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How do you choose the best blender for your home? What functions and features should the blender have according to your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

The Best Blender Having become almost a necessity in any kitchen, the blender has become the favorite appliance of many housewives .

In just a few seconds it can turn the fruit into a delicious smoothie , create delicious sauces or cream soups with a finesse that you only find in select restaurants.

As more and more modern recipes require the use of this small home appliance, it is no wonder that you are considering purchasing one.

What do you need to pay attention to to make a successful purchase from the first and where do other buyers find a cheap blender ?

Find out all the details on how to buy the best blender in this article.

Top 3 blenders recommended

Why choose the best blender?

Nowadays, the best dishes often require the use of a blender to process the ingredients.

With this you can get your child's favorite and healthy dessert, but you can also use it to create delicious dishes when you diversify baby food.

Purees and cream soups are very easy to obtain and it is very nice to know that you can prepare your favorite and healthy smoothie at home, without e-mails.

How to choose the best blender

The Best Blender 1 In order to enjoy all these benefits you need to buy the best blender for you. The problem is that there are a lot of models on the market .

Some are very different, while others are very similar. It can be difficult to figure out which one you should buy, especially if you are not sure what you are going to use it for.

To help you make the best decision we have prepared this shopping guide that contains all the information you need to buy the best blender for your kitchen .

Also, at the end you will find out which are the most recommended variants currently available on the market, at an excellent quality / price ratio .

Whether it's the first time you buy a blender or you want to replace the old one, this is how you can choose the best model for you:

Types of blender

Before looking for a blender it is wise to familiarize yourself with the options on the market. Some models are more suitable for some tasks than others.

If you consult the guide below, you will get to know exactly which category to focus on:

  • Wheat blender

This is the most popular type of blender on the market. It consists of two main components. A processing unit equipped with buttons for control and motor, together with a bowl in which you can add the ingredients for grinding, equipped, in turn, with very sharp knives.

As a price, it is cheaper than smoothie or high-performance variants, but more expensive than a vertical blender.

Whether you have more or less space on the kitchen counter, buying such a traditional blender is a good idea, because you will use it to the fullest . They often have more blending speeds, mixing styles or shredding options.

For the conventional user, a blender with no more than 5 speeds and no less than 3 is enough. Even professional users prefer to use blenders using 4 speeds: slow, medium, fast, superfast.

  • Vertical blender

Or the hand blender, it is the cheapest of all the models. It is a device designed to be held in the hand, easy and quick to use. You use it by immersion, ie you immerse it in the bowl with fruits, vegetables or other ingredients ready to be blended. It can be a bowl with high walls, or a special accessory.

For puree recipes, a vertical blender is best. It is also ideal for soups or smoothies, but can only be used with soft ingredients, not raw .

Of course, using such a blender will require more effort and involvement on your part. It is not enough to press a button and you're done. It is also not as powerful as a traditional or professional blender. You will be able to find wired or battery-powered versions for this model. They are easy to store and have a design that allows them to be easily transported.

  • Smoothie blender

The Best Blender 2 They are also called bullet or personal blenders. This is because they are designed to make smoothies or shakes in a jar that is the right size for a single serving .

For someone who has a busy schedule in the morning, using such a device may be ideal. It is recommended for and highly appreciated by those who have an active, healthy lifestyle, who exercise a lot, maybe even going to the gym.

The advantage is that you can prepare your favorite energy drink with minimal effort to clean the appliance. These models have a single speed , very strong , thus managing to turn into a thick liquid any combination of fruits, vegetables and liquids such as yogurt or milk. They are more expensive than a traditional blender, but cheaper than a professional one.

They are not designed for use in cooking , so if this is your goal, you should remove them from your list of interests.

  • Professional blender

These are high performance models that can work excellently with both soft and hard ingredients. It also offers many blending options , making them very versatile . Due to this large number of special functions and due to the high power, they are the most expensive models on the market .

With them you will be able to make different types of butter, dough, or to grind nuts, sugar or coffee. You can even chop the meat. He won't have a problem crushing the ice.

It must be easy to clean and come with a warranty of at least 2 years .

Size and capacity

The next step is to choose the ideal blender size for you. First of all, you need to consider how many people will benefit from using this device.

If only you will use it, a small one will be enough, but things are not the same if in the morning it will be necessary to prepare smoothies for 4 or more people.

Usually a full size countertop blender can have a capacity between 1 and 3 liters , while the mini variants have a maximum capacity of 500 ml .

In the case of a hand blender, the length of the mixing accessory is approximately 25-30 cm . The supple and flexible design makes it easy to blend soft foods in just a few seconds. Some models of professional vertical mixers have a length of up to 50 cm .

In the case of a traditional mixer , the capacity of the jar varies between 1 and 2 liters. This capacity is more than enough for families, even large ones.

Bullet blenders have a smaller capacity, enough for one serving, somewhere between 600 and 800 ml . They are light and convenient to use. They are intended for immediate consumption or for drinks that you take with you directly into the container in which they were mixed.

Professional models can have a capacity exceeding 4 liters . This allows you to approach several types of mixtures or ingredients that you can process using such a device.

The material of the jar or blender container

The Best Blender 3 When choosing the blender you will have to pay close attention to the container in which you will add the ingredients to mix them.

It can differ in both size and material. In the following, we will discuss the importance of the material:

  • Plastic blender bowl

A plastic container is a standard for blenders. Most models are made of this material because plastic is more convenient , lighter and more portable .

If you want a model of sports blender, the plastic version is ideal because you will be able to take the container with you, without being afraid that you will drop it and break it.

On the other hand, the plastic is prone to scratches and can bend, which affects its appearance. It could be quite risky to use a plastic container to crush ice, for example. Hard foods can damage the material. Over time, it loses its transparency, scratches and stains.

  • Glass blender jar

Plastic containers can be scratched and dangerous due to chemicals. However, glass ones do not have these disadvantages. They are more durable and offer better clarity than plastic ones.

They can be easily cleaned, and the risk of pigmentation, or depigmentation, is zero. Another great advantage is that they do not retain unpleasant odors , as plastic does.

On the other hand, glass containers are not as durable as plastic ones . They can break if the impact is strong enough, or they can crack, leading to unwanted leaks.

  • Stainless steel blender bowl

In the case of industrial models, we can also find stainless steel containers. They are stronger and have a longer durability than glass or plastic. It offers a high blending capacity and can be used to create a variety of dishes.

The only downside is that you can't see inside the container . This can be annoying, as it is more difficult to check whether or not the ingredients have reached the stage you want.

Blender blade

One of the most important components of a blender is its blade. Most are made of stainless steel because they are sharper and more efficient.

It is important that it is made of the right combination of metals. We usually talk about iron, chromium and other alloys . A high quality blade will have excellent corrosion resistance .

It is also good to consider their design . What is the configuration of the blades, and what is their number. Are they arranged in a flower pattern or are they arranged alternately, two flat and two raised?

Usually, each blender has an arrangement of the blades at different angles to make better use of the power of the blender. It is recommended to buy a blender with removable blades so that it can be stored and cleaned more easily. This can prevent corrosion.

Blender power

The Best Blender 4 The number of watts indicated by the manufacturer represents the power of the blender. This is an important clue for you. This way you can realize the ability of the device to process harder foods, the level of wear to which you can expose it or the speed with which it will bring the ingredients to the state you want.

300W – a good value for hand blenders. They can process soft foods, but are not very good for making smoothies or other pastas.

500-700W – ideal for smoothies and soups.

Over 700W – Anything over this value is strong enough even for hard foods. It is more expensive, but more efficient.

What functions and accessories should the best blender have?

  • Control panel – choose a blender with digital or mechanical control, but not with a touch panel, because it breaks down faster.
  • Speed – The most basic model will have 3 speeds, but there are also models with 16 speeds.
  • Pulsation – a special button very useful in the kitchen.
  • Compatible with dishwasher
  • Portable container
  • Ice crushing function
  • Shredding blade
  • Accessory for pushing food to the blades
  • Jar lid – which must have a very good airtight closure.
  • Storage space for the power cord
  • Smart connectivity – the ability to control the blender on smartphones or smarthome systems.


When you buy from a manufacturer that has a good reputation, you are guaranteed a product that you can enjoy for years. The most appreciated brands on the Romanian market are: Philips, Artisan, Gorenje, Bosch.


We recommend you to buy the best blender online , here you can find a product at a much better price than in a traditional store.

Remember to check the opinion of other buyers to make sure that the manufacturer was honest in describing the product. You can also protect yourself from such a disappointing investment.

Now that you have learned all this knowledge, you are ready to choose the best blender for your kitchen.

The best blender: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips, analyzing the opinions of buyers and the existing offer, we still recommend some models of home blenders for home that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Blender Klarstein Herakles 4G

The Best Blender 5 It has a power of 1500 W max., 6 sharp blades that reach 35,000 rotations per minute, so you can crush even hard foods such as cereals or nuts.
For a cream soup you only need some vegetables and hot water.
Due to the large capacity of the 2 liter bowl, the device can prepare snacks for the whole family or satisfy you when you have guests.
Diplay LED that displays speed, variation and a timer can be set for cooking.

See details and price

2. Blender Philips Avance Collection HR3655 / 00

The Best Blender 6 With ProBlend 6 3D technology, 1400 watts of power and speeds of up to 35,000 RPM, you will enjoy smoother and finer blends.
It has been shown to motivate users to increase their intake of fruits and vegetables in the diet.
Washable blender dish in the dishwasher.
Removable blades for easy cleaning.
Our blender includes 2 tall, durable tritan cups of 600 ml, in which you can prepare smoothies directly and which easily fit in your bag or backpack.

See details and price

3. Blender Bosch SilentMixx MMB42G0B

The Best Blender 7 Bosch SilentMixx mixes, chops and passes quickly and powerfully, while being quieter than any other fixed blender from Bosch!
The Easy KlickKnife system guarantees the best results and can be easily disassembled for cleaning.
ThermoSafe thick-walled borosilicate glass blender – for easy and safe mixing of hot soups and ice-cold cold drinks.
Convenient and easy to use: A central button with 2 gears + Pulse function.

See details and price

4. Blender Smoothiemaker Klarstein Vitalic

The Best Blender 8 Powerful smoothie maker for poultry, mixing and grinding
Powerful 1000W motor – Mixer glass with a capacity of 600 ml and 350 ml.
Easy operation, one-button operation.
Two blade attachments: eco 6-blade top or flat blade grinder.
Graded container with maximum liquid limit.
Waterproof lid with drinking hole for easy transport.
Glass, lid and handle usable in the dishwasher.

See details and price

5. Tefal Perfectmix Blender + BL811D38

The Best Blender 9 With the Perfectmix + high speed blender you get perfect blending results thanks to the powerful 1200 W motor and the revolutionary Tripl'Ax technology that combines 6 stainless steel blades with 3 complementary actions.
Perfectmix + ensures exceptional mixing results every time with the help of the 3 preset programs (smoothie, ice crushing, automatic cleaning) and the power converter with illuminated background and Pulse function.
The blender is ideal for the whole family with a heat-resistant glass container and a large capacity.

See details and price

6. Blender Star-Light Toro 1000 W

The Best Blender 10 With the help of the 1000 watt motor and the very good quality knives, it is perfect for creating milkshakes, for chopping vegetables or for chopping any kind of meat.
The transparent glass vessel , with lid, has a capacity of 1.5 liters .
The bowl, lid and blades are detachable and easy to clean manually or using the dishwasher.
5 gears – Impulse function – crushing function

See details and price

7. Blender Heinner Master Collection HBL-1000XMC

The Best Blender 11 1000W power – ready to chop ice, nuts and other hard foods.
5 Speeds + Pulse function – Mixing, grinding, liquefying, mixing or pureing, you decide what you need being sure that you get it.
The LCD screen will show the time required for each operation selected by you.
Detachable stainless steel knife .
1.5 l glass bowl .

See details and price

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