The best camera with thermal vision for temperature check

Cameras with thermal vision lenses – Product Review and comparison in 2021

Thermal vision cameras can be of real use in all kinds of situations, from those in which you look for your pet in the yard, to those in which rescuers deal with the recovery of missing persons. In order to make it easier for you to find such a device online, we have compiled a list of the most appreciated articles. In the first place we placedPulsar Core FXQ55 BW , a model for professionals, which offers images at a very good quality, of 384 x 288 pixels, with an operating distance of up to 1,800 meters and operation at temperatures between -25 and 50 degrees Celsius. If you are not looking for a high-performance item, but a conventional one, we recommend the second place product, Seek Thermal Android .

Comparative table

It is a model that can successfully cope even in more difficult actions, such as tactical operations, military, search for professional rescuers, etc., because it is able to capture clear images at long distances and operate at very low temperatures (-25 degrees Celsius), but also very high (50 degrees Celsius).

It requires the allocation of a more generous budget, being the most expensive product from the list presented by us, so it is accessible to those who are well off financially.

Invest in this device only if you need it to use it in a professional environment, where such good features are needed.

This camera can be easily used by people who own a smartphone with Android 4.3 or newer and the USB On-The-Go interface, being easy to connect through an application. It offers clear enough images for classic users, with a resolution of 206 x 156 pixels, with a maximum operating distance of 300 meters.

It does not have its own display, but must be attached to a smartphone to allow playback of scanned images, using an application.

If you want to always have a thermal vision lenses at hand, for all kinds of situations that can occur in everyday life, we recommend this model.

This camera will easily satisfy the demands of all hunters who want to monitor and capture their prey in a simple and fast way. It offers clear images, through a resolution of 384 x 288 pixels, operating distance that can reach up to 1,800 meters and multiple useful functions.

Information about the accuracy with which this thermal vision lenses works is missing from the online environment, which for some could be important.

If you are a professional or amateur hunter and you want to invest in a truly high-performance device, consider this purchase.

In-depth reviews about the best  cameras with thermal vision lenses

Next, we will present you some models of devices of this kind. They can be purchased from online stores and can often be found at discounted prices.

Press Core FXQ55 BW

The best camera with thermal vision for temperature check This is the right option for you if you want to buy the best thermal vision camera. It allows you to capture very clear images, even when the distance between it and the target is greater, because it has a resolution of 384 x 288 pixels. It is a professional model, which will be helpful in hunting, search missions, tactical operations, etc.

This device operates at distances that can even reach up to 1,800 meters, if what you want to detect has more generous dimensions (for example, an animal 1.7 meters high). The temperature at which it works is between -25 and 50 degrees Celsius, being therefore resistant to frost and heat. It does not specify exactly the accuracy with which it works, but only the fact that it fits well in this regard.

This camera has an ergonomic shape, is equipped with a display, is water resistant and has three ways to calibrate the image. It even has a remote control, which allows adjustments, without having to use the buttons. The dimensions are 310 x 71 x 67 mm, and the weight is 650 g. Unlike other products on our list, it has a much higher purchase price.


Android thermal vision camera:

Seek Thermal Android

The best camera with thermal vision for temperature check We are now discussing a thermal vision camera for Android, which is very easy to attach to the mobile phone and is compatible with the device if it has an Android 4.3 or higher operating system and a USB On-The-Go interface. The resolution it offers is a decent one, of 206 x 156 pixels, which provides a range of no more than 300 meters. It can be used successfully in situations in the following fields: hunting, safety and security, electrical engineering, fishing and household activities.

This thermal vision  camera, at a good price, detects minimum temperatures of -40 degrees Celsius and maximum temperatures of 330 degrees Celsius. The accuracy of this device is not specified, so we cannot give such details.

The dimensions of this product are very small, only 44.5 x 25.5 x 20 mm, and weigh 14 grams. It works with the Seek Thermal App, which can be downloaded from Google Play.


Hunting thermal vision camera:

Press Helion XQ50F

The best camera with thermal vision for temperature check If you are interested in a thermal vision camera for hunting, we recommend this model. It is an acquisition that will surprise you with a good resolution, 384 x 288 pixels, which allows the clearest possible location of the target even when we are talking about very long distances, such as 1,800 meters. It does not specify the accuracy with which it works. It has a display with a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, on which the captured image will be displayed.

The temperature at which it works optimally can be between -25 and 50 degrees Celsius, so you will be able to do hunting sessions in any season. The camera has a powerful battery, which offers a range of up to 8 hours and also allows photo capture or video recording.

This is for many one of the best thermal vision cameras, it also has key features such as: Wi-Fi, 8 GB internal memory, moisture resistance, heavy rain, snow and diving (1 meter, maximum 30 minutes), closing the screen in case you don’t want to be too visible, friendly interface and 8 color palettes. The dimensions are 235 x 55 x 58 mm and the weight is 500 grams.


Telephone thermal vision lenses:


The best camera with thermal vision for temperature check Do you want to always have at hand a camera with thermal vision, cheap and good, which you can use in your home in various situations that require measuring the temperature of objects, surfaces or beings? With the help of this model you will easily find the heat loss in your house, the pet if it got lost, faults in the underfloor heating system, etc.

This device is attached to the mobile phone, inserted in the USB Type C port and is used with the help of the Thermal Viewer application, which is compatible with Android operating systems. It measures temperatures between -20 and 300 degrees Celsius, but operates at external temperatures of 0-35 degrees Celsius, providing an accuracy of ± 5%.

The resolution he is working on is quite small, 32 x 32 pixels, and the operating distance is at most 7 meters. The dimensions of the device are 59.4 x 30.3 x 12 mm, and the weight is only 20 grams.


Infrared thermal vision camera lenses:

Seek Reveal

The best camera with thermal vision for temperature check The device now brought to your attention is a camera with thermal vision (infrared), which will help you detect problems, obstacles that may occur in areas such as: electricity, navigation, hunting, camping, security or even unwanted people / animals that approach your home.

It will present you images with a decent resolution, of 206 x 156 pixels, captured from a maximum distance of 150 meters. What it detects can have temperatures between -40 and 330 degrees Celsius. This product has its own display and buttons that contribute to a simple and fast operation. In addition, it is equipped with a flashlight, in case you need it.

The present infrared camera (thermal vision) has small dimensions, which allows you to always take it with you and hold it comfortably in your hand. It has dimensions of about 13 x 6 x 3 cm and a weight of about 180 grams. To save images, it provides you with an SD card holder that can have a capacity of up to 512 MB.


Seek Thermal RT-ACAX

The best camera with thermal vision for temperature check Seek Thermal RT-ACAX is a thermal vision lenses, at a good price, which will help you easily identify areas where temperature differences are felt in the range of -40-330 degrees Celsius. It is not a device with a very high resolution (206 x 156 pixels), but it is suitable for classic users who want to use it for hunting, camping, in various household activities, etc.

This camera offers a visual distance of 275 meters and shows the scanned images on its own 2.4-inch display. If you want, you can save images for export to external devices, with a MicroSD slot, which should normally be included in the purchase package.

This item has a battery that allows a range of up to 10 hours, is equipped with a flashlight and has small dimensions – 127 x 60 x 30 mm, to be easy to use with one hand. You weigh 177 grams.


Pulsar thermal vision lenses:

Press Axion XM30

The best camera with thermal vision for temperature check This product is a Pulsar thermal vision camera, which costs more than the vast majority of the items presented by us in this list, but it is worth the money, because it is a device that can cope successfully in professional environments, not just home. Captures images at a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels and renders them on a screen of 1024 x 768 pixels. It has a magnification of 4-16x and can detect targeted targets up to a distance of 1,200 meters, even if it is dark outside.

The operating temperature of this camera is -25-40 degrees Celsius, and the accuracy is very good (but its exact value is not specified). If you are interested in the dimensions, they are 143 x 41 x 69 mm and weigh 250 grams. It is simple and comfortable to hold in your hand and allows the recording of images and pictures, all being saved on the internal memory of 16 GB.

This thermal vision camera is water resistant, it is made of the best quality materials, it has useful functions such as PIP and Wi-Fi, the latter making possible actions such as: streaming, downloading, sharing, recording, etc.


Buying guide

When we look at an object or a being that emits heat, the human eye is not able to see this naturally, which is why, if such details are needed, it is necessary to use a special camera to detect the emitted temperature.

Such a device works with the help of infrared radiation. These rays detect heat and display a thermogram that can interpret the temperature. On this, the high values will have warm colors such as yellow, orange and red, and the lower colder shades, such as green and blue. These results can be displayed on the device display or on a smartphone screen.

The best camera with thermal vision for temperature check

These items can be used in various fields, including hunting, military operations, security, construction or electricity.

If you want to buy thermal vision lenses, at good prices, for the most affordable and correct costs, you must take into account a series of selection criteria, which we will present below:

Resolution: This first detail we are talking about is important because the accuracy with which the images are obtained depends on it. The higher this value, the clearer the results will be when it comes to a slightly more generous distance.

Keep in mind that this feature is not chosen in the same way as for cameras, for example. She is much smaller. It is also rendered in pixels, and a value of 320 x 240 is good enough for more difficult operations, where high accuracy is required.

If you are an amateur and you need such a device to observe when wild animals are approaching, what energy losses exist in the house or other less complicated types of actions, then a resolution of 160 x 120 pixels is fine, e.g.

Temperature: When it comes to choosing the temperature range that certain thermal vision  lenses can detect, cheap and good or expensive and high quality, think carefully about what you will use them for. You must know that very high values require appropriate investments.

If it is an industrial environment, where there are cases that require operation on enormously high values, even 1,200 degrees Celsius, then you will have to pay more and it is worth doing so. But, if we talk about conventional ways of use, a device that recognizes values between -40 and 50 degrees Celsius will be enough.

Sometimes, the specifications mention the temperature at which the device can operate, not about the detected one or vice versa.

The best camera with thermal vision for temperature check

Operating distance : Keep in mind that you pay more for a more generous distance. If you want to monitor only the yard, to check what heat loss you have in the house, to find your pet when hiding in the yard or other such actions, then 300-500 meters will be enough.

But if you need such devices for hunting, search mission, etc., go for options that allow at least 1,000 meters.

Accuracy: When you want to buy such a device, you definitely want it to provide the most accurate results, to reproduce the temperature as accurately as possible. Well, keep in mind that truly high-quality devices come with an accuracy of up to ± 2%.

Key features : There are a number of functions and features that will help you use a thermal vision lenses in a simple, intuitive way, but which also contributes to better clarity, high precision. Here are these:

Auto-focus – will automatically focus on the scanned objects, so that everything is well delimited without the need to manually make all kinds of settings.

MSX – contributes to the display of clear and precise images, this being visible especially in the thermogram.

PIP (Picture in Picture) mode – will show on the screen intended to view both the image observed with the help of infrared rays and the normal one.

The ability to scan several types of values – recommended when you are not only interested in temperature, but also electricity, humidity, etc.

Wi-Fi – a feature that will help you send everything instantly to the desired device.

Laser / flashlight – features that will improve the way in which the analyzed objects are delimited and highlighted.

Water resistance– helps to use the equipment even in situations where it acts in harsher conditions and needs to be unaffected by liquids.

The best camera with thermal vision for temperature check

Dimensions : A thermal vision camera is also chosen depending on the dimensions it has. If you know that you will use it for a long time, see that it has sizes that allow a light grip in the hand, so that you do not feel uncomfortable, but also have a low weight, which does not quickly tire your arm.

Now that you have found out these details, it will be easier for you to form a series of opinions about the best thermal vision cameras. If you want to have a wide range of products, to study as many prices as possible and to save time with your searches, consider the option of an online purchase.

Frequent questions

How much would a used thermal vision camera cost? Is it worth the investment?

If you want to buy a cheap thermal vision camera, a good option would be to opt for a second-hand product, because, for us, such devices can be quite expensive, especially when it comes to the professional ones, used in industry or hunting. Many models can even exceed the amount of 10,000 lei.

The best camera with thermal vision for temperature check

When you need an item to use in a conventional way, you can find new variants, at prices of up to 1,500 lei. But, if you want something much more efficient, you can get a good price by opting for second-hand products.

If you decide to buy an second hand camera, check the purchase site very well. Make sure you get it from a trusted seller.

How expensive will a Pulsar thermal vision camera be and why?

When you want to get in possession of a product that belongs to this brand, you will have to have a generous budget. Why? Because in this case, we are talking about thermal vision camera designed and made to help real professionals.

They have very good resolution, operate over very long distances, at very high temperatures and have multiple useful functions that make them highly appreciated by military forces, special forces, tactical units, rescuers looking for people, etc.

The products of this brand are very expensive, the prices varying between approximately 6,500 and 25,500 lei.

Can I use a thermal vision camera on my smartphone or tablet? How?

Yes, there are devices of this kind that can be connected to a smartphone or tablet. They need to be compatible with various versions of the operating system and have an interface that allows the connection.

When it is used, with the help of an application, the screen will show you exactly what happens when you scan various objects that are of interest to you. These variants are affordable from a financial point of view, but not as efficient as those that have a stand-alone display.

The best camera with thermal vision for temperature check

What are the main functions of a thermal vision camera?

These devices can have a lot of useful functions . But we will talk a little about the most important: MSX (improves the rendered images so that they are more focused, clearer and more precise), PIP mode (it will show you both the infrared scanned image and the normal one), voice recording for cases where you do not want to lose important details that you do not have time to write down), flashlight (improves the way you delimit / highlight the target), water resistance (to be useful even in more difficult conditions), Wi- Fi (will make it possible to instantly transmit scenes captured by the device), UltraMax (improves the resolution of the detected image), auto-focus (contributes to the rapid focus of the target, without the need for manual settings) etc.

It is not a rule that these functions are present on all models, but you will find the ones that really perform. If you want to be able to enjoy as many of them as possible, prepare a realistic budget, which will allow you to purchase a truly high-quality version.

Some utilities that a thermal vision camera can have on your phone

There are many people who opt for a thermal vision camera, Android, which connects to the smartphone through the charging port and which with the help of an application can play back images that emit various temperatures. These variants are the most affordable from a financial point of view and are suitable for conventional use.

If you are wondering what you can use it for, we will tell you in the following.

The best camera with thermal vision for temperature check

Such a videocamera is very useful in any home. With its help you can check to seewhere there are energy losses, where condensation can form or if there are problems with underfloor heating .

At the same time, such a device will be of real use in thefield of construction , because it contributes to establishing areas where heat loss occurs, where infiltrations can form or what inconveniences are on the roof.

There are also cases less known to you, in which people can successfully use such equipmenton their smartphone: on the wind, when you want to check the ground and you do not need very long operating distances, fishing, if you want to see the presence of objects or creatures nearby or when walking with the tent, to protect yourself from wild animals.

The best camera with thermal vision for temperature check

One last example we want to give is a fairly simple one, which you can meet every day, when you havepets or pets around the house. Such a device will help you find them at night , in case you encounter problems.

These are some of the most common situations in which a camera with thermal vision, attached to a smartphone can be useful. Before purchasing it, check its compatibility with the phone’s interface, but also with the operating system.

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