the best air cooler fan to buy in 2021 online

How do you choose the best air cooler? What functions and features should the air cooler have according to your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

The Best Air Cooler When summer means heat, and the heat makes your life impossible, it's time to take action. For those who can't stand air conditioning but can't find any efficiency in a fan, an air cooler could be an ideal solution .

It works differently from the variants we are used to, and can be effective for people who do not have access to other methods of cooling the space in which they live.

Find out in this article how others got rid of the unbearable heat by buying a cheap air cooler , but also how you can choose the best air cooler for you.

Top 3 air coolers recommended

Why choose the best air cooler?

What is the reason for resorting to this less popular form of cooling the atmosphere? Well, it is known that when the air is very hot, most fans are no longer helpful.

Also, some people have serious problems with air conditioning, which they can not stand in any context. In this case, the best air cooler can prove to be a life- saving solution because it works differently.

Air coolers use the natural process of evaporating water to cool hot air and use a powerful fan to disperse the cooled air. Thus, the air temperature drops quite a lot when the liquid water is transformed into steam.

Also, an air cooler is different from an air conditioner because the process is different. In the case of ACs, a chemical is used to absorb and condense hot air, turning it into cold air. Hot air must be released outside the room.

In the case of the air cooler, no chemicals are involved and the consumption and maintenance costs are lower .

How to choose the best air cooler

The Best Air Cooler 11 In order to be able to enjoy all the benefits of an air cooler, you must make sure that you choose the best one. You need to take the time to inform yourself properly. Only in this way will you be able to make an investment that you will not regret.

Especially because it is an unpopular cooling system , you need to do more research . What type , size , and functions are needed for your needs? Find out all these questions in this shopping guide .

Also, at the end, a list of the best air coolers available on the market at the best quality / price ratio is waiting for you. So, to make a good choice, read the following information very carefully.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of an air cooler

  • Cost – This is the first and most obvious advantage of an air cooler. A good air cooler, chosen correctly according to everyone's needs, can cost up to 800-1000 lei, while a good air conditioner has prices starting from 1500 lei.
  • Consumption – An air cooler will not make a hole in your pocket, as an air conditioner can. This means that you will have lower values in your electricity bill.
  • Nature – An air cooler uses a natural process to cool the room. Unlike an AC, this unit will not heat the air around the compressor.
  • Portability – air coolers are very portable, and you can move them from one room to another at will.
  • Humidity – these devices have the ability to increase the humidity in the air. This is desirable where the air is very dry, and it is no longer necessary to use an air humidifier.
  • Allergies – An air cooler filters the air before dispersing it into the room, which means that you will breathe clean air and the risk of triggering an allergy, such as pollen, is very low.
  • Quiet – because they do not have a compressor, like an AC, they are much quieter, the noise level being at about the same level as a conventional fan.

Disadvantages of an air cooler

  • Efficiency – for an air cooler to be effective, it must be operating in optimal conditions. The peculiarities of the climate can influence its efficiency, because it does not prove to be good in areas with high humidity.
  • Maintenance – To use the appliance, you must always make sure that the tank is full of water. Depending on its capacity, you will need to refill it after 2-3 hours of use.

Types of air coolers

We will classify the air coolers according to the size of the cooling area as follows:

  • Air cooler for larger spaces

They are used to cool medium or large rooms. They have a larger tank capacity, between 3 and 6 liters , and have a larger size because the size of the fan is larger. It is also slightly more expensive than an air cooler for smaller spaces.

They are very suitable for areas with very dry air . They can also be used successfully outdoors, such as on a terrace or in the yard.

  • Personal air cooler

They are smaller in size than the previous model and are specially designed to be used for specific areas of a room. They have lower energy consumption and are quieter.

The capacity of the water tank is smaller, but they can still cool a room for hours. In their case, the capacity of the tank is somewhere between 2 and 3 liters , and they are cheaper.

The right size

Reumplere Rezervor Racitor De Aer E1562920892672 For the air cooler to cope with the area you want cooled, you need to make sure you choose one that is the right size . Here's how you can check this out:

You should always check the product description and arrive at the specification " area covered " or " cooling capacity " or other similar name.

You should also know exactly what the size of the area you want cooled is. The range of the cooler should be greater than or equal to this area.

The power of the air cooler

Power is another clue that will help you choose a suitable air cooler for your room. The power of such a device is calculated in W (watts) . The power of the device is directly proportional to its efficiency, but also to its consumption.

In other words, the power range is from 40W to 70W , but the closer you get to 70W, the higher the numbers on your electricity bill.

As a guide, you should know that a 70W model is suitable for an area of about 20-25 sqm.

Air flow

It refers to the amount of cold air that will be dispersed in the room in an hour. The higher the flow, the faster the room will cool down, but the faster the water will evaporate.

You will make the choice depending on the size of the room you want cooled, but a value between 450 and 60 m3 / h (cubic meters per hour) should be enough for 20-25sqm .

Tank capacity

If you do not want to have too much trouble with the maintenance of the air cooler, choose one with a tank as large as possible. The larger the water tank, the more the air cooler will work without having to refill it.

You also need to make sure that the tank has a size that is compatible with your real daily needs.

For a larger room it is a good idea to choose a larger tank. For example, if you choose one with a 4 liter tank, you will only have to refill it once a day, as the consumption will be only 400ml / h . After 10 hours you will have to refill the tank.

Filter type

The Best Air Cooler 14 The cooling filter is an important element of such an appliance. They absorb water and allow air to enter through them, thus cooling the water, and thus the air. The thicker they are, the better the cooling effect.

It is good that their thickness is at least 90mm . There are two types of filters:

  • Honeycomb Type – These are made of cellulose and look like a honeycomb. They are not pretentious so they do not need much maintenance. They are efficient and durable, at a slightly higher price than the model below.
  • Textile filter – a filter based on poplar wood fiber that has the texture of grass. It requires more maintenance, is less durable and less efficient. However, it is a cheaper option.

What functions and accessories should the best air cooler have?

  • Variable speed – It is good to be able to control the speed of the fan. In the past, there were only two-speed variants. Today, however, you have several gears that you can control with the help of a panel or a remote control. This option is especially useful at night, when the room cools down and you do not need the same flow of cold air.
  • Automatic control – The best air cooler has an automatic speed switching system. It can also be programmed to start or start automatically based on default parameters.
  • Ice tray – for a cool effect, some air coolers allow you to keep an ice tray or ice batteries in a special compartment. This will keep the water as cold as possible until the ice melts.
  • Purification – The best air cooler will also purify it, so you will not have to worry about allergies and you will breathe clean air. This will also eliminate unpleasant odors.
  • Remote control – it is very practical, and convenient to control the air cooler settings with the help of a remote control.
  • Water level indicator – As with some models, the battery level is indicated, just as a modern chiller will be able to show you the level of the water tank to be ready to charge it in time.
  • Wheels – If you want an ultra-portable air cooler, choose one that has wheels. This will allow anyone to move the water cooler from one room to another as needed.
  • Warning for empty tank – When the water level drops below the required level, the appliance will set off an alarm indicating a low water level. This function is only valid for very expensive models, but it is a useful function, since if the air cooler works without water, it can deteriorate quickly.


You must not forget that such a device will be quite visible, no matter where you choose to put it, so it is good to make sure that it will fit the rest of the aesthetics of your rooms. Regarding the design of these devices, you can choose between different shapes and colors.

The shape can be compact or more developed. The more compact it is, the easier it will be for you to find a place for it. You can find short square patterns or tall patterns, or rectangular shapes with round details at the top.

In terms of color, it is good to choose something that does not stand out. If you have a light decor, choose a white and black pattern otherwise.


We recommend that you choose the best air cooler online . This way you have access to more models, you can study them better without being bothered by the sellers' insistence, and you have the possibility to find a model that suits you perfectly.

Discounts and special offers are also more common online, which means you can find a cheap air cooler. Before making any kind of online purchase, check the opinion of other buyers. The experience they have with a product can help you avoid a wise purchase.

Now that you have read all this information, you are ready to choose the best air cooler .

The best air cooler: recommendations

Analyzing the existing offer, taking into account the opinions of buyers and the above tips, we further recommend some models of home air coolers that offer excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Klarstein Rotator air cooler

The Best Air Cooler 15 4-in-1 unit: air cooler, fan, TACT ionizer and humidifier.
Invigorating breeze: the cool freshness in the Breeze Cool process with 3 wind speeds.
Intuitive control: comfortable with remote control or directly on the device.
Take a deep breath: it refreshes, moisturizes and purifies the air.
Versatile features: 3 wind modes with normal, normal and delay mode and with 8 hours of delay.
Easy to use: detachable water tank with a volume of 7 liters.

See details and price

2. ARGO POLIFEMO mobile air cooler and purifier

The Best Air Cooler 16 Original design for a versatile device, which, in addition to the function of cooling the air in a natural way (thanks to evaporative technology), purifies the air through a double air filtration system, which consists of dust filter and evaporative panel type honeycomb.
It has several options for adjusting the cooling: Normal / Natural / Sleep.
Equipped with evaporative technology.
Purifies the air thanks to the double filtration system – Adjusts the humidity level.
"Timer" function – 0.5 – 7.5 hours – Dust filter and honeycomb evaporative panel.

See details and price

3. Trotec PAE 21 air cooler

The Best Air Cooler 17 The PAE 21 air cooler is the ideal solution for cooling the room air on hot summer days. PAE 21 can also be used to freshen the air with special filters.
PAE 21 offers three speeds that can be set manually, with the help of the vent flaps or through the automatic Swing folding mode.
The aircooler is energy efficient, with a consumption of only 50W.
The transport rollers and ergonomic handles facilitate the transport of the cooler from one location to another.

See details and price

4. OneConcept Kingcool 3-in-1 air cooler

The Best Air Cooler 18 3-in-1 air conditioning for room climate control with a fan, air cooler and ionizer.
Powerful fan with 3 power levels for an air flow of up to 890 m³.
Evaporative air cooler for economy and ecology.
Ionizer for binding dust and odor particles.
Tank: 8 liters with level indicator.
The functions can be controlled by remote control.

See details and price

5. Tristar AT-5452 portable air cooler

The Best Air Cooler 19 The air cooler cools the air with cold water to cool the air flow, so you can reduce the temperature by a few degrees and enjoy a refreshing breeze.
Fill the 10 liter container with cold water (or ice) and choose one of three different airflow settings: normal, natural and sleep.
The Tristar air cooler has a time interval of 1 to 7 hours, so it automatically shuts off whenever you want.
Recommended for rooms up to 20 m².

See details and price

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