The best breathalyzer alcohol detector to choose

How do you choose the best breathalyzer / breathalyzer? What functions and characteristics should the breathalyzer have according to your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

The Best Breathalyzer Alcohol Detector Working or driving under the influence of alcohol can always lead to serious consequences for you or those around you.

Fortunately, current legal regulations prohibit driving under the influence of alcohol as well as the fact that you show up at work drunk.

However, it can be difficult to determine if you drank too much to drive, or if your employees are really fit to work. In these situations it could be useful to hold a etilotest, a computer of the level of alcohol in the blood.

Because today anyone can legally buy such a device, we are ready to offer you some tips so that you can choose the best breathalyzer .

Why choose the best breathalyzer / breathalyzer?

A breathalyzer can be very practical to check your blood alcohol level , whether you want to use it to make sure it's not dangerous to get behind the wheel, or to check if the employees in the company you own they are fully capable of carrying out their work without distractions related to drunkenness.

You can give up the concept that only the police can own such a device. Although this public institution is the one that uses it most often, the computer for checking the blood alcohol level can be purchased by anyone .

How to choose the best breathalyzer / alcohol meter

The Best Breathalyzer Alcohol Detector 1 When you buy such a device, you want it to be of sufficient quality so that you never doubt the accuracy of the information it displays. We also know that you are interested in finding the best price on the market.

Choosing a quality product is not easy and requires time and energy. However, we set out to give you a shortcut and help you choose the best breathalyzer test that will fully meet your expectations.

We recommend that you carefully consult this shopping guide to find out what expectations you can have from this device, what are the criteria that differentiate a device that leaves much to be desired from the best breathalyzer test , as well as where to find the best quality / price ratio. market price .

To make a purchase that you will surely be happy with for years, consider the following important information:

Type of breathalyzer

Depending on the performance and the purpose for which they are to be used, there are three main types of breathalyzer: personal, professional and high-performance.

The best breathalyzer for personal use is a personal one. It costs less and is small in size to facilitate easy portability, so you can have it with you at any time.

It is the cheapest and due to the principle of operation which is minimal. It manages to calculate the blood alcohol level based on special oxide-based semiconductor sensors . However, this principle of operation will not guarantee a long service life .

The Best Breathalyzer Alcohol Detector 2 Personal appliances tend to break down faster and make errors faster . Their accuracy can be easily influenced by various factors. It can often show a higher blood alcohol level than the actual concentration in the body.

Also, in the case of people on a low-calorie diet , for example people with diabetes , the breathalyzer may not determine the actual blood alcohol level.

It is good to know that you can find them in different forms, and your choice will be influenced by the degree of portability you want. This way you can choose a conventional model, a model in the form of a keychain or with the possibility to attach it to a mobile device, such as a mobile phone .

  • professional

A variant that will calculate the percentage of blood alcohol level with much higher accuracy is the professional breathalyzer. These are the most suitable choice for companies , if the aim is to check employees, but also for the police , such a device is good enough to be used by such an institution.

It is able to ensure a much faster calibration , and can take samples from thousands of people without detecting errors. The principle of operation is also different than in the case of appliances for personal use.

It uses an electrode that reacts by oxidation when it detects the presence of alcohol. Due to this, the accuracy with which it will detect and display a real value is much higher . The service life of the device is also influenced by this principle, and of course it is longer .

  • high-performance

Another practical option for institutions is the high-performance blood alcohol tester or mass breathalyzer. An institution will decide whether to afford to invest in such a device because it is a slightly more expensive option.

However, the best breathalyzer is the one that manages to make estimates as close as possible to reality, and these devices can give you exactly this advantage. It works on the basis of an infrared sensor , which is why errors are very rare and the accuracy with which the information is displayed is reliable.

Calibration is faster and more durable , and the service life is also extended, this being the most reliable type of breathalyzer. But as I said before, expect a fairly high price.

Calibration of the breathalyzer test

Calibration is an operation that is performed after a certain number of uses. It is a mandatory procedure because, if omitted, the accuracy of the breathalyzer will no longer be reliable. What determines how often you will have to recalibrate is the type of breathalyzer.

The Best Breathalyzer Alcohol Detector 3 The better it performs, the less often you will have to worry about this aspect. In the case of devices for personal use , you will notice that you will need to recalibrate after about 400, 500 uses .

It is not an unsatisfactory frequency because during a year it is very unlikely to exhaust these values. In general, you will need to use the device a maximum of 300 times a year , even if you are not the only one who uses it.

In the case of professional models, recalibration is done once at 1000 uses , while for high-performance models, calibration at 2000 uses or even never is sufficient.

Of course, for companies or institutions such as the police, which have to do thousands of checks with a much higher frequency, a device that requires recalibration as rare as possible is desirable.

In general, professional models are portable, those that can be easily used in traffic, or that can be used to verify employees, ensuring an on-site and fast verification. If you want a more accurate check, however, it is necessary to use an infrared breathalyzer.

What features and functions should the best breathalyzer have?

  • Portability – in the case of personal and professional devices for on-site verification, portability or having a light and small device matters a lot.
  • Digital display – any breathalyzer must have a large enough digital display to clearly and quickly display the blood alcohol level.
  • Alarm signal – An audible alarm signal in audible or only displayed form will attract your attention when the blood alcohol level exceeds the legal limit.
  • Reading accuracy – the accuracy of the information in a certain period of time, preferably as short as possible. In the case of personal appliances it has a value between 0.00 and 2.00 g / L.
  • Warm-up time – the shorter the better. Depending on the performance of the device it varies between 10 and 100 seconds.
  • Test time – again it is good to be as short as possible to allow a safer reading. It should not exceed 10 seconds. This is because the breathalyzer test involves a continuous flow of air by the verified subject, and the faster the verification is done, the less effort you will require from the verified person, and it will not be necessary to repeat the test many times in case in which it is not able to maintain a uniform air flow for longer.

Conclusions and tips

Now that you have all the necessary information, you are ready to make the best purchase. We recommend that you look for such a defendant online . You have several options to choose from, you can more easily check the product description and you have the advantage of benefiting from a much lower price than in a traditional store.

You can also find reviews of former buyers online. In this way you can carefully check the opinion of those who have used it enough to give you an informed opinion. This way you will be able to form a complete image of the quality of a product and determine if it is an advantageous quality / price ratio , even before purchasing it, without involving other unnecessary risks.

The best breathalyzer: recommendations

Taking into account the above tips, analyzing the opinions of buyers and the existing offer, we further recommend some models of breathalyzers / breathalyzers that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. PNI AT8060 professional alcohol detector

The Best Breathalyzer Alcohol Detector 4 The PNI AT8060 alcohol detector is intended for professional use , successfully fulfilling the task of detecting traces of alcohol vapor in expired air .
The detector is equipped with a generous screen that displays information about the steps of the procedure, the test result or the battery status.
The detection sensor with which the detector is equipped is fast and state-of-the-art , has a short heating time, and a fast data processing.
The device is powered by 2 AA batteries .

See details and price

2. PNI AT6000 alcohol detector

The Best Breathalyzer Alcohol Detector 5 The PNI AT6000 alcohol detector is intended for personal use , successfully fulfilling the task of detecting traces of alcohol vapors in expired air.
The detector is equipped with a generously lit screen that displays information on procedure steps, test result or battery status.
The PNI AT6000 alcohol detector can be stored and transported without difficulty due to its small size and ergonomic shape.
The device is powered by 3 AA batteries .

See details and price

3. PNI AT128 alcohol detector

The Best Breathalyzer Alcohol Detector 6 A portable alcohol detector to detect the concentration of alcohol in the breathed air .
The PNI AT128 alcohol detector is intended for occasional use, for information purposes only .
3-digit LCD display with red LED.
The detection sensor with which the PNI AT128 is equipped is fast and state-of-the-art , has a short heating time, and a fast data processing.

See details and price

4. Clatronic AT 3605 alcohol detector

The Best Breathalyzer Alcohol Detector Alcohol detector with an attractive design.
Standby measurement function.
Two digital displays.
Time display – Optical warning at 0.2 ‰ and 0.5 ‰
Reverse counter function.
Alarm function.
Automatic shutdown function.

See details and price

5. Savety digital blood alcohol tester

The Best Breathalyzer Alcohol Detector 7

Digital blood alcohol tester, with a short measuring range and multiple functions .
Sensor based on semiconductor gas sensor technology .
Measuring range: 0.00% – 0.19% – BAC (0.0 – 1.9 g / l)
Low measurement time .
Audible warning – Automatic shutdown
Thermometer function , alarm, timer function.

See details and price