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How do you choose the best car air heater? What functions and features should the car air heater have according to your needs? Read our guide and choose informed.

The Best Car Air Heater The cold season is coming to an end and you may find that you need a car air heater for your car.

Equipping the car for the winter is the main goal of drivers during this period, but in addition to special gels, tires and chains, it would be good to equip your car with a car air heater.

An icy windshield can make you waste precious time on yourself, be late for work, or take your kids to school late. Most car owners have faced these situations at least once during the winter.

Top 3 recommended car air heaters

Why choose the best car air heater?

Only those who drive know how unpleasant the frosty mornings are when you have to wait for minutes for the windows to thaw and the car to warm up.

If you are one of them, find out that a car air heater would be very helpful. The car will heat up immediately, the condensation will disappear, and you will be ready to go in a pleasant atmosphere in just a few moments.

In addition, the car air heater has multiple uses, successfully replacing the air conditioning system if it is temporarily defective, so you can use it in both winter and summer.

In addition, even with the air conditioning running, it is sometimes difficult to keep the heat out of the car on hot summer days, so it would be a good help.

How to choose the best car air heater

The Best Car Air Heater 1 If you are convinced that you also need an air heater as soon as possible, below you will find a guide to help you choose the best model, suitable for your needs and adapted to the car you drive.

Even if you already have a set budget and a chosen model, it doesn't hurt to take a look and see if the device you choose is the best.

Things to keep in mind when choosing a car air heater:


This is the first thing that interests you, and your options vary depending on the specifics of your car.

Basically, you will have to choose between air heaters that connect to the car's cigarette lighter, to the sockets or on the batteries, depending on the power it has.

The simplest option would be the one that connects directly to the car battery, and depending on the size of the car you will choose between an air heater that connects to 12 V or one for 24 V.

Broadly speaking, small cars need the first option, while larger cars will need double voltage.

If you want to be able to move the air heater according to your preferences through the car without being restricted by the length of the power cable, it would be good to go for a model with a battery, which will easily handle a small car.

The models of car air heaters that can also be connected to sockets are designed, in particular, for large cars such as minibuses and trucks, the surface that needs to be heated being a much larger one.


To be efficient, the air heater must be adapted to the car, and one element you must take into account is the heating power.

For small cars, such as cars, air heaters have powers between 150-200 w regardless of whether they are connected to lighters or are on batteries, while for larger cars can reach up to 2000 w to cope with the surface, most connecting is plugged in.


No matter what budget you have thought of investing in the car air theme, you definitely want a product that will last you as long as possible.

Therefore, it is recommended to choose an air heater made of quality materials, which offers extra resistance over time. Take special care with the components, the resistance must be ceramic to ensure increased durability of the product.

Additional features and functions

Car air heaters are similar to conventional appliances used for space heating, so they have, in general, the same functions: the possibility of adjusting the power intensity, on / off buttons, heating – cooling – ventilation steps.

Most devices have these functions, but if you have a generous budget and want a performance air heater, manufacturers come up with a product to meet more demanding customers.

If you want extra comfort, you can choose a programmable air heater, so that the car is already heated when you are ready to leave.

The handling of the devices is, as a rule, easy, their use being an intuitive one.


The Best Car Air Heater 2 In terms of design, you don't necessarily have to be interested in the aesthetic function when choosing a heater.

However, most air heaters in online stores have a modern, pleasant design, easy to integrate inside a car.

Given the limited space of the car, it would be advisable to turn your attention to an air heater with a compact design, which does not take up too much space.

Another aspect to keep in mind is the power cord, the longer the better, so that you can position the device in more than one corner of the machine.

Once again, the materials from which the air heater is made are very important, because it is essential that no matter how much it works, it does not heat up in order to be used safely.

Ventilation is important for a car heater, but also for weight, except when you have thought about placing the air heater under the seat.


The investment required to purchase a car air heater is not very large, compared to its facilities.

Online stores offer you many options, regardless of the vehicle you own but also your preferences regarding its design or location.

Proper equipment is very important for drivers, but also for the comfort of passengers, so in the list of necessary equipment that can make the difference between a cold and a pleasant start to the day you must include a car air heater.

If you have already decided which model of air heater you want, take a short "walk" through the online stores and you will surely find an advantageous model.

The best car air heater: recommendations

Analyzing the existing offer, taking into account the opinions of buyers and the above tips, we further recommend some models of car air heaters that offer an excellent quality / price ratio.

1. Air heater Defa Termini 2100W

The Best Car Air Heater 3 DEFA HZ02 air heater special for air conditioning in stationary interior of vehicles and special vehicles during the winter.
Two selectable power levels from the switch:
Max power 2100W, low stage 1350W (values at -25 ° C),
Max power 1700W, low stage 1060W (values at +25 ° C) by PTC compensation.
Compact design and multiple protections against overheating.
Ensures preheating of the passenger compartment, easy defrosting of the windows and increased comfort in the cold winter days.

See details and price

2. Aerotherm Kalor heating defogging 12V 160 W

The Best Car Air Heater 4 The air heater can be used for partial heating of the passenger compartment of the car until its own heating system starts and for demisting the windshield.
It is equipped with a thermostat and works at 12V with a power of 160W.
Height: 215mm – Width: 195 mm – Depth: 95 mm.
Weight: 0.445 kg.

See details and price

3. 12V 2-in-1 Rotary Auto Air Heater, Cooling or Rapid Heating

The Best Car Air Heater 5

The air heater is mounted on the dashboard using double-sided tape (included). It is powered by a cable with a 12V car cigarette lighter plug.
It can be permanently mounted on the rotating leg, with adjustable height and 360 ° rotation using the included double-sided adhesive tape, so that the fan can be directed directly on the windshield, to the driver or passenger.
Fan function – the fan is useful during the summer to reduce the temperature in a heated car. Perfect for cars without air conditioning.

See details and price

4. GAIA Car Air Heater With Heating And Cooling Option

The Best Car Air Heater 6

The GAIA car air heater can be used for heating, being ideal for demisting the windshield or for warming the feet in the cold season.
With a heating power of 150W, this air heater can be powered directly from the car socket at 12V and has a 3-function switch, Hot / Cool / Off.
175 cm cable with lighter plug.
Quick demisting of the windshield.
Dimensions 130 x 110 x 40 mm.

See details and price

5. Portable car air heater with heating and cooling function

The Best Car Air Heater 7

The portable car air heater is equipped with 3 air intakes, which can quickly heat the inside of the car and also can quickly defog the windshield.
Avoid engine wear due to starting at low temperatures, the car heater may continue to run while the car engine is not running.
You can use the warm winter air mode to quickly heat the inside of the car in 30 seconds.
You can use the cold air mode in summer, so you don't have to put up with the hot air in the car and make the car more airy.

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