the best bluetooth headphones with mic


the best bluetooth headphones with mic

Bluetooth Headsets – Product Review and comparison in 2021

Talk to any audiophile, but also to occasional users of audio equipment, and you will find that in many cases, choosing any item can be difficult, in part because of the way the various parts fit together (for example, a phone with a pair of headphones) and, on the other hand, due to the fact that there are many, many types of products on the market. In the case of Bluetooth headsets, the presentation of recommended models proved to be a rather difficult task, not only because it was difficult to take into account their performance, but also because we wanted to consult a large number of reviews written online. . For the current year, a first recommendation is Skullcandy Crusher S6CRWK-591 , headphones that stand out with a considerable autonomy, of 40 hours and with extreme performances in terms of low frequencies (starting from 20 Hertz). A second recommended pair of headphones is Samsung Level Active .

Comparative table

They are calibrated for strong bass, starting from frequencies from 20 Hertz, and excel in autonomy, offering up to 40 hours of operation with a fully charged battery. They also include a microphone, for dynamic sound insulation and answered calls.

They are quite expensive, but they are also a quality product.

Fans of modern music, with a lot of bass, but also fans of action-packed video games, are the target audience for this product. In addition, it includes separate buttons for volume, on one of the cups, and on the other has a button for changing songs.

A model of this type, with tips that fit into the ear, will be to the taste of different types of users, with a variety of colors available, sound quality is good and balanced, with water and perspiration resistance, built-in microphone and gaskets change to fit the size of the ear.

Battery life will decrease over time, and devices can frequently disconnect from the phone, even at short distances from it, which can lead to sound jerking.

It combines an attractive design with a safe mounting on the ear, thanks to those fixing hooks, being among the examples recommended by many active Romanians who want not to get entangled in nature.

Active people, always on the road, who want accompaniment, will enjoy some speakers that play both high and low sounds, with good autonomy and the possibility of charging directly from the phone using the cable in the box, the sound during calls being good built-in microphone and no background noise.

If they are not attached to the neck using the small magnet between them, the battery will continue to discharge, running can jump out of the ear, if the right accessories are not used.

For a balanced cost, such accessories are available to those who wish, combining the audio needs and the microphone for occasional calls, which is why they are in the current top sales.

In-depth reviews about the best Bluetooth headsets

We have selected a wide range of Bluetooth headset models, to make sure that all readers (hopefully) find something that suits them. We included them by categories and presented them both with their specific advantages and with one or two disadvantages:

Bluetooth audio headphones:

Skullcandy Crusher S6CRWK-591

the best bluetooth headphones with mic

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