Photo Bags – Product Review and comparison in 2021

Anyone who owns a camera needs a bag to carry it, because it needs to be permanently protected. If you also have accessories with it, such as lenses, flashes, etc., you must look for a solution to know them all safely. Are you thinking of buying a bag for your device and the accessories you have? We have a list of popular variants on the online market. We know that you may be in a hurry and not have time to go through it (although it will be of real use to you), which is why we tell you that in the first place we placedA + CBL91 , a shoulder bag with detachable strap , which has three large compartments inside, but also smaller pockets. It closes with a zipper, is made of nylon and has sponge protections. It measures 220 x 190 x 110 mm and is black, with orange details. If what interests you is a backpack model, in 2nd place we have A + B35 .

Comparative table

It is a nylon bag, with sponge protections, which has a square shape that allows you to place objects as easily as possible. It is well compartmentalized, to organize everything as easily as possible, it is worn on the shoulder or in the hand, it closes with a zipper and it is compatible with DSLR type devices.

It will be helpful only to those who have small devices and do not have too large lenses, because they measure only 220 x 190 x 110 mm.

It is a waterproof and well-made bag, compartmentalized in a useful way and suitable for people who have smaller cameras.

Being a backpack type, it is comfortable to wear even when you have to carry the camera and lenses over a longer distance. It is very well compartmentalized, so that you can organize yourself and quickly find what you need and it has a sponge for protection on the inside.

Given that the backpack is made of textile on the outside, some stains can be more difficult to remove and must be cleaned as soon as possible.

Turn your attention to this article, if you want to carry your camera in a way that is as simple and comfortable as possible.

The way this bag is made makes it safe for indoor devices – square, protection on all sides, but also comfortable – adjustable strap, handle, pockets that allow good organization. On the outside it is black, and on the inside gray, to easily see everything you put in it.

It is not roomy enough to hold a large lens, as it measures 20.3 x 14.6 x 16.2 cm.

Carry your camera and accessories for it in a quality bag, like this one, to help you know exactly where you have things.

In-depth reviews about the best photo bags

We have put together the most popular variants of products of this kind in the online environment and we will continue to talk about them, about the reasons that should make you or not to buy them.

DSLR photo bag

A + CBL91

the best camera bag in  2021 This photo bag, cheap and good, is compatible with a lot of DSLR cameras, but it has quite small dimensions – 220 x 190 x 110 mm. It is black and is worn on the shoulder, with a strap, but the latter is detachable, in case you prefer to carry it in your hand.

This photo bag, DSLR, is well compartmentalized, with three larger spaces where you can keep even the accessories you may need, but also smaller pockets. It is made of nylon, a material that does not allow water to pass and is lined with sponge, to better protect the objects inside.

It is black and closes with a zipper. The lining is orange, so you can easily find the items you need.



HPRC 2600C

the best camera bag in  2021 If you have professional equipment that you have given a lot of money to, you definitely need to invest in the best photo bag. Have you seen this variant? It is a product that will protect what you have inside at the highest level, but for that it is necessary to make cuts in the sponge at the base to perfectly introduce the things that interest you.

This DSLR photo bag is made of stainless steel and will withstand the harshest conditions (shocks, falls, chemicals, water, dust, etc.). It has dimensions of 55 x 42 x 21.5 cm and inside it measures 48 x 36 x 19.8 cm.

This is a rather difficult option, weighing 4.5 kg. It has a carrying handle and is black. It closes with the help of two hard plastic latches, for the safety of the objects inside.



Backpack photo bag

A + B35

the best camera bag in  2021 Many of those who are looking for cheap and good photo bags, prefer the backpack type options, as is the product now under discussion. You can use it in a comfortable way when you have a lot to travel, with thick, sponge, adjustable straps.

The partitioning is done in a very useful way and you have four separate spaces inside and four more outside (2 with zipper, 2 in canvas). You will also find protective sponges on all sides, and the textile material from which the product is made will help you not to sweat during long-term use.

The dimensions are 300 x 240 x 120 mm, the closure is made with the help of the zipper and the color is black.



Vanguard Adapter 41

the best camera bag in  2021 This choice is a suitable one for people who want to buy a roomy backpack, in which to carry equipment and accessories. It is large enough to take with you the camera, lenses, cables, batteries and even tripods, with dimensions of 230 x 410 x 200 mm on the outside and 200 x 200 x 140 mm on the inside.

This model is made of polyester and is very durable. It can be worn on both shoulders or can be held in only one, being comfortable in both cases. You have a lot of pockets both inside and outside, they close with a zipper so as not to accidentally drop things.

The black color of this article makes it practical and not to notice so quickly all the marks left on it.



Lowepro bag

Lowepro Adventura SH 160 II

the best camera bag in  2021 The way this photo bag is built, Lowepro, makes it safe for your devices, because it is in the shape of a box, with protection on all sides. It allows you to organize very well everything you put in it, because it has a large compartment with three dividers and many pockets.

This bag is carried on the shoulder, but it also has a handle if you want to carry it in your hand. The strap is detachable and adjustable. It is black on the outside and the inside is dark gray.

This product is made of polyester, being durable and quite easy to clean. It has interior dimensions of 20.3 x 14.6 x 16.2 cm and exterior dimensions of 23.5 x 15.6 x 18.2 cm.



Lowepro Tahoe BP 150

the best camera bag in  2021 This photo bag, Lowepro, is a backpack type, suitable for those who want to carry their equipment in the back, without too much effort. It’s a good option for when I often change the places where you pose, when I go to the mountains and so on.

This item is made of waterproof materials, so as to protect in case of rain, snow. The lid opens completely, revealing a large compartment with dividers and inside pockets. You will have storage spaces both outside and on the sides.

The backpack is black and has the following dimensions: 255 x 360 128 mm – inside and 275 x 403 x 217 mm – outside.




Canon photo bag

Canon SB100

the best camera bag in  2021 We recommend this photo bag, Canon, if you have a smaller camera and smaller lenses, because it measures 23 x 13 x 17 cm. It has a large compartment with a separator on the inside, but also a smaller pocket.

This bag is worn on the shoulder, with a detachable strap, which can be adjusted, but does not have a handle. It closes with a zipper, but also with two staples. It is black on the inside, but also on the outside.

The shape of this bag is a square one, and the sides protect the objects inside well. It is made of polyester, a durable material with a pleasant appearance.




Canon DCCCP2

the best camera bag in  2021 Canon DCCCP2 is a photo bag, at a good price, which is easy and comfortable to wear on the shoulder, with an adjustable bathtub, which you can adjust as you see fit. At certain moments, if you want, you can carry it in your hand, because it has a handle. The strap is not detachable.

This photo bag, Canon, has a generous compartment inside, divided into three, but also a larger pocket on the lid. On the outside, it has a space that closes with a zipper, like a bag, by the way.

This article is gray with black details. The dimensions are 28 x 31 x 12 cm. The textile material on the outside is harder to clean from certain stains, which is why you have to be careful.




Sony photo bag


the best camera bag in  2021 Sony has some of the best photo bags, which is why we think this might be a good choice for you if you are looking for a model that you can easily carry on your shoulder. It comes with a strap that can be adjusted when it comes to length, but it is not detachable.

LCS-PSC7 is a Sony photo bag made of durable, black polyester. In case the weather outside is not very good and you want to protect the objects inside from rain or snow, you will also receive a cover.

The main compartment of the bag is divided into three, to organize well what you want to keep and there are additional pockets, both inside and outside. It closes with a zipper and has dimensions of 410 x 250 x 170 mm.




Sony LCS-U11

the best camera bag in  2021 If you want a photo bag, at a good price, turn your attention to this product, if what you are looking for is a small version, to keep a video or photo camera. It has quite small sizes, measuring only 170 x 130 x 100 mm.

This photo bag, Sony, is equipped with a large compartment in the middle, but it also has a smaller pocket, if you intend to keep smaller things (battery, memory card, etc.). It is a shoulder model and you can wear it with an adjustable strap.

The pockets are closed with a zipper and a lid is pulled over them, which is fastened with a push lock system made of plastic. The bag is made of neoprene, being durable and with a pleasant appearance.



Photo bags Buying guide

When you invest in a quality camera, you will clearly also want to protect it properly, so that you always know it is safe, especially when you carry it, a common situation for photographers.

To make sure that everything is fine and your device, but also the accessories are in the best condition, you need a photo bag. There are many models available on the online market, and we want to tell you what selection criteria to follow when choosing them:

Type : We use the term “photo bag” generically, but these items can be found in several variants:

the best camera bag in  2021

The bag – a very popular choice. It is worn on the shoulder or in the hand and most of the time it has a square shape, so that what you insert inside will fit as well as possible and everything you keep in it will be easily visible when lifting the lid.

Often square bags have walls with protection, so you can be as relaxed as possible while carrying the camera or leaving it where you can during photo shoots.

Classic bags are not highly recommended, especially if they do not have any protection. They are more to facilitate transportation.

Backpack – such products are preferred because they are very easy to take anywhere. The photographer puts his backpack and hands behind him and can take care of other things he needs. At the same time, these variants also provide generous spaces and are well compartmentalized.

Troller – is the choice of professional photographers, who have a lot of equipment that they always take with them, from various cameras, to lenses of different sizes and so on. Such products offer a large storage / transport space, protection and ease of handling.

Bag – if you want your device to be protected from dust when you don’t use it and you are very careful with it and you don’t think it needs a bag to keep it safe when it comes to shocks, then you can also choose or purse. Make sure they are the right size, as these items are usually quite small.

Dimensions : This data is very important to know if you are buying something big enough for what you need. Even if you like a certain bag and it has everything you need, if it doesn’t have the right dimensions, you will buy it unnecessarily.

We can’t tell you what the ideal sizes are, because that depends on what you want to carry. And be careful if you want to have room in it for lenses or other accessories, so that it is roomy enough.

Compartmentation : Since we want to help you form opinions about the best photo bags, we can’t help but talk about compartmentalization. The more pockets you have, the better, because you will be able to place everything in such a way that you always have at hand what you need.

the best camera bag in  2021

It is very important to have a main compartment for the device you have, but also smaller spaces to keep the spare battery, charger, etc.

There are also larger bags, such as backpacks, which also have pockets on the outside where you can keep a bottle of water or other such objects.

Materials : There are a lot of variants from this point of view, but we will talk about the most popular:

Leather – this can be natural or synthetic, depending on your budget and of course your preferences. If you want something of superior quality, which will last you a long time, you can opt for a natural leather photo bag, but if you are against the use of animals for such purposes and want a model with perfect finishes, then you can choose the ecological version.

Textile – this material has the advantage that it can have a lot of colors and prints, it can be washed many times in the automatic machine, but do not expect it to protect your camera too much if it does not have protections from various other materials (foam, sponge).

Polyester – many bags are made of this material because it is durable, insulates very well and does not allow water to penetrate inside, in the event that you have to transport the device in bad weather.

ABS – we find it especially in trolleys, because it is hard and resistant and protects very well. However, you must be careful with it, because if you subject it to a very strong mechanical shock, it can break. ABS is very easy to clean, it does not damage things inside in case it rains, snows, etc. outside. and can have a lot of colors.

How to close : To know your things safely and to make sure that the bag does not open accidentally, you must take care of this detail. Here is what we recommend:

the best camera bag in  2021

The zipper – once closed, what you have inside is safe, in the sense that the chances of it opening on its own are small. It is easy to handle when you need it, but it can wear out quite quickly if you are not careful or ask for the bag more than normal.

Digit / key – in addition to the fact that such a system does not allow accidental opening, it also protects you from malicious people, because not everyone can walk in your bag and see what you have there.

These are the features you need to follow if you want to buy photo bags, at good prices. You can also make the purchase online, if you don’t want to waste good hours in stores and you want to find the best offers.

Frequent questions

What photo bag do I use for hiking and mountain trips?

If you need to take your camera with you to the mountains, the easiest thing would be to do this with a backpack, because it is more comfortable to carry in the back and it is roomy, so you can take other things with you. things you need (a bottle of water, some food, etc.), especially if you want to go on a longer hike.

the best camera bag in  2021

What is the most comfortable photo bag model?

For some people, the simplest is to use a photo bag made of leather, textile or other materials, which is worn on the shoulder, for others more comfortable are the backpack type, which are carried on the back. There are also people who need trolleys, bags or other such variants.

We cannot say exactly what is more comfortable, because this depends on the preferences of each person.

the best camera bag in  2021

How do I organize my camera, accessories and parts in a photo bag when I travel?

In order to be as simple as possible to organize such products, you need a photo bag that allows you to do this. Choose one that has as many compartments as possible, so that everything has its place.

How to maintain and clean the photo bag

Many times you will have to leave the bag with the device in various places (on the grass, on a sidewalk, on a bench in the park, etc.) that are not very clean, at which point you will notice that all kinds of stains appear. If you want this accessory to always look good, it is important to maintain and clean it properly.

the best camera bag in  2021

Maintenance is done primarily with care. If you don’t want to have too many hassles with removing stains, always keep a cloth in the bag, which you can place on the surface where you want to leave the bag and thus do not put it directly in dirty places.

If it is difficult to do this, it is important to deal immediately with any stains that appear. Keep a pack of wet wipes with you whenever you need them.

Even if you are always careful and your bag is clean, you still have to pay regular attention to it and do a general sanitization. This is done depending on the material from which it is made, but, as a rule, all can be washed well with water and special cleaning detergents. More sensitive are the leather models, which need special solutions.

the best camera bag in  2021

Make it a habit to periodically clean your bag, at certain intervals, so as not to let the less visible dirt accumulate and finally be harder to remove. Then let it dry very well and then you can use it with confidence to protect your camera and accessories.

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