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  • 1 How to choose the best refrigerator
  • 2 The best refrigerator: what to look for
  • 3 Cost of lifetime use of the refrigerator
  • 4 The best refrigerator-freezer: recommendations
    • 4.1 1. Bosch KGV58VL31S refrigerator-freezer, 505 l, Class A ++, H 191 cm, Silver
    • 4.2 2. Samsung RB31FDRNDSA refrigerator-freezer, 310 l, Class A +, Full No Frost, H 185 cm
    • 4.3 3. Beko RCNE520E20DZX refrigerator-freezer, 450 L, Class A +
    • 4.4 4. Whirlpool BSNF 9101 OX refrigerator-freezer, 349 l, Class A +
    • 4.5 5. Arctic AK54305 + refrigerator-freezer, 291 l, Class A +

How do you choose the best refrigerator? What functions and facilities should the right refrigerator combine for you? Read our guide to choosing informed.

How to choose the best refrigerator

Measure the required space

The Best Refrigerator Freezer Carefully measure the space where you will install the refrigerator. Check the height, width and depth of the space as well as the opening place of the door.

Also check the opening direction of the doors and make sure that the chosen product opens on the right side or that it offers the possibility to change the opening direction of the doors.

Don't forget to measure the space up to the kitchen to make sure you can put the chosen refrigerator on the doors.

Not always bigger is better

Although larger refrigerators offer more food storage space, they cost more and consume more energy.

A refrigerator with a total capacity of up to 350 liters should be more than enough for a normal family.

Choose the most comfortable configuration

A classic refrigerator has a freezer compartment at the bottom, so the refrigerator area is easier to use because you do not have to bend over for food.

It is assumed that you use the freezer less often and that is why they are configured this way. However, if you want to get to the freezer more easily or if you have many small children in your family, you could choose a side-by-side refrigerator where the freezer and refrigerator compartments are arranged sideways and access is easy regardless of age and height. .

Pay attention to the noise level

One of the most common complaints about refrigerators is related to their noise level. If your kitchen is located near the bedroom or if you are sensitive when it comes to noise, then choosing a refrigerator that is as quiet as possible should be a priority for you.

On the other hand, if you want to buy a secondary refrigerator that will be used in the garage or other area of the house, the noise level is not as important.

Carefully weigh the additional functions

A cold water and / or ice dispenser mounted on the door is one of the most requested functions by buyers, but they may fail and may need more frequent repairs than a normal refrigerator.

In addition, dispensers increase energy consumption and take up quite a lot of space inside the door.

The best refrigerator-freezer: what to look for

A flexible configuration

A quality refrigerator should give you the opportunity to store tall or bulky containers and should not have areas that are difficult to reach or that are hidden from view.

Well thought out additional functions

The Best Refrigerator Freezer 1 The most appreciated additional functions for a refrigerator are the water and ice dispenser, the adjustable shelves and the special vegetable drawers that offer humidity control.

A well lit interior

Most models of refrigerators available on the market offer a single light in the refrigerator compartment. Some more advanced models offer additional lights in the freezer or inside special compartments.

Precise temperature control

A quality refrigerator-freezer will have a cold air distribution system as uniform as possible in the refrigerator compartment. Cheaper models do not offer this feature but only strongly cool the back wall of the refrigerator and in this way a full refrigerator will not be evenly cooled.

Solid construction

The doors of the chosen refrigerator must be balanced and feel solid. Shelving windows that have unstable and poor quality interior shelves and drawers.

High energy efficiency

Thanks to the latest energy consumption standards, the latest generation refrigerators offer high performance at a much lower energy consumption. Carefully check the product label and consider only refrigerators that offer an energy class A + or better.

Control panel

The Best Refrigerator Freezer 2 The control panel of the chosen refrigerator should be positioned in an easily accessible area (in the front and not on the back wall where you will probably have to move food to reach it) and be easy and intuitive. to use.

Easy to clean surfaces

Compared to those made of metal grill, the safety glass shelves insulate any food and liquid leaks, prevent the formation of stains and are much easier to clean.

The new "pearl" exterior surfaces give the appearance of stainless steel but without being as vulnerable to scratches and grease marks.

A stylish design

Modern refrigerators offer a variety of colors from classic white to "pearl" look. When you have a choice, the so-called premium colors can add a few hundred good lais to the price of the device, although it does not offer any additional functionality.

The lifetime cost of using the refrigerator

The cost of use for the life of the best refrigerator is composed of the purchase price and the cost of electricity consumed over the years.

To compare the energy costs of different models do not take only by energy class. Check on the energy label the actual consumption of the appliance which is expressed in kWh / year. Energy class does not always indicate actual consumption.

A large class A +++ refrigerator may consume more energy than a smaller model that has a lower energy class. Calculating exactly the consumption in kWh / year you will be able to estimate as accurately as possible the costs of the chosen refrigerator.

The best refrigerator-freezer: recommendations

Taking into account the criteria presented in this article, we present below some models of refrigerators that have attracted our attention. However, the offer is extremely varied and you can choose from the recommended online stores a model according to your personal needs and preferences.

1. Bosch KGV58VL31S refrigerator-freezer, 505 l, Class A ++, H 191 cm, Silver

The Best Refrigerator Freezer 3

Class A ++Energy consumption (kWh / year): 292
Dimensions XXL – More space for your food.
VarioZone – Increased flexibility in the freezer due to the possibility of removing glass shelves and drawers.
BigBox freezer compartment – More space for large frozen products.
LowFrost technology – Less ice in the freezer, easy maintenance and low energy consumption.
Power Ventilation – dynamic cooling with indoor fan
Net freezer volume (l): 126 – Net refrigerator volume (l): 379

See details and price

2. Samsung RB31FDRNDSA refrigerator-freezer, 310 l, Class A +, Full No Frost, H 185 cm

The Best Refrigerator Freezer 4 The freezer at the bottom of the Samsung refrigerator has been intelligently designed for efficient use of space. Features such as a lightweight sliding shelf and a fully open compartment help you store, organize and store food.
The fully open compartment protrudes completely for your convenience.
Cool more drinks, quench the thirst of more people.
Top LED –
More energy efficient than a conventional light bulb, the top LED illuminates brighter than a conventional Samsung LED.

See details and price

3. Beko RCNE520E20DZX refrigerator-freezer, 450 L, Class A +

The Best Refrigerator Freezer 5

The special EverFresh + compartment has been designed to keep the freshness of vegetables and greens up to 30 days.
NeoFrost technology, through Active Dual Cooling and No Frost systems, ensures the best storage conditions, in a superior energy efficiency class.
ION GUARD – This function neutralizes bacteria and microorganisms that generate unpleasant odors inside the refrigerator.
Compartment with Zero Degree temperature, ideal for fresh meat, fish and foods with a shorter lifespan.

See details and price

4. Whirlpool BSNF 9101 OX refrigerator mixer, 349 l, Class A +

The Best Refrigerator Freezer 6 The new freshness control technology Al 6lea Simt guarantees perfect humidity refrigeration throughout the interior and makes it possible to keep fresh food up to 4 times longer.
Whirlpool, together with Microban, the market leader in antibacterial solutions, has developed an antibacterial air filtration system.
The antibacterial filter has been successfully tested and approved by a well-known German laboratory (LGA).
Number of shelves: 5 – Shelf material: Glass
Number of door supports: 4
Refrigerator / freezer defrost system: NOFROST automatic

See details and price

5. Arctic AK54305 + refrigerator-freezer, 291 l, Class A +

The Best Refrigerator Freezer 7 With this combination of A + energy class refrigerators, with adjustable shelves and a box for vegetables and fruits, you can conveniently use the space needed to store food.
FAST FREEZE ZONE – Superior freezer compartment that offers the possibility of quick freezing.
SAFETY GLASS SHELVES – Shelves made of high-strength glass provide increased safety, preventing accidents. They allow the placement of heavy containers, up to 25 kg, on any shelf.
XXL BOTTLE – Shelf positioned on the door, dedicated to storing large bottles.

See details and price

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