The best Bosch food processor 2021 models

How do you choose the best Bosch food processor? What functions and features should the Bosch food processor have for your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

Why choose a Bosch food processor?

The Best Bosch Food Processor Bosch is one of the world's most renowned home appliance manufacturers for both electronic and home appliances. Bosch offers everyone the opportunity to buy products, no matter what social class they belong to, the level of price distribution being good in relation to performance and needs.

Bosch home appliances can be found in any electronics and home appliance store, both in your city and on various virtual platforms.

A Bosch food processor offers an extended functionality, their realization being made following tests of real impact on the component parts, in order to be able to bring resistance and utility in the decoration for a long time, having a well-established operating principle.

Basically, a Bosch food processor can perform up to 3-5 operations simultaneously, thanks to the attached accessories, but also to the existing working power.

How to choose the best Bosch food processor

There are currently a large number of Bosch food processors on the market that offer different working parameters, regardless of whether we are referring to aspects that focus on power, as well as the desire to be stored in a small space in order to be able to carry finally prepare all the ingredients we want in a given mixture.

If we talk about the best Bosch food processor, we can say that it can be the ally of preparing highly successful recipes, the products obtained bringing an extra vitality among your own body tone, but can also streamline the tasks we have to do in the kitchen daily.

If some similar devices suggested a more difficult use, now the best Bosch food processor can not only contain a lot of predefined functions, but its use involves speed and accuracy to the superlative, without the need to monitor or operate it. both manually.

The functions of the food processor

The Best Bosch Food Processor 1 As soon as we think of purchasing such an appliance from the collection of a top manufacturer, we must consider a number of functional parameters, which are directly proportional to both providing the right level of quality and the existing purchase price.

Depending on your existing priorities, a few features such as budget, power and parameters at work, storage capacity, noise level or safety may make a difference to the purchases you want to make, reported on time.

When it comes to the allocated budget, there must be a balanced relationship between utility, purpose, but also the establishment of percentages of distribution of own financial resources to purchase such a product. If you want to identify yourself with the cheapest product, it will not guarantee that it can be used in all your culinary activities.

If you want to focus on a multifunctional food processor, which has a lot of accessories and is ready for both certain and specific activities, then a comparison of prices and features would be by far the key to getting a good price.

The power

The power and parameters at work are again elements to consider. Among Bosch food processors, there is a diversified power distribution between 550 and 800-1000 W on the proposed models, a feature that aims to identify with certain target actions, which serve to obtain the final products in relation to the time factor.


The processing capacity assigns your wishes in relation to the volume of food you prepare constantly. At the level of the bowls, there can be a capacity of up to 1.5 l while for an operation such as kneading the working coordinates can reach up to 1000g. Depending on your existing priorities, you can determine the appropriate working coordinates in relation to this aspect.


The Best Bosch Food Processor 2 The level of quietness is an aspect that makes the difference among these types of appliances. In the case of prolonged use, a food processor could be more than noisy, which is why experts recommend focusing on devices that do not exceed the value of 70-80 decibels, so as not to create a high frequency acoustic discomfort, so cooking could represents an action done with great interest and growth.


The safety system is the last, but not the last function to which we must pay maximum attention. If at the family level there are children or people who do not have a special skill, such systems could protect them from possible unwanted injuries.

Also, any slipping on the power supply could affect the level of functionality of the food processor, which is not at all pleasant. In general, Bosch technology offers advanced safety systems, where even completely unique principles are developed.

Service and warranty

The Bosch brand will always give you the opportunity to obtain a warranty on household appliances immediately after their purchase. According to the legislation in force, but also to the own promotion policy of this manufacturer, any consumer has the possibility to address the support and information department whenever an inadvertence was reported on the purchased products, any operation taking place free of charge and promptly.

The warranty also involves a formidable period of time of 12 to 36 months for certain products or, as the case may be, at the customer's request, it may be extended for a fee at an advantageous price.

The best Bosch food processor: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips, analyzing the opinions of buyers and the existing offer, we still recommend some models of Bosch food processors that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Bosch MUM9BX5S22 food processor

The Best Bosch Food Processor 3 SensorControl Plus: always perfect results for leavened dough, whipped cream and egg whites.
Powerful and solid 1500 W motor – also for very dense doughs.
3D PlanetaryMixing: fast and perfect mixing of all ingredients.
Smart Dough sensor: always constant mixing speed, even for heavy dough and large quantities.
Integrated scale: the ingredients can be weighed directly into the bowl.

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2. Bosch MUM54251 food processor

The Best Bosch Food Processor 4 Very powerful motor (900 W) – for hard doughs and fast processing.
MultiMotion Drive: for perfect results in mixing ingredients.
High multifunctionality due to the set for pastries (kneading hook, mixing wire, cream wire), slicing / scraping device with three discs for chopping, cutting and slicing; also includes: blender, citrus juicer, meat grinder and the innovative CUBE CUTTER device for cutting food into cubes.

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3. Bosch MUM48A11 food processor

The Best Bosch Food Processor 5

Easy to use and clean.
A wide range of utilities: everything you need in the kitchen in one practical robot. Chopping machine, juicer, mixer attachment, pastry set and much more.
Multi Motion Drive technology: dynamic planetary gear that rotates both in the middle of the bowl and on the edges, in elliptical movements, for maximum efficiency.
Maximum safety: each unit is equipped with a cover and accessories for increased safety.

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4. Bosch MUM4655EU food processor

The Best Bosch Food Processor 6 Multi Motion Drive – multifunctional arm with 3 possibilities of coupling in different positions.
4 gears and parking position for easy removal of targets.
With its volume of 3.9 l for a maximum amount of dough of 2.0 kg, this mixing bowl offers enough space for creative ideas.
High degree of safety through overload protection.
Power: 550 W.

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5. Bosch MCM4200 food processor

The Best Bosch Food Processor 7 Compact construction: unitary body for mounting the vessel and the blender.
Convenient and accessible: a special drawer for storing accessories is available inside the MCM 4 case.
Safe and stylish: the new MCM 4 Styline robot from Bosch is so reliable, aesthetically pleasing with a modern shape.
The LED, built into the robot's control knob at a smooth speed switch, lights up with a bright red color, a distinctive detail of Bosch household technology.

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