The best bowl mixer machine to buy


  • 1 Why buy a bowl mixer?
  • 2 Top 3 bowl mixers recommended
  • 3 The best bowl mixer: what to look for
  • 4 The best bowl mixer: recommendations
    • 4.1 1. KitchenAid Artisan 4.8L bowl mixer
    • 4.2 2. Mixer with bowl Klarstein Bella Argentea 1200 W 5l
    • 4.3 3. Bowl mixer Heinner Master Collection HPM-1500XMC, 1500 W, Bowl 5.5 l, 6 Speeds
    • 4.4 4. Bowl mixer Star-Light SMM-1000W, 1000 W, 5 l stainless steel bowl, 6 Speeds, Pulse function
    • 4.5 5. Zelmer bowl mixer ZHM1264M, 400 W, Metal bowl 3 l, 5 Speed + turbo

How do you choose the best bowl mixer ? What functions and features should the best mixer have ? Read on to find out.

Why buy a bowl mixer?

The Best Bowl Mixer Have you ever kneaded bread dough? If so, then you know it's very tiring.

A bowl mixer for your kitchen not only helps you do everything faster, but also saves you from tedious tasks.

The best electric bowl mixer helps you become a perfect chef in your own kitchen, making your work tenfold easier.

The best bowl mixer gives you more versatility than a classic hand mixer. These kitchen mixers have the ability to knead the dough for homemade bread and at the same time can perform other simpler tasks such as mixing the composition for your favorite cake.

Using a bowl mixer is easier than using a hand mixer because you can easily add the ingredients while mixing because you have both hands free. And in addition, you can do other things while the dough is mixing, such as preparing the oven tray or even talking on the phone.

Top 3 recommended bowl mixers

The best bowl mixer: what to look for

When choosing the ideal bowl mixer, think about what you will use it for. In addition to baking cakes and bread, consider its other uses in your kitchen.


The Best Bowl Mixer 1 To choose the best bowl mixer you need to consider several factors, such as noise level , engine power and ease of use .

When looking for a mixer with which you want to mix more viscous things such as bread or cake dough, make sure that the mixer with the chosen bowl has a motor with sufficient power .

Another important feature is the planetary mixer that allows the mixer to reach various points in the bowl to ensure that the composition is completely mixed.


The purpose of a bowl mixer is to make your kitchen work as easy as possible, so it should be easy to use.

The best bowl mixer will have a sliding stand that will allow you to place the bowl properly before lowering the mixer.

A bowl mixer with automatic closing feature will help you with two things. First of all, if you do not use it for a long time, the mixer will turn off by itself.

And secondly, if the mixer does not mix properly or if the mixture of ingredients is too thick and the engine exerts effort over the allowed limit, the mixer will stop automatically to prevent the engine from burning .


The Best Bowl Mixer 2 Mixing vanes, kneading vanes, target and bowl should be standard accessories of any bowl mixer.

The best bowl mixers offer many other additional accessories such as a sieve, a chopper, a graduated bowl, scraping or slicing dikes and the list goes on. These accessories can turn a bowl mixer into a useful appliance for all kitchen chores.

Service and warranty

The best bowl mixer will come with a complete user manual that includes some basic recipes that can be tried to get used to the appliance.

In addition, your new mixer should have a minimum warranty of 24 months. Make sure that the manufacturer of the chosen mixer offers a service unit near your home to solve any manufacturing defects.

Finding the best bowl mixer is a decision you can't make at random. The way you use the mixer determines which model you choose. You will go for the simple models that allow the basic functions or you will choose a more equipped model, which includes countless accessories to use in almost all stages of food preparation.

The best bowl mixer: recommendations

Taking into account the criteria described above and the opinions of buyers, we present below some models of bowl mixers that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. KitchenAid Artisan 4.8L bowl mixer

The Best Bowl Mixer 3 The unique design , the robust metal construction and the typical functions of a professional appliance turn this mixer into an indispensable element and perfectly integrated in any kitchen, always ready to execute the most difficult tasks .
Designed to offer superior performance and high durability, the Artisan® multifunctional mixer is the quietest appliance in its class, perfect for those who want high engine power , increased mixing capacity and great creative freedom , through the dozens of accessories available.

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2. Klarstein Bella Argentea 1200 W 5l bowl mixer

The Best Bowl Mixer 4 Klarstein Bella Morena is an amazing mixer that will work in your kitchen at a power of 1200 W.
The device allows you to use three types of attachments – kneading, mixing and foam.
6 gears – Removable lid on the vessel.
5.2 liter stainless steel bowl, max. 2 kg of dough.
Solid construction – constant power, electronically controlled rotations.

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3. Heinner Master Collection HPM-1500XMC Bowl Mixer, 1500 W, 5.5 l Bowl, 6 Speeds

The Best Bowl Mixer 5 The high power and the planetary mixing (which allows the mixer to reach all the angles of the bowl) guarantee you the obtaining of a perfectly homogeneous mixture in an extremely short time.
The cast aluminum body makes the HPM-1500XMC planetary mixer robust, durable and easy to maintain .
The kneading hook and cast aluminum blade are durable and easy to maintain.

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4. Star-Light SMM-1000W bowl mixer, 1000 W, 5 l stainless steel bowl, 6 Speeds, Pulse function

The Best Bowl Mixer 6 The high power of 1000W is another argument that confirms the fact that we are dealing with a premium, powerful device that will guarantee a homogeneous mixture in a very short time .
The intelligent motor detects harsh incredulities and increases power when needed. The Turbo button accelerates the degree of kneading to the maximum, recommended in the case of homogeneous dough.
The stainless steel bowl has a capacity of 5 liters .

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5. Mixer with bowl Zelmer ZHM1264M, 400 W, Metal bowl 3 l, 5 Speed + turbo

The Best Bowl Mixer 7 The attractive design of this mixer fits perfectly in any kitchen.
The metal bowl is detachable so it can be cleaned much easier.
More comfort thanks to the rubberized handle!

Power (W): 400 – Gears: 5 – Turbo button: Yes
Bowl capacity (l): 3 – Number of accessories: 5 – Kneading: Yes

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