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  • 1 What is the best built-in oven?
  • 2 What you need to know
  • 3 How do you choose the best built-in oven?
  • 4 Other functions of built-in ovens
  • 5 Other selection criteria
  • 6 Best built-in oven: recommendations
    • 6.1 1. Bosch HBA554EB0 built-in oven, Electric, 71 l, Class A
    • 6.2 2. Built-in oven Whirlpool Absolute Gallery AKZM 8640 IX, Electric, 6th Sense, Multifunctional, 73 l
    • 6.3 3. Arctic AROIC21100H built-in oven, Electric, Hydrolytic system
    • 6.4 4. Hansa built-in oven BOEI69472, 10 Functions, Grill, Roaster, Class A
    • 6.5 5. Built-in oven GORENJE BO7732CLB, Class A, Volume 71 l, Grill

The Best Built In Oven How do you choose the best electric built-in oven for your kitchen? What functions and features should the built-in oven have according to your needs? We help you choose the perfect oven for you.

What is the best built-in oven?

Built-in kitchen ovens are those ovens that are embedded in the kitchen furniture. They are installed together with a kitchen hob to complete the cooking facilities. The main disadvantage of the oven / hob combination in your kitchen is the price.

A freestanding stove that includes the oven and burners is cheaper. Instead, the built-in oven and hob are more elegant and integrate much better with the kitchen design.

What you need to know

Most built-in ovens available on the market are electric, but many gas models are also available.

Electric ovens heat faster and more evenly than gas ovens. Gas ovens are usually hotter upstairs and colder downstairs, and if you want to get a uniform crust you have to move the dishes between the shelves during cooking. On the other hand, cooking with gas you have less chances to dry the dishes than those with electricity without convection. The Best Built In Oven 1

Most built-in ovens are 60 centimeters in size on one side, but there are also smaller models.

A top built-in oven costs between 3500 and 6500 lei. The more convenient models with prices between 1000 and 2000 lei are usually lower and do not have top facilities such as a high-performance self-cleaning or convection system.

Convection uses high-speed fans to circulate hot air, helping to cook dishes faster and more evenly.

Most built-in ovens have a 24-month warranty from the date of purchase. Some stores allow, for a fee, the warranty to be extended up to 48 months.

Before buying the desired oven, think about what you will cook more often. If you use the oven especially for baking and frying and you do not mind longer cooking times, you can not look at the convection facilities of the oven, thus making significant savings.

How do you choose the best built-in oven?

Below is a list of tips to consider before looking for the ideal oven:

The Best Built In Oven 2 Oven dimensions

This is extremely important especially if you want to replace an old model with a newer one and you have a specific cabinet size where it will be incorporated. Carefully examine the opening and space provided by the interior walls of the cabinet. You can find the exact dimensions of each oven model on the internet before you buy it.

Oven design

Although not a functional consideration, design is important to many of us. Remember that a more handsome and modern design costs more than usual. The stainless steel finish generally costs a few hundred lei more than the one with white paint and has the disadvantage of collecting fingerprints.

Self-cleaning functions

Self-cleaning is one of the most popular features of a built-in oven, but it does not always work properly. Many customers complain that their oven has broken down or burned their fuses when they tried to use self-cleaning. The main reason for return and service to built-in ovens is the malfunction of the self-cleaning system.

Number and positions of oven racks

The more options you have for placing the shelves, the more efficient you will be able to use the oven, managing to cook larger quantities or move the containers closer or further away from the heat source. We recommend choosing an oven with a minimum of 5 shelf positions.

Choose the oven with the heating elements covered

The covered heating elements make their cleaning much easier to perform, avoiding burning and hardening of grease splashes. Also, a self-cleaning coating (catalytic coating) helps a lot in cleaning the inside of the oven.

Carefully calculate your budget

At first glance, a built-in oven is in the price range of stoves. But don't forget that you also have to buy a built-in hob, which will considerably increase the purchase price.

Other functions of built-in ovens

When you look for the built-in oven according to your needs , you will notice that some models offer in addition to the basic functions and additional functions or features . They can help you in the baking process, but they will definitely add numbers to the final price.

The Best Built In Oven 3 Weigh carefully and choose the built-in oven that offers the functions you will use, instead of paying extra for certain manufacturers' marketing fireworks.

The following is a list of the most common auxiliary functions found in electric built-in ovens:

Fast preheating

A function that reduces the preheating time of the oven using a higher power until the desired temperature is reached. Reduces preheating time, but increases electricity consumption.


The fan works without heating or at a low temperature (30-40 ° Celsius) circulating the air inside to speed up the thawing of food. To prevent the growth of bacteria due to the wrong temperature, we recommend thawing food in the refrigerator or microwave.

Automatic cooking programs

Programs configured with cooking times and temperatures specific to certain dishes such as steak on the tray, certain cakes, bread and pizza.


A rotating support that allows you to cook certain foods in a specific way.

Steam cooking

This function can be of 3 types: ovens that offer only steam cooking, multifunctional ovens that offer a combination between traditional baking and steam cooking and / or ovens that offer humidity functions by adding steam to the normal baking process to keep the moisture of the dishes. .

Other selection criteria

Below is a list of other less important criteria in choosing the ideal built-in oven, but which can make it easier to use.

  • Check that the inner oven light bulb is easy to replace. Some models require the intervention of a technician to replace the inner bulb.
  • Shelves must have a safety locking system to prevent accidental slipping outside.
  • The telescopic arms help a lot to the stability of the oven shelves and ensure a smoother sliding of them.
  • The upper heating grate must be located as close as possible to the oven ceiling or have a protective shield to prevent accidental touching by hand.
  • The oven door should be light, easy to open and open in any position (without falling or slamming).
  • The oven door glass must allow a clear view inside it.

The best built-in oven: recommendations

Taking into account the advice of corn, the opinions of customers and analyzing the offer on the market, we have chosen for you some models of built-in ovens that we consider with a good quality / price ratio.

1. Bosch HBA554EB0 built-in oven, Electric, 71 l, Class A.

The Best Built In Oven 4 3D air convection: perfect results due to the optimal heat distribution up to 3 levels simultaneously.
2 retractable buttons: for easy cleaning of the front panel.
EcoClean Direct: almost effortless maintenance of the oven due to the self-cleaning system for the side and rear walls, with regeneration program.
GranitEnamel: interior very easy to clean due to smooth surfaces and the absence of sharp edges.

See details and price

2. Built-in oven Whirlpool Absolute Gallery AKZM 8640 IX, Electric, 6th Sense, Multifunctional, 73 l

The Best Built In Oven 5 Thanks to the 6th Feel Technology the oven can be set in 3 simple steps with the unique feature of the "rotate and confirm" button . You will fully enjoy the taste of creation in the kitchen by simply setting one of the 16 preset cooking functions.
With the cushioned door closing system – "Soft Closing" , there is even more peace in your kitchen.
With Ready2cook , a special system that always gives you perfect results, there is no need for pre-heating .

See details and price

3. Arctic AROIC21100H built-in oven, Electric, Hydrolytic system

The Best Built In Oven 6 An incorporable electric oven, made of stainless steel, with mechanical timer and hydrolytic cleaning system Aqua Drop Clean, which allows an easy and fast cleaning.
4 special cooking functions that simplify traditional cooking.
It offers a moderate consumption of electricity.
Internal volume 71 Liters – High capacity oven, for the simultaneous preparation of several recipes.
Arctic ovens are equipped with interior lighting to give you more control over your dishes.

See details and price

4. Hansa built-in oven BOEI69472, 10 Functions, Grill, Roaster, Class A.

The Best Built In Oven 7

Ts Programmer – Thanks to the sensor controls, the control panel is very easy to monitor and use.
The elegant and ergonomic retractable buttons allow you to keep the control panel clean, making the cleaning process easy and comfortable.
Electric roaster – A useful accessory for obtaining steaks with golden crispy crust, designed especially for cooking poultry.
Catalytic system whose replaceable and easy to assemble catalytic liners absorb grease and impurities.

See details and price

5. Built-in oven GORENJE BO7732CLB, Class A, Volume 71 l, Grill

The Best Built In Oven 8

Multi-functional oven – 71 l Increased baking area.
Maximum size of the cooking tray: 1,316 cm.
Detachable glass door surface.
HomeMade Plus oven shape.
Door closing type: GentleClose.
Oven lighting: Yes.
Multi-level cooking: Yes.

See details and price

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