The best budget dual-sim phones to buy in 2021


The best budget  dual-sim phones to buy in 2021

The best dual-sim phone – Our recommendations for 2021

Do you want to be in two mobile networks at the same time, on the same device? Then choose a Dual-SIM smartphone according to your pocket and your needs, keeping an eye on the following information. We also tell you that theSamsung Galaxy A10 32 GB 4G Blue model is appreciated for its affordable price, which uses the nano card and has a large screen, 6.2 inches, in HD resolution, with Android 9 operating system and an octa-core processor accompanied by 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage space, where microSD cards can be added, with a 5 MP front camera and a 13 MP rear camera. An alternative loved by Romanians is Huawei Y7 2021 32 GB 4G Aurora Blue .

Comparative table

This option from a branded brand offers those who want an affordable option, capable of supporting two nano SIM cards, which uses the Android operating system, with a generous 6.2-inch screen and a basic technical conformation. , consisting of an octa-core processor and 2 GB of RAM.

Cameras are not a very attractive formula for most buyers, the HD resolution showing large pixels, given the length of the device.

It attracts the market segment made up of the brand’s fans, offering an attractive item in terms of price, which will satisfy those who need two card slots.

This variant has an octa-core processor and 3 GB of RAM, to run smoothly the Android 9 operating system and its applications, allowing the addition of a microSD memory card up to 1 TB, using a large battery , which lasts up to 3 days of normal use.

To check the calls and messages on each of the two cards that can be inserted, it is necessary to switch from one telephone network to another.

Considering the characteristics of the product, it is understandable why it is found in the current sales charts, representing an economical and sustainable choice for regular users.

The acquisition cost is the strong point of this device, being helped by not very weak technical characteristics, using the Android 9 operating platform and 3 GB of RAM, having the option to insert a microSD card if additional space is needed for the 32 GB use from the start.

The cameras will not be among the best performing at present, even young buyers being slightly dissatisfied with this aspect.

It is a compromise solution, which combines a relatively balanced construction with a very good acquisition cost for a smartphone, being appreciated by many Romanian buyers.

How to choose a good dual-sim phone

Buyer’s guide

People who want to work in two telecommunications networks at the same time must document themselves rigorously, finding out where to find dual sim phones at good prices. Why is such a device useful? – You can have two cards, one of which will be useful for business phones. Just as easily, when you travel, you can occupy a slot with a card to talk about in the host country, while also keeping the national one. Moreover, if you have switched from one network to another and prefer to have an active account in the old formula, a device with dual SIM will be ideal. Here are useful selection tips for that product category.

Phone type: Although we tend to consider that smartphones dominate the market, and this is a very real aspect, a certain part of users still prefer the classic models. If you do not want to stay on the phone all day, you need a charged battery for extended periods of time, and you only need access to the Internet at the office, then you can easily buy a mobile phone with a small keyboard and screen. This alternative is also preferred by those who feel more comfortable with real keys, instead of the touchscreen.

The best budget  dual-sim phones to buy in 2021

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