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How do you choose the best bread machine for your home? What functions and features should the bread machine have to suit your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

The Best Bread Machine Bread is a staple food for the vast majority of people. They often estimate their budget by calculating how much bread they could buy with the money they have.

Being such a nutritious food source, it is not surprising that many people want to be able to prepare bread at home.

However, not everyone has the time to knead the dough, wait for it to bake, and then watch the bread in the oven to keep it from burning. For these people, a bread machine is the ideal solution.

If you are interested in purchasing such a product, find out in this article how you can choose the best bread machine.

Top 3 recommended bread machines

Why choose the best bread machine?

As we mentioned in the introduction, the process by which bread can be obtained at home can be quite complex and difficult. In the context of the fast pace of life for most people today, a device that does the job for you is welcome.

The Best Bread Machine 1 What is a bread machine? Well, it is a machine that is able to mix the ingredients to form the dough, leaven it and bake the bread, without you having to worry about these steps.

All you have to do to get a delicious bread is to add the right amount of ingredients to the machine.

Another advantage of a bread machine is that you can easily make delicious specialties . Most of the models available on the market come with many bread recipes, and not only, that you can enjoy with your family.

In order to benefit from all these advantages, however, it is necessary to buy the best bread machine .

How to choose the best bread machine

Although there are many options on the market, not all are the same. Some come with special features that raise their price, while others are made of stronger materials .

In order to make a good choice for you, you will need to consider how big the resulting bread will be. This way you will be able to appreciate how often you will use the device and what are the challenges you will be subjected to.

We discuss all the selection criteria for a bread machine in this shopping guide , which we urge you to read carefully.

Don't forget that at the end, we prepared a list of the best bread machines, now available on the market at the best quality / price ratio .

Types of bread machine

There are currently two types of bread machines on the market, classified according to the shape or orientation of the final product.

  • Vertical bread machine

These devices bake a loaf that is high . The shape is similar to that of a piece of brick, atypical shape for a conventional bread, which is round. Basically, the bread will be rectangular, the tray resembling one for cake.

These devices are affordable , take up less space, and the bread will come out fluffy, especially on the top. It works best when using special bread flour and dry yeast.

  • Horizontal bread machine

If you are a person who cares a lot about the appearance of bread , then a horizontal bread machine is the choice you should make. The bread baked in this appliance looks like the product you buy from your favorite bakery.

The difference between this and the model discussed above is the number of mixers . If a vertical bread machine has only one mixer, the horizontal one has two mixers .

Thus, they can knead and bake a bread even if the flour used is normal. It also works very well if you want to make gluten-free bread.

The dimensions of the bread machine

the best bread machine to buy Bread machines come in different sizes, both in terms of the size of the appliance, so the space it will occupy, and in terms of the baking tray.

What will particularly interest you is the capacity of the baking tray. This will allow you to approximate the size of the bread you can get this way.

Using a small bread machine you will be able to get a product of about 500 grams . Usually, this bread can be divided into 8 large slices .

The one with a medium size can bake a bread of up to 1 kg, from which you can get 16 slices of bread . The large ones can bake a 1.5 kg loaf and are recommended for very large families .

There are also variants with flexible baking capacity on the market . These devices allow you to bake bread of 500 g, 1 kg or 1.5 kg . They are a good option for those who want to always be ready for guests, but do not need a very large loaf for their own consumption. Of course, flexibility comes with a tailor-made price.

It is also important to keep in mind the size of your kitchen when choosing the bread machine you want. Decide if you will always place it in an exposed place, or if you will store it when it will not be used.

If you need to put it in a closet, do you have enough space for it? If you keep it on the kitchen counter, will you have room for other appliances or will it confuse you in cooking? If you have a small kitchen, choose a model that is as compact as possible.

Preparation time

How long does it take to bake a loaf of bread? This is one of the biggest concerns of a buyer. Nobody likes to wait too long, especially when they are very hungry.

Well, a baking cycle, including dough formation and leavening, can take an average of 3 to 4 hours . This duration may vary depending on the type of bread you are preparing or the program selected.

The best bread machines have a fast baking schedule , reduced to 58 minutes .

Material quality

The quality of the product is very important because it has a great impact on the quality of the bread you will prepare. Look for bread machines that are made of quality materials.

Pay special attention to the heating elements and the tray, which must be non-stick . These two elements are essential to get a tasty bread for years in a row.

Sometimes, if the tray is defective, oil leaks can occur which can damage the product. Check this component carefully, whether you buy the product online or from a physical store.

To ensure that the device is durable, choose one from a manufacturer that offers a warranty of at least one year.


The control panel of a good bread machine must be very easy to operate and interpret. The user must be able to change options, set a time interval or juggle programs without problems or too much hassle.

The Best Bread Machine 3 Each bread machine must be delivered with a clear instruction manual . It must be clear, concise and provide a description that is understandable to all users.

Speaking of control, if you are a curious chef, you can buy a bread machine with a window . This way you will be able to see how the machine works to prepare the dough.

If you notice that something is wrong, you can make adjustments. It is a good option to have such a window if you want to be on stage when the bread is ready, or if the recipe asks you to add ingredients along the way.

The control panel can vary from model to model, but it is important to look for an intuitive one. There is no point in buying a bread machine that looks great, but you can't easily learn how to control it. Remember that any aspect that makes your job difficult could cause you to stop using the device, even though you bought it to be used regularly.


Nobody wants a machine that makes too much noise for 3 hours how long it takes to get a loaf of bread.

If you want to make bread early in the morning or late at night, choose a bread machine that operates at the lowest possible noise level . You have to prepare with a bigger budget, because the quieter they are, the more they cost .

Kneading accessory

All bread machines must be equipped with a kneading pedal covered with a non-stick surface. This small pedal will, in most cases, remain stuck in the dough as it bakes, which means that you will have a small hole in the piece of bread as you take it out.

There are also bread machines that have such a foldable accessory , but the bottom surface of the bread will still not be uniform.

Be very careful with other users' reviews on this issue. Some kneading accessories are easier to separate from bread than others.

In the case of some models, it can remain tied to the bread and can make the hole bigger when you extract it.

What functions and accessories should the best bread machine have?

  • Cold wall

The best bread machine has a cold wall to protect the surface from overheating during the baking process.

Although the temperature of the outer wall rises, especially if it is made of stainless steel, its role is to take care of the internal components. When removing the tray to remove the bread, always use a glove or cloth for protection.

The best bread machine will make a sound to let you know that the baking process is complete and that the bread can be removed from the appliance.

Sometimes, this alarm button will signal you when the process reaches a new stage, for example when it passes from the kneading phase to the leavening phase. This function will be useful especially when you work something at home and you set the machine to make a loaf of bread.

  • appointment

The Best Bread Machine 4 You can place the ingredients in the machine, and schedule it to start mixing and preparing only when you want.

For example, you can set the machine to start making bread 3 hours before you wake up in the morning. That way you will have fresh bread every day.

  • More dough options

The best bread machine allows you to create other doughs, not just for bread. Thus, you can get dough for pasta, pizza or cakes.

  • Fast baking

The bread will be ready in 58 minutes, but it will use more electricity.

  • Preset baking cycles

These are programs adapted for different types of bread and dough. This way it will not be necessary for you to set the ideal duration for obtaining a perfect bread.

  • Microprocessor

A component present only in the best models. During the process, the machine takes the liberty of making small adjustments so that the bread always comes out very good.

  • Special compartment for nuts or yeast

When the device is equipped with this compartment, the device will add them to the composition automatically, which means that you will not be the one to decide what is the best time to add them.


It is important not to buy from a no-name company and to choose a bread machine that is produced by a brand with a good reputation. Thus, you will have the guarantee of a quality product.

The most appreciated brands on the Romanian market are: Tefal, Philips, Heinner, Gorenje, Star-Light, Russell Hobbs .


We recommend that you choose the best bread machine online . You will find here many variants from which you will be able to choose the one that will be to your taste and that will satisfy your needs.

Don't forget to check the opinion of other buyers, where it is valid. You may be protecting yourself from such an investment that you may regret.

Now that you have read all this information, you are ready to choose the best bread machine.

The best bread machine: recommendations

Analyzing the existing offer, taking into account the opinions of buyers and the above tips, we further recommend some models of home bread machines that offer excellent value for money.

1. Panasonic SD-2500WXE bread machine

The Best Bread Machine 5

10 ways for bread and pastries.
Gem and compote mode.
Shell Color Selection: Light, Medium, Dark.
Digital timers (up to 13 hours).
Bread tray with fluorescent diamond coating.
Kneading blade with fluorescent diamond coating.
Includes measuring spoon.

See details and price

2. Tefal Pain Doré PF210 bread machine

The Best Bread Machine 6 Pamper yourself with freshly baked bread whenever you want: just add the ingredients and schedule the appliance to start and you can have hot bread for breakfast or when you come home from the office!
With the 12 automatic programs you can prepare French bread, rye bread, wholemeal bread, sweet or gluten-free, muffins, cakes and even jam and porridge.
Intuitive control panel with all parameters easy to select from the screen for maximum comfort and simplicity of use.

See details and price

3. Klarstein Brotilda Family bread machine

The Best Bread Machine 7 Klarstein Brotilde is a multi-talented product made for bread, cakes, pizza, pasta dough and jam.
Thanks to its simple operation, you can manage different types of dough in a simple and self-explanatory way: simply add the ingredients and select the desired program.
It has a stainless steel housing and can be controlled by an illuminated LCD display.
With a total of 14 preset programs, it ensures a smooth, fully automatic baking process.

See details and price

4. Heinner HBM-690 W bread machine

The Best Bread Machine 8

The device is equipped with an LCD display, so that you are aware of the stage in which your preparation is, at any time you want.
From the ordinary bread recipe, to wholemeal bread, rye bread, sweet bread or French bread, the possibilities are limitless, and this is because the machine offers you 12 preparation programs.
The tub has a capacity of 750-900g, only good so you can prepare a delicious bread for the whole family.

See details and price

5. Star-Light MPD-800W bread machine

The Best Bread Machine 9 With the help of the Star-Light MPD-800W bread machine, healthy eating is at home.
The bread machine has 12 preset programs ready to use with which you can make from wholemeal bread , to varieties of cakes like at home.
With the help of the "browning" function you can set the browning degree according to your preferences.
The generous volume of 1134g will now allow a loaf of bread for the whole family.

See details and price

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