the chapter "4k camcorders prices", you must keep in mind that they are slightly higher.

However, not all people want a 4K resolution. For them, the cameras with 1080p and 720p resolution are suitable and offer quality videos at a more affordable price.

Frame rate per second

A video is created from hundreds of static images taken consecutively to give the look of motion. The frame rate per second (fps) is what will create a video as close to reality as possible, so the more frames there are, the clearer the video.

The current industry standard is 24 fps, but it has been far exceeded by the new action cameras. Some action cameras even reach 60 fps when shooting 4K, which means producing high quality video.

The frames per second influence the "video camera price" category, the quality of filming being one of the most important aspects of a professional camera.


The sound quality played by an action camera must be good. It is recommended that the device be able to reduce ambient noise, but not all cameras have this feature.

The background noise reduction is achieved with the help of a high quality microphone. It is desirable that the sound be captured as naturally as possible without being influenced by wind or other weather, especially if you are shooting at high speeds. No one wants to hear a disturbing noise in the background of a video.


To reduce video blur resulting from camera shake, there is a technology called "image stabilization". There are two types of image stabilization – optical and digital.

Optical image stabilization can be IBIS type, the correction is made by moving the image sensor, or LIS where the correction is made by moving the moving optical part of the lens.

Digital stabilization uses software technology to reduce the impact of motion on the video. This is done by calculating the body movement by the camera and using this result to adjust the pixels in the image sensor.

GPS sensors

The GPS of an action camera captures the location, altitude and speed of movement. Most rooms are equipped with a GPS sensor.

Such a feature is useful if you want to remember the places where you captured the images. The device also records all this data and allows you to add performance charts, informing others of your performance.

Low light settings

In low light areas, or at night, some cameras may capture incredible photos due to the built-in settings. For example, the go pro 8 camera is the best from this point of view. Its shooting and filming capabilities have been improved over go pro7 black with a special night mode called "Night Lapse", but also with special Auto Low Light settings.

However, these low light settings have no stabilization, so they are not recommended if you are moving fast.

Additional settings

Go pro action cameras offer you various settings and functions for recording videos. We talk about "time-lapse", "time warp", "looping", "slow-motion" and "night mode".

Time-lapse is the retrieval of a sequence of frames at certain set time intervals to record slow changes. With the time warp option, the speed is automatically adjusted based on the movement of the scene and the light.

Looping allows you to record a continuous video, either on the camera's internal memory or a video server.

Slow-motion lets you slow down the movement of the video to relive every moment in all its glory.

Other unique features

In addition to the ones already mentioned, a high-performance action camera must have Wi-Fi, Bluethooth, but also a compatible application that allows you to make specific edits.

In addition, some rooms have a fisheye lens. It is not a mandatory feature, but if you want to make a video with a wide panoramic image, such a lens is very useful.

The ideal action room depending on the situation

Depending on the activity you want to participate in, there are rooms with specific functions that suit the environment. If you want to film yourself while practicing a certain sport, you must keep in mind that you will need adequate equipment and a room resistant to environmental factors.

the best action camera with stabilization in 2021


For skydiving, it is recommended to choose a quality room with increased resistance. Usually such cameras are mounted on the helmet and are extremely durable. In this sense, the go pro hero 7 black camera is suitable for this sports time because it is compact, has an image stabilizer and makes impressive videos.


For diving you should look for a room that is water resistant and at great depths. For example, go pro action cameras withstand up to 11 meters deep.

More than this specification, another important aspect is the battery life. To capture everything you need you need a camera with a strong battery that lasts at least an hour.

Water sports

As with diving, it is first and foremost important to look for a water-resistant room that is not affected in any way by moisture conditions. Moreover, given that water sports are unpredictable, a camera with image stabilizer is perfect because they can record moving images without affecting their quality.

Mountain biking

For mountain biking, the room you are going to buy must be dust resistant. Moreover, the importance of image stabilization should not be ignored, because the mountain road is full of stones and rocks that make the bike, and even the camera, tremble.

Winter sports

Winter sports rooms must first and foremost be resistant to low temperatures, and in this respect, the DJI Osmo Action camera is perfect. Withstands temperatures of – 10 degrees C, is water resistant and shoots 4K.

Recreation activities

When it comes to simple outdoor activities, such as light walks or sports, a small, light and compact camcorder is good enough. With the help of accessories, an action camera can be attached to the chest or around the arm to record the landscape.

The "camcorder price" category varies depending on all these features.

An action camera for photos

Although action cameras are designed to make videos, some of them can also be used to capture photos. The action rooms are different from the traditional rooms, because these types of rooms can be mounted on a bicycle, in a car , on a boat, headphones , etc.

Thanks to the advanced technology, the action cameras have a high-performance lens with a wide angle. They are available in both HD and Ultra HD versions, so you can take a high-quality video or photo. In the chapter "4k camcorders prices", the difference between HD and Ultra HD is immediately noticeable.

Of course, not all action cameras can behave like a DSLR. Action cameras are not designed to render that depth effect. It can be obtained with a large sensor and a fast lens, and the action cameras have a small sensor size and a slow lens.

Of the devices mentioned in this article, the GoPro 8 camera is the only camera that can take professional pictures.

Camera resistance

Action cameras would never have become so popular if they weren't sturdy. It is important to know that not all action cameras can withstand water, shocks, dust or low temperatures. Also, not all waterproof rooms are waterproof. That's why you need to know very well the specifications of the room you are going to buy.

Unlike DSLR cameras, action cameras are not fragile and bulky. If you plan to use the action camera in rain, snow, or underwater, look for words like "waterproof" and "shock resistant" when looking at the feature list of a particular model.

Some action cameras have a waterproof exterior, while others must be placed in a waterproof housing, which is why these features must be understood correctly, so as not to have vain expectations.

Waterproof versus waterproof

A waterproof room is not the same as a waterproof room. Instinctively, as the name suggests, a waterproof camera can be submerged in water without affecting it in any way.

Unlike a waterproof chamber, a waterproof chamber needs a special housing in case you want to dive because it cannot withstand the pressure of the water. A water-resistant device can withstand short contact with water, such as an accident, but cannot cope with sinking.

Durable versus shock resistant

These two characteristics must be differentiated, because a durable device does not necessarily mean a shock-resistant device. The durability of the room is provided by the materials from which it was made, while the resistance to shocks involves taking certain measures, much more demanding in terms of quality.

Features related to the use of the camera

An action room can be attached in different places. The most popular place to mount such a camera is on the helmet with a fastening system. However, the devices can be mounted on almost any moving object.

For this reason you might find these action cameras difficult to control. Moreover, the camera buttons are not intuitive or are placed in places that can be difficult to reach, which can create discomfort.

The good news is that you don't have to put the camera in an accessible place just to be able to reach the buttons more easily, because the manufacturers have incorporated useful features.

touch screen

Given that most people have a touch screen mobile phone, this technology is also used in action cameras. The touch screen helps to navigate much easier, faster and more intuitive, being much more efficient than the classic buttons.

Many people say that the difference between a touch screen device and one with buttons is very large, in terms of handling and use.

Front screen

Some action cameras have two screens, one on the front and one on the back. For example, DJI Osmo Action, which we talked about above, has this feature.

The front screen is useful for monitoring. This is especially useful for vloggers or people filming themselves talking in front of the camera, as they can see any changes in the frame. The front display is used exclusively for framing, it has no touch screen.

Wi-Fi and mobile app

These functions greatly facilitate the control of an action camera. Not all rooms have their own app, just as not all have Wi-Fi.

The gopro camera has such an application and allows you to control the camera remotely. In the app, you can adjust settings, turn on or off a movie, view all your photos and videos, and edit.

Voice control

With the voice control function, you can control the camera without touching it, acting on simple voice commands. These include: "start recording", "turn on", "turn off" and a few others, depending on the complexity of the device.

Using voice control makes it much easier to control the camera, especially if you have equipment that does not allow you to operate the device.

Helpful applications

Whatever brand you choose, there are plenty of apps that allow you to connect your action camera to your phone. Such an application is practical and makes it easy to control the camera remotely. Whether you have iOS or Android, there are options for each operating system.

First of all, an application on your phone is a very fast editing tool. All you have to do is upload video or photos to your phone. After that, you can make color changes, add effects, background music, or share content in any other application.

Second, with such an application you can stream live directly from the camera. You don't need to save the video and then upload it to a social network, but you can stream the video while you're there. Such a feature has a big impact on people watching the video, because they see the events in real time. Whether you choose Facebook, Twitch, YouTube or another platform, using the application makes streaming easier.

In addition to these features, through an application you can control the camera remotely, turn it off or on without touching it and adjust the settings. In addition, save time and space by viewing all the content you have on your camera and choose what you want to keep and what you don't.

Unlimited backup can be done in the cloud, saving all photos and videos to their original quality, without having to delete content to make space.

Action camera accessories

the best action camera with stabilization in 2021

Once you have purchased the action camera, you can customize it to your liking. In terms of "accessories", the sports camera has a lot of options to try, so as to capture as many images as possible, from different angles.

If you intend to use the camera to film an intense sports activity, we can say that these fastening systems and accessories are indispensable.

For cycling, skiing, diving, or any other type of sport, there is a specific accessory (or more), which will make your life easier and also protect the device from external conditions.


There are different types of media available. We are talking about accessories such as: chest harness, head strap, selfie stick, tripod, hand strap, suction cups, bicycle strap, handlebar mounting accessories and many other fasteners to change the shooting angle.

These types of accessories match the camera models we listed above, including gopro hero. There are a lot of such accessories on the market, all you have to do is choose the ones that suit the sport you want to film.

Protective housings

Not all action cameras require a protective case. However, waterproof housings are useful. They allow the device to work optimally, even up to 60 meters deep due to the high quality waterproof material.

In addition to waterproofing, other types of protective cases protect the camera from various types of dirt, scratches, or mechanical damage.


The adapters are used to easily connect the camera to any accessory, so you can use all the accessories you need.

Room memory

Most action cameras come with built-in memory just for their operating system. That is why an external memory card is a must.

Memory card suitable for the room

Not all cards are created equal, and some of them are not compatible with action cameras, especially 4K ones. When buying a Micro SD card for your action camera, you should consider both read speed and write speed.

Writing speed affects video recording. During filming, your camera continuously saves data to the Micro SD card. If the card is not fast enough to keep up, you will run into problems.

For Go Pro cameras you need a Micro SD card, and DJI Osmo Action, DJI Osmo Pocket and Canon IVY REC cameras also support MicroSDHC and MicroSDXC.

Battery life

One of the most important factors when buying an action camera is the battery life. Most action cameras have a battery that lasts an hour and a half, and the maximum they can reach is 2 hours, regardless of its performance. Of all the above, DJI Osmo Pocket has the longest battery life, lasting 2 hours.

For most users, this time is not enough, so it is important to purchase an external battery, a power cord, or a new battery pack, depending on the model you choose.

The Go Pro 8 comes with a rechargeable battery, and the Go Pro 7 comes with an extra battery, but it can't be reused. Both rooms included a USB-C cable. Our recommendation is to choose batteries produced by the original tree, even if they cost a little more.

There are a few tricks you can consider to extend battery life. You can try lowering the camera brightness, turning off all lights, and turning off the Wi-Fi connection. When you are not using the camera, it is advisable to remove the battery from the device.

In addition to changing the battery, you can also use a charger. With a USB cable you can charge the camera to a laptop, computer or directly from a phone charger. The DJI Osmo and DJI Osmo Pocket camera also include a USB charging cable.

The best brands

The most well-known and high-quality action cameras are the GoPro, Osmo, Canon and Sony. These brands are praised for the advanced production technology of all devices, and in terms of action cameras, the standard is just as high.

Depending on the features, materials and technology we can find cheap cameras but also more expensive cameras. If you are looking for 4k camcorder prices, you will discover a whole range of action cameras from the aforementioned brands.


The most important feature of GoPro action cameras is their ability to shoot 4K. All cameras in the Hero line shoot Ultra HD, both go pro hero 8 and go pro hero 7 black.

DJI Osmo

DJI is a well-known brand for camcorders, VR glasses and drones. In the Osmo series, DJI has included extremely high-quality, small and compact action cameras, which come with a video stabilization function.


Canon has been in the top camera manufacturers since 1937. Every day, brilliant minds work to raise the brand's performance and surprise us year after year with new technologies and unique products.


Sony is one of the largest manufacturers of video electronics, communications equipment, game consoles and many other products that use advanced technology. The business was founded in 1946 and is the fifth largest media conglomerate in the world.


We have given you a brief guide on how to purchase an action room suitable for the activity you intend to carry out. As you may have noticed, there are a number of key features that you need to consider before placing an order.

Thorough documentation helps you identify the perfect room for you. Remember that every moment is unique, and with such a room you can turn an ephemeral moment into an eternity.

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