The best audio system for home in 2021


The best audio system for home in 2021

Audio Systems – Product Review and comparison in 2021

For the home, the car, in professional conditions, the generous term audio system will look useful, including all kinds of complementary devices. In this article you will learn something about this product category and the criteria that would be helpful to look at when you want to make a purchase, an example being Magnat Monitor Supreme 2002 + 202 + Center 302 , a collection of six speakers that it is mounted on the floor, in five plus 1 system, with five speakers and a subwoofer, which are used at home, for equipping a living room, for example, the power of each piece being variable. Another option that Romanians gravitate towards is Sony CMTSBT20 .

Comparative table

For a well-furnished living room in terms of sound, this package consisting of five speakers and a subwoofer can make waves, with good playback power, at frequencies accessible to the ear, with intensity and variation of the musical gradation, simple, modern design, but effect, helping to maintain comfort and the desired appearance of the room.

The pieces weigh a lot and are voluminous, needing a lot of space in the room, in order to sit well and accentuate the areas in which they are located.

Despite a not very affordable price, this package provides those with a very good hearing quality, specially designed for home cinema, but also for music.

It takes up very little space (the speakers are 22 centimeters high), and the price at which it is sold is low. Includes CD player, USB stick slot, Bluetooth and radio connection.

It has only 12 watts as musical power, therefore it is not addressed to those who want to give parties or who have pretensions at very low frequencies.

For the children’s room, bedroom, or office where you work, this system is suitable, especially if you are not willing to spend a lot. The quality of the construction is adequate to the brand name, and the design does not stand out, being elegant and discreet.

For intense bass playback in the car, it is preferred to add a dedicated subwoofer with amplification, this complete option, with accessories and cables included, having a beautiful and professional look, so as not to need to hide it with a cover, for example, the musical power being 250 W, the amplifier increasing the power by up to 200 W.

In order to play medium and high sounds in an attractive format, it may be necessary to purchase dedicated tweeters mounted in other parts of the car.

Music lovers, who want it to accompany them even when they are on the road, will choose to tune their trunk with such a product specialized in playing low notes.

In-depth reviews about the best audio systems

Here we are at the product presentations section, with which you have become accustomed and for which you have probably accessed this page. We have categorized multiple types of systems, below, to provide something for each:

5.1 audio system:

Magnat Monitor Supreme 2002 + 202 + Center 302

The best audio system for home in 2021

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