The best built-in oven with self-cleaning pyrolytic

What is the best pyrolytic self-cleaning oven? What is and how does pyrolytic self-cleaning work in built-in electric ovens? Is such an oven worth the price difference? Read our article and choose informed.

What is pyrolytic self-cleaning?

The Best Built In Oven With Self Cleaning Pyrolytic Pyrolytic cleaning is the most complete self-cleaning system of modern ovens . Usually found in top models, pyrolysis is fast and does not involve any effort . It uses high temperatures to completely burn deposits of any kind inside a built-in oven. Practically, all the dirt in the oven is reduced to a fine ash that can be wiped in two movements with a soft cloth.

In addition, this is the cheapest method of cleaning the oven , because the cost of electricity used to heat the oven is much lower than the costs associated with cleaning solutions and the time lost when rubbing dirt deposits difficult to clean.

How does pyrolytic self-cleaning work?

Pyrolytic self-cleaning heats the oven to very high temperatures (400-500 degrees Celsius) which disintegrates the deposits of fat, dirt and burnt food and turns them into a fine ash that you can easily wipe. It is the easiest way to clean an oven.

The pyrolytic self-cleaning cycle can take quite a long time (up to a few hours), but it has the advantage that you can schedule it to start at any time and let it work overnight or day when you go to work, so you do not have to wait for completion cleaners to cook in the oven.

It is recommended to use the pyrolytic self-cleaning function twice a month. If you often use the oven for cooking, keep it as clean as possible between self-cleaning cycles using a damp cloth to wipe away food after each use.

You can see in the movie below how pyrolytic self-cleaning works :

Is the use of pyrolysis safe?

All pyrolytic self-cleaning ovens are equipped with safety functions such as self-locking the oven door opening and multi-layer doors that keep the outside temperature low . These functions prevent the little ones from accidentally opening the oven during operation, keeping the door locked until the temperature drops to a safe level.


  • The Best Built In Oven With Self Cleaning Pyrolytic 1 Efficient cleaning
  • Save time – start it and forget about it
  • Zero effort
  • Much better insulation of the oven means a cooler kitchen and a safer oven


  • For some oven models, you will need to remove everything from the oven, including the grills and side rails, but some top brands, such as Miele , only need to remove the tin trays before pyrolysis.
  • The cleaning function uses more electricity than normal cooking, because it needs to reach and maintain a high temperature, but do not forget that you do not use it daily.

How do you choose a good pyrolytic self-cleaning oven?

As with any built-in electric oven , to choose a quality oven with pyrolytic self-cleaning , you must take into account several criteria:

  • oven capacity and size – choose a built-in oven according to your needs with sufficient capacity, but not too big depending on what you know you will cook in it. Don’t forget the size of the chosen oven, it must fit in the space intended for it.
  • oven power – choose a powerful and quiet oven from a reliable manufacturer.
  • oven design – choose an oven with a design that matches your kitchen. It can be made of stainless steel, glass or painted in various colors. And its style (classic, rustic or modern) must match the line of your kitchen.
  • advanced oven functions – don’t forget the advanced functions: convection, cooking programs, ease of programming, fast heating, etc.

Pyrolytic self-cleaning ovens recommended

Taking into account the above tips, analyzing the existing offer and the opinions of the buyers, we further recommend some models of pyrolytic self-cleaning ovens that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Samsung NV75K5571RS / OL built-in oven, Pyrolytic self-cleaning

The Best Built In Oven With Self Cleaning Pyrolytic 2 Dual Cook + has a larger upper space, which gives you better cooking flexibility, and a lower space.
The telescopic shelf slides easily , almost effortlessly, even when using large vessels or heavy trays.
The temperature control function maintains an extremely precise temperature, with few fluctuations
The huge capacity of 75 liters gives you more flexibility in preparing the meal.
The pyrolysis self-cleaning system keeps the oven clean without the need for long friction.

See details and price

2. Built-in oven Whirlpool AKZM6520IX, 6th Sense, Pyrolytic self-cleaning

The Best Built In Oven With Self Cleaning Pyrolytic 3 The 6th sense monitors the energy absorbed by food (meat, fish and vegetables) and determines the temperature and cooking time required.
The 6th sense monitors changes, such as heat loss due to the oven door opening, and adjusts the temperature and cooking time accordingly . Optimal conditions are restored incredibly quickly.
The 6th sense monitors the food preparation process , providing constant feedback on the large , easy-to-use, touch-sensitive display . 6th Sense technology means that you no longer need to check periodically if the food is cooked perfectly.

See details and price

3. Bosch HBA63B251 built-in electric oven, multifunctional, grill

The Best Built In Oven With Self Cleaning Pyrolytic 4 Pyrolytic selfcleaning – The oven can be cleaned by pressing the button without any effort.
3D Plus hot air convection – Perfect results through optimal heat distribution up to 3 levels simultaneously.
Hotair Eco – Single level heating mode with minimum energy consumption.
XXL oven – With an increased volume of up to 60 liters, you can cook simultaneously on several levels, obtaining a uniform baking, due to the improved heat circulation, facilitated by the greater distance between the baking levels.

See details and price

4. Beko BIM32400XPS built-in oven, Multifunctional, 82 l, 14 Functions

The Best Built In Oven With Self Cleaning Pyrolytic 5

Pyrolytic selfcleaning – The function heats the oven for 120 minutes at 500 ° C, the temperature at which all residues are transformed into ash , without generating unpleasant odors. The ash residue will be removed by a simple wipe with a dry cloth , without the need for chemical cleaning agents.
For a lower degree of dirt, the short, eco-pyrolytic program of 90 minutes can be used, which ensures an energy saving of 25% compared to the regular program.

See details and price

5. Built-in oven Gorenje BOP637E20XG, Pyrolytic self-cleaning

The Best Built In Oven With Self Cleaning Pyrolytic 6 HomeMade shape – The food is heated evenly and in all directions, thus being perfectly prepared, crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.
Pyrolytic cleaning is the most efficient and advanced method for cleaning the oven. The high temperature of up to 500˚C leaves the oven perfectly clean, without any traces of grease.
The combination MultiFlow 360˚ with HomeMade shape helps to achieve the most demanding goals: the preparation of five trays with different dishes at once.

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