The best active speaker for home studio


The best active speaker for home studio

Active Speakers – Product Review and comparison in 2021

We introduce this article with the definition of active speakers, because many people still do not know the difference between them and the passive ones. In short, an active speaker has a built-in amplifier, so it can be put into operation immediately by connecting the signal source (microphone, mixer, CD player, SD card, memory stick, cassette player, and so on), on when the passive ones need external amplification, bought separately. The first product recommendation is theWharfedale Pro Titan 12AX Set , which contains two satellites, each with its own subwoofer, at a combined power of 1400 Watts, enough for live concerts or conferences in halls of over 1000 square meters. They are protected against moisture and have a high quality sound, specific to the English company Wharfedale, covering all frequencies, from 40 Hz to 22 kHz. In addition, they also have equalizer presets. A second recommendation is the Temeisheng DP-284BT 27607 , a pair of karaoke speakers, at a convenient price, with media player included, in addition to the equalizer.

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Although we will mention that these speakers sound very good, aspect supported by the positive reviews received, it is best to listen to them personally, to convince yourself. Besides the sound, we also specify that they have equalizer with presets, for various situations (if you want more bass, or emphasis on voice), as well as multiple protections against overvoltages and humidity.

They are a model of speakers for certain situations – concerts or conferences – so they are not intended for home use, given their high power of 1400 watts.

Musicians and business owners (pubs, hotels) are the target audience for this product. The quality of the set is commendable, the connectivity is efficient, and the four bodies (2 satellites and 2 subwoofers) can be disassembled from each other, in order to transport them as easily as possible.

The set of 2 speakers that includes an equalizer on 7 bands, echoes, the possibility to connect two microphones, each with its own settings, along with the electric guitar. It can play content from memory sticks and cards, and analog controls are rugged (potentiometers).

The connecting cable of the two speakers is quite short, having only 1.5 meters. If you want to place them further away from each other, you will need to buy another cable, or extend it.

Even if they do not come from a famous and rich history brand, these speakers are solid and suitable for parties, and their attractiveness is increased by the convenient price, for some audio equipment of their power (240 Watts).

With a thickness and width of 27 and 21 centimeters, respectively, it takes up little space horizontally. It can play music via Bluetooth, auxiliary input, card or stick. It also includes the remote control, and the docking bay allows the phone to be attached to the control panel.

It is a single tower speaker (93 centimeters high), which means that it does not allow listening in stereo mode.

Elegant in design and colors and with multiple options for signal input source, it is a suitable model to listen to music at home or at the office, without spending money on a complex audio system, of multiple components.

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Wharfedale Pro Titan 12AX Set

The best active speaker for home studio

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