the best bread toaster to buy online

How do you choose the best toaster ? What do you need to know to buy a toaster with the best value for money ? Read on to find out.

The Best Toaster Nothing is more delicious in the morning than a slice of toast perfectly with butter and jam. Light and fast toast helps you for breakfast.

The best toaster helps you toast bread without worries. It will brown a baguette or heat your favorite homemade bread exactly the way you want it.

The best toaster for 2 or 4 slices will not only toast the bread well, but it will look great on your kitchen counter.

Like a sofa cushion or a decorative frame on the wall, a toaster can be the perfect appliance to add an artistic accent to your kitchen.

The best toaster: What to look for

Most toasters will do what you want them to do: toast . However, a toaster can serve several purposes. This can be an indispensable help for any chef, helping him to perfect any recipe that requires toast or croutons.

When looking for the best toaster, you need to consider all of its features: bread toasting features, dimensions and design, and the service and warranty offered by the manufacturer.


The Best Toaster 1 A perfect setting of the degree of frying can make the difference between a slice of browned bread as it should be and a burnt and inedible one. Look for a toaster that offers the widest possible range of browning power adjustment and especially a precise way of adjustment.

Some toasters only allow you 2 or 3 fixed power levels, without intermediate settings, which will not always be suitable for the bread you usually toast.

This can be frustrating because you will have to constantly monitor the frying process, which you did when you toasted bread on the stove or hob.

You need to consider the convenience of using your new toaster. Some toasters offer an automatic way of toasting bread without the need for your intervention.

Automatic toasters are programmed to provide a toasting cycle at the touch of a button or when it detects the insertion of a slice of bread.

Some toasters allow you to fry 4 or 6 slices at the same time. Others may allow you to toast larger pieces of bread such as buns or chopsticks.

The best toaster for you is the one that allows you to get toast exactly as you like.

Frying functions

The Best Toaster 2 A toaster may have the most advanced functions, but if they are not easy to use, it is still in vain. Most toasters have standard buttons: bun, heating, defrosting and canceling. However, some offer additional toasting functions that will help you a lot to get the perfect toast.

Look for frying functions that offer you the possibility to check the frying level in the middle of the cycle and adjust it according to the results.


For a modern toaster , the look in the kitchen is as important as its functionality. It will not be very satisfying to hide it in the closet every time you have guests because your toaster looks like you bought it from the market.

Also, you will not be very happy with your toaster if you burn yourself every time you accidentally touch it on the outside while trying to use its buttons.

The best toaster will add aesthetic value to any kitchen and will offer you perfect functions for use, cleaning and storage.

Warranty and service

The Best Toaster 3 For small appliances with intensive use, it is good to have a solid guarantee in case it breaks down. Most toasters give you a one-year warranty.

It would also be good to choose a reputable manufacturer that has an authorized service unit near your home town.

Some merchants offer, for a fee, an extended warranty for the device purchased. It would not be a bad idea to take advantage of such offers to stay calm for many years after purchasing the good.

Finally, the best toaster for you will give you toast every day exactly as you like. Choose a toaster according to your needs that can fry and include the bread, buns and pastries that you eat regularly.

Consider the frying and cleaning functions, as well as its appearance and dimensions so that you can enjoy a complete experience every day.

The best toaster: recommendations

Taking into account the criteria set out above, analyzing the current offer and the opinions of buyers, we have chosen for you some recommendations of toasters that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Cuisinart toaster with motorized lifting 4 slots

The Best Toaster 4

Cuisinart proves innovation again with the motorized lifting toaster !
The simple touch of a button automatically raises or lowers the slices of bread in the extra-wide slots of the toaster.
Easy-to-use motorized control and new LCD control panel with countdown function .
7 levels of browning.
Independent control for the 2 pairs of slots.
Function for buns , which heats the cut part more.

See details and price

2. Electrolux EAT7800 toaster

The Best Toaster Digital Vision Timer ™ – See how much is left until the toast is ready, even in seconds, on a large, easy-to-read screen.
The capacity of the two extra-wide slots has been designed to be able to cope with both thick slices of bread and thinly sliced buns.
This toaster comes with a crumb collection tray .
The foldable heating device allows you to heat pastries that do not fit in the toaster.
Power levels: 7 – Defrost function.

See details and price

3. Tefal Express TT3601 toaster

The Best Toaster 5

Practical toaster, with bun heating function and intelligent functions.
2 wide slots for easy insertion of bread slices.
Bun heating function for easy reheating of rollers and croissants.
Control heat from level 1 to level 7.
Defrost function – Practical tray for crumbs .
Reheating function for heating previously toast .

See details and price

4. Philips HD2586 / 20 toaster

The Best Toaster 6 Seven adjustable levels of browning control.
It is easy to clean thanks to the detachable crumb tray .
The outer wall of the toaster remains cold .
Lifting function for safe extraction of smaller pieces.
Centered slots with variable width for uniform browning of the bread.
Cancel button to turn off the device at any time.
Cable winding option for easy storage.

See details and price

5. Star-Light TS-800W toaster

The Best Toaster 7 Take control of the browning degree through the 7 control steps .
Depending on the degree of baking you want , you can decide at any time when to stop the frying process , using the Cancel button.
DeFrost and ReHeat functions – You can choose one of these functions, defrost or reheat to bring the slices of bread to the perfect stage, in a timely manner.
Easy extraction of bread slices .
Easy to clean with a crumb tray.
Control over operating time .

See details and price

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